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Ogbomosho is located in Nigeria
Ogbomosho shown within Nigeria
Coordinates: 8°08′N 4°15′E / 8.133°N 4.250°E / 8.133; 4.250Coordinates: 8°08′N 4°15′E / 8.133°N 4.250°E / 8.133; 4.250
Country  Nigeria
State Oyo State
 • Local Government Chairman of Ogbomosho North Oladeji A. Olanrewaju
 • Local Government Chairman of Ogbomosho South Olajide Adisa Isaac
Elevation 329 m (784 ft)
 • Total 1,200,000
Time zone WAT (UTC+1) (UTC+1)

Ogbomosho (also Ogbomoṣo) is a city in Oyo State, southwestern Nigeria, on the A1 highway. It was founded in the mid 17th century.[1] The population was approximately 645,000 in 1991;[2] by March 2005, it was estimated at around 1,200,000.[3]

The City is considered one of Nigeria's largest urban centers. The majority of the people are members of the Yoruba ethnic group. Yams, cassava, maize, and tobacco are some of the notable agricultural products of the region.[2]


An early missionary described the town: "Ogbomosho in 1891 was a walled city, the gates of which were closely watched by day and securely closed by night. There was little or no communication between it and Oyo and Ilorin which were only thirty miles to the north and south. The town, picturesque and well watered was isolated from the rest of the Yoruba towns. Political relations were maintained with the Ibadans, for the country depended on its security on the warriors of Ogbomosho and Ikirun... The strength of Ogbomosho lay in the wall and moat surrounding the town, and the warriors made full use of it by sitting close and tight.."[4]


Ogbomosho has two degree-granting institution of higher learning. Ladoke Akintola University is named for the illustrious Ogbomosho son and Premier of the old Western Nigeria, Samuel Ladoke Akintola (SLA). LAUTECH is ranked at the top of the later generation universities in Nigeria. It awards degrees in science, engineering, technology and medicine.[5] The Baptist Seminary, one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in Nigeria offers degree programs in theology, sociology and philosophy. The Seminary serves the Baptist Church in Nigeria, The Nigerian Baptist Convention, which also has its headquarters in Ogbomosho..[6]There are two radio stations namely Parrot FM and Ajilete FM. It has a television station, NTA ogbomoso.


The main street in Ogbomosho is the Oyo-Ilorin road. One of the prominent landmarks is the central mosque, which towers over the traditional walled compounds of private houses and the parts if the old wall that remain. Ogbomosho has other mosques, several churches and is the headquarters of the American Baptist Church of Nigeria and its theological seminary.[7] The closest airport to Ogbomosho is Ilorin Airport which is approximately 42 miles away. There are two radio stations namely Parrot FM and Ajilete FM. It has a television station, NTA ogbomoso.


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