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Olorun (Yoruba: Ọlọrun or Ọlọhun) literally, especially, Ọlọrun means The Ruler of (or in) the Heaven i.e. Oni Orún - the Ruler of (or in) the Heaven. In Yoruba Mythology Ọlọrun is said to be the name given by the Oracles to one of the three manifestations of the Supreme God in the Yoruba pantheon. Olorun is the owner of the heavens and as associated with the Sun. The vital energy of Olorun manifests in humans as Ashé, which is the life force that runs through all living things.[1] In Africa, Akamara is believed to be the Source of all Existence. Olodumare carries the responsibility of coordinating the Universe, while Olofi is identified with Olofin Oduduwa (a different entity but born of Akamara) who brings existence to earth on orders from Olodumare.

The Supreme God has three manifestations: Eledumare, the Creator; Olorun, ruler of the heavens; and Olofi, who is the conduit between Orún (Heaven) and Ayé (Earth).

Among the Yoruba Muslims and Christians, the word Ọlọhun i.e. Oni Ohún is, instead, commonly used to denote their faith in God as The Almighty Divine, The Absolute Sovereign.


From Yoruba Language, -Olo- denoting ownership or rulership, and -Orun- meaning Heavens or The Abode of the Spirits


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