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The correct title of this article is Project: Destiny. The substitution or omission of the colon is because of technical restrictions.
Project: Destiny
Big Finish Productions audio drama
Series Doctor Who
Release no. 139
Featuring Seventh Doctor
Written by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright
Directed by Ken Bentley
Production code 7W/M
Release date September 2010

Project: Destiny is a Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It is a sequel to Project: Twilight and Project: Lazarus.


1969 Hex is brought home after being shot, but the kogler in the rest of London have been evacuated due to a disfiguring alien contagion.



  • Nimrod and the Forge were introduced in the Sixth Doctor story Project: Twilight. Their story continues with both the Sixth and Seventh Doctors in Project: Lazarus, although the latter story takes place much later from the Seventh Doctor's perspective.
  • Cassie, another character introduced in Twilight, was Hex's mother. She was murdered by Nimrod in Lazarus.
  • The events of Destiny occur over a decade after Lazarus, but in the Seventh Doctor's personal time line, Lazarus hasn't happened yet.
  • St Gart's was where Hex worked as a nurse, and where he first met the Doctor and Ace, in The Harvest.
  • The TARDIS was rendered white during the previous story, The Angel of Scutari.
  • Also at the end of that story, Hex was shot. Although he recovers early on in Project: Destiny, the wound haunts him again in Gods and Monsters.
  • The events of this audio directly continue to the next, A Death in the Family.
  • Captain Aristedes returns in the Companion Chronicles story Project: Nirvana and meets Ace and Hex again in Black and White.

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