Perak Tengah District

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Perak Tengah District Council

The Perak Tengah District (Tamil: பேராக் தெஙஹ்), (Chinese: 中霹雳) is an administrative district in Perak, Malaysia. It is administered by Majlis Daerah Perak Tengah or Perak Tengah District Council, which is based at the town of Seri Iskandar; Parit is however the largest settlement in the area.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Perak Tengah District is divided into 11 mukims, which are:[1]



Highways 109 and 5 are the main roads in the district, as well as 72 which goes to Parit and 73 to Batu Gajah.

Public transportation[edit]

Rail services are not available in the district; the nearest station is in Batu Gajah.


Perak Tengah contains the Parit parliamentary constituency and the Kampung Gajah state constituency in Pasir Salak parliamentary constituency.

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