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Birthday Honours[clarification needed] are bestowed by the monarch of the Commonwealth realms as part of the celebration of the reigning monarch's official birthday in each realm. The awards are presented by the reigning monarch or head of state, currently Queen Elizabeth II, or her deputy.

Known as Queen's Birthday Honours (and King's Birthday Honours in times of a male monarch), all royal honours are published in The London Gazette, Canada Gazette, Commonwealth of Australia Gazette and New Zealand Gazette. The lists are also published in the daily newspapers of each realm.

Honours have been awarded on the sovereign's birthday since at least 1891 under Queen Victoria.[1] The birthday of her successor, King Edward VII (r. 1901–1910), fell on 9 November 1901.[2][3] After 1908 the monarch's official birthday was moved to the first, second or third Saturday in June (for the UK). Other Commonwealth realms celebrate the official birthday on different dates (generally late May or early June), and release their honours lists accordingly.

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