Perak Tengah District

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Perak Tengah District
Malaysia District of Malaysia
Daerah Perak Tengah
Other transcription(s)
 • Chinese 中霹雳县
 • Tamil பேராக் தெஙஹ்
Location of Perak Tengah District in Perak
Location of Perak Tengah District in Perak
Perak Tengah District is located in Malaysia District
Perak Tengah District
Perak Tengah District
Location of Perak Tengah District in Malaysia
Coordinates: 4°15′N 100°55′E / 4.250°N 100.917°E / 4.250; 100.917Coordinates: 4°15′N 100°55′E / 4.250°N 100.917°E / 4.250; 100.917
Country  Malaysia
State  Perak
Seat Seri Iskandar
Largest town Parit
Local area government(s) Perak Tengah District Council
 • District officer Ghopran Bin Yeop Hamzah[1]
 • Total 1,279.46 km2 (494.00 sq mi)
Population (2010)[3]
 • Total 97,530
 • Estimate (2015)[4] 107,600
 • Density 76/km2 (200/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+8 (MST)
 • Summer (DST) UTC+8 (Not observed)
Postcode 326xx, 328xx-329xx
Calling code +6-05
Vehicle registration plates A
Perak Tengah District Council

The Perak Tengah District is a district in Perak, Malaysia. It is administered by Perak Tengah District Council, which is based at the town of Seri Iskandar; Parit is however the largest settlement in the area.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Perak Tengah District is divided into 11 mukims, which are:[5][6]


The following is based on Department of Statistics Malaysia 2010 census.[3]

Ethnic groups in Perat Tengah , 2010 census
Ethnicity Population Percentage
Bumiputera 94,664 97.0%
Chinese 1,291 1.3%
Indian 1,426 1.5%
Others 149 0.2%
Total 97,530 100%

Federal Parliament and State Assembly Seats[edit]

List of Perak Tengah district representatives in the Federal Parliament (Dewan Rakyat)

Parliament Seat Name Member of Parliament Party
P69 Parit Mohd Nizar Zakaria Barisan Nasional (UMNO)
P73 Pasir Salak Tajuddin Abdul Rahman Barisan Nasional (UMNO)

List of Perak Tengah district representatives in the State Legislative Assembly of Perak

Parliament State Seat Name State Assemblyman Party
P69 N38 Belanja Khairudin Abu Hanipah Barisan Nasional (UMNO)
P69 N39 Bota Khairul Shahril Mohamed Barisan Nasional (UMNO)
P73 N49 Kampong Gajah Wan Norashikin Wan Nordin Barisan Nasional (UMNO)



Highways 109 and 5 are the main roads in the district, as well as 72 which goes to Parit and 73 to Batu Gajah.

Public transportation[edit]

Rail services are not available in the district; the nearest station is in Batu Gajah.

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