Papyrus 109

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Papyrus 109
New Testament manuscript
NameP. Oxy. 4448
TextGospel of John 21:18-20, 23-25
Date3rd century
FoundOxyrhynchus, Egypt
Now atSackler Library
CiteW. E. H. Cockle, OP LXV (1998), pp. 19-20
Size7.9 x 4.1 cm

Papyrus 109 (in the Gregory-Aland numbering), designated by siglum 𝔓109, is a copy of the New Testament in Greek. It is a papyrus manuscript of the Gospel of John, containing verses 21:18-20 & 21:23-25 in a fragmentary condition. The manuscript has been palaeographically assigned by the INTF to the early 3rd century CE. Papyrologist Philip Comfort dates the manuscript to the middle-late 2nd century CE.[1] The manuscript is currently housed at the Papyrology Rooms (P. Oxy. 4448) of the Sackler Library at Oxford.[2]


The original manuscript probably measured 12 cm x 24 cm, with 26 lines per page. The handwriting script is representative of the Reformed Documentary style.[3] The text is too small to determine its textual character.[1]

Textual variants[4][edit]

John 21:18 (1)

αλλοι : 𝔓109 𝔓59 א C2 D W 1 33 565 pc syh(mg) pbo,
αλλος : A Θ Ψ ƒ13 lat

John 21:18 (2)

αποισουσιν σε : 𝔓109 𝔓59 א2 D W 1 33 565 pc syh(mg) pbo,
οισει : A B C*(vid) Θ Ψ ƒ13 lat sys, p, h
ποιησουσιν σοι οσα: א*
επογουσιν σε : D*
απαγουσιν σε : D1
οισουσιν σε : C2

John 21:23

τι προς σε
incl. : 𝔓109 א1 A B C*vid W Θ Ψ ƒ13 lat syp, h
omit. : א* C2vid 1 565 pc a e sys

John 21:25

ουδ : 𝔓109 א1 B D W Θ Ψ ƒ13
ουδε : A C


John 21:18-20. 23-25

18 [λες οταν δε γηρασης εκτε]ν̣ε̣ι[ς
τας χειρας σου κ]αι αλλοι
[αποι]ο̣υσιν̣ σ̣ε̣
[οπου ου θελεις 19 τ]ουτο̣ δ̣ε
[ειπεν σημαινων ποιω] θ̣α̣
[νατω δοξασει τον θν και]
[τουτο ειπων λεγει αυ]τ̣ω̣ ακο
[λουθει μοι 20 επιστραφ]ε̣ι̣ς̣ ο̣
[πετρος βλεπει τον] μ̣αθ̣η̣
23 μ[ε]νε̣[ιν εως ερχομαι τι]
προς σ̣[ε 24 ουτος εστιν ο μα]
θητης [ο και μαρτυρων πε]
ρι τουτ̣[ων και ο γραψας]
τ̣α̣υ̣[τα και οιδαμεν οτι]
[αληθης αυτου η μαρτυρια]
ε̣σ[τιν 25 εστιν δε και αλλα]
πολ̣λ̣[α α εποιησεν ο ιης̅ α]
τινα̣ [εαν γραφηται καθ εν]
ο̣υ̣δ̣ [αυτον οιμαι τον κοσμον]

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Further reading[edit]

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