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Queen's Birthday Honours are announced on or around the date of the Queen's Official Birthday in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The dates vary, both from year to year and from country to country. All are published in supplements to the London Gazette, and many are formally conferred by the monarch (or her representative) some time after the date of the announcement, particularly for those service people on active duty.

The 1983 Queen's Birthday honours lists were announced on 10 June 1983.[1][2]

At this time honours for Australians were still being awarded in the UK honours on the advice of the premiers of Australian states, as well as in the Australian honours system which had been established in 1975.

Recipients of honours are displayed here as they were styled before their new honours.


United Kingdom[edit]

Life peer[edit]


Privy Counsellor[edit]

  • Peter Allan Renshaw Blaker, Minister of State Foreign and Commonwealth Office, 1979-81. Minister of State for the Armed Forces, Ministry of Defence, 1981-83.
  • Sir Frank Cooper, G.C.B., C.M.G., Permanent Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence, 1976-82.
  • Sir Arthur Michael Palliser, G.C.M.G., Head of the Diplomatic Service, 1975-82.
  • Peter Wynford Innes Rees, Q.C., Minister of State, H.M. Treasury, 1979-81. Minister of State, Department of Trade, 1981-83.

Knight Bachelor[edit]

  • Michael Francis Atiyah, Royal Society Research Professor, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford.
  • Basil Davenport Blackwell, Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive, Westland PLC.
  • John Dennis Boles, M.B.E., Director-General, The National Trust.
  • Robert Lewis Fullarton Boyd, C.B.E., Professor of Physics, University of London, and Director of the Mullard Space Science Laboratory.
  • Philip Antony Fyson Buck, Q.C. For Political and Public Service.
  • Terence Burns, Chief Economic Adviser, H.M. Treasury.
  • Geoffrey Chandler, C.B.E., Director-General, National Economic Development Office.
  • Anthony Wakefield Cox, C.B.E., Architect.
  • Hugh Guy Cubitt, C.B.E., Chairman, Housing Corporation.
  • Rustam Moolan-Feroze, President, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.
  • Charles Keith Frossard, Bailiff of Guernsey.
  • Abraham Goldberg, Regius Professor of the Practice of Medicine, University of Glasgow.
  • James Duncan Goold. For Public and Political services.
  • Harold Edward Gurden. For Political and Public Service.
  • Michael Aubrey Hamilton. For Political and Public Service.
  • Philip Welsby Holland. For Political and Public Service.
  • Ian Bruce Hope Hunter, M.B.E. For services to the Arts.
  • Brigadier Leonard Henry Lee, C.B.E. For Political and Public Service.
  • Duncan McDonald, C.B.E., Chairman and Chief Executive, NEI Group PLC. For services to Export.
  • Alexander McGregor Graham Macmillan. For Political Service.
  • Kenneth Macmillan, Principal Choreographer, The Royal Ballet.
  • James William Miskin, Q.C. (His Honour Judge Miskin), Recorder of London.
  • Francis Patrick Neill, Q.C., Chairman, Press Council.
  • Joseph Nickerson, Chairman, Nickerson Group.
  • John Holbrook Osborn. For Political and Public Service.
  • Leslie Porter, Chairman and Chief Executive, Tesco Stores (Holdings) PLC.
  • Alfred Sherman. For Political Service.
  • Norman Siddall, C.B.E., Chairman, National Coal Board.
  • Clive Marles Sinclair, Chairman, Sinclair Research Ltd.
  • Professor Stephen Harold Spender, C.B.E., Poet and Critic.
  • Alan Arthur Walters, Personal Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister.
  • Malcolm George Wilcox, C.B.E., lately Chairman, Export Guarantees Advisory Council.
  • Alwyn Williams, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of Glasgow.
  • William Maxwell Harries Williams, President, The Law Society of England and Wales.
  • Woodrow Lyle Wyatt, Chairman, Horserace Totalisator Board.
  • Roger William Young. For educational and public services, particularly in Scotland.

Australian States[edit]

State of Queensland

  • Francis Thomas Moore. For service to the tourist industry and the community.
  • Henry Sydney Williams, O.B.E. For services to the community.

Order of the Bath[edit]

Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath (KCB)[edit]

  • Vice Admiral Sir David John Hallifax, K.B.E.
  • Vice Admiral Peter Maxwell Stanford, M.V.O.
  • Lieutenant General Martin Baker Farndale, C.B., Colonel Commandant Royal Regiment of Artillery, Colonel Commandant Army Air Corps.
  • Acting Air Marshal Michael John Armitage, C.B.E., Royal Air Force.
  • Acting Air Marshal Patrick Bardon Hine, Royal Air Force.
  • Acting Air Marshal Michael William Patrick Knight, C.B., A.F.C., Royal Air Force.
  • George Lawrence Jose Engle, C.B., Q.C., First Parliamentary Counsel.
  • Michael David Milroy Franklin, C.B., C.M.G., Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.
  • Clive Anthony Whitmore, C.V.O., Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Defence.

Companion of the Order of the Bath (CB)[edit]

Military Division

  • Rear Admiral Anthony Sanderson George.
  • Rear Admiral David Conrad Jenkin.
  • Rear Admiral John Keith Robertson.
  • Major General William Maurice Allen, late Royal Corps of Transport.
  • Major General Eric Walter Barton, M.B.E., Colonel Commandant Corps of Royal Engineers.
  • Major General Derek Thomas Crabtree, Colonel The Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment (Berkshire and Wiltshire).
  • Major General Sir David Hughes-Morgan, Bt., C.B.E., Army Legal Corps.
  • Major General Michael Frank Reynolds, late The Queen's Regiment.
  • Air Vice-Marshal Herbert Brian Kelly, M.V.O., Royal Air Force.
  • Air Vice-Marshal Leslie William Phipps, A.F.C., Royal Air Force.
  • Air Vice-Marshal Robert George Price, Royal Air Force.

Civil Division

  • John Anthony Christopher, Chief Valuer, Board of Inland Revenue.
  • Roy Henry Francis Croft, Deputy Secretary, Department of Industry.
  • Ivor John Guest Davis, Comptroller-General, Patent Office, Department of Trade.
  • Professor George Alfred Hugh Elton, Chief Scientist, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.
  • Kenneth Frederick John Ennals, Deputy Secretary, Department of the Environment.
  • Miss Susan Winthrop Fogarty, Under Secretary, Department of Transport.
  • Stuart William Gilbert, Director, Department for National Savings.
  • James Dominic George Hammer, H.M. Chief Inspector of Factories, Department of Employment.
  • Lewis Dudley Hawken, Deputy Chairman, Board of Customs and Excise.
  • Thomas Henry Kerr, Director, Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough, Ministry of Defence.
  • Robert Gavin Loudon McCrone, Secretary, Scottish Economic Planning Department.
  • Kenneth Carmichael Macdonald, Deputy Secretary Ministry of Defence.
  • William Ernest Mason, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.
  • Mary Elizabeth, Mrs Hedley-Miller, Under Secretary, H.M. Treasury.
  • Dallas Alfred Mithen, Commissioner, Harvesting and Marketing, Forestry Commission.
  • Michael John Anthony Partridge, Deputy Secretary, Department of Health and Social Security.
  • Peter George Perry, Under Secretary, Department of Health and Social Security.
  • Clive Priestley, Under Secretary, Management and Personnel Office.
  • Peter Damian Robinson, Deputy Secretary, Lord Chancellor's Department.
  • William Johnstone Sharp, Controller and Chief Executive, H.M. Stationery Office.
  • Ralph Frederick Dendy Shuffrey, C.V.O., Deputy Secretary, Home Office.
  • Colin Macdonald Stewart, Directing Actuary, Government Actuary's Department.
Australian States[edit]

State of Tasmania

  • Ian Grahame Inglis, State Under Treasurer.

Order of St Michael and St George[edit]

Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St Michael and St George (GCMG)[edit]

Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George (KCMG)[edit]

  • Colin Frederick Figures, C.M.G., O.B.E., Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
  • Oliver Grantham Forster, C.M.G., M.V.O., H.M. Ambassador, Islamabad.
  • Hugh Thomas Arnold Overton, C.M.G., lately Director, British Trade Development Office, New York.
  • Anthony James Williams, C.M.G., Leader of the United Kingdom Delegation to the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe, Madrid.

Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George (CMG)[edit]

  • Clive Carruthers Clemens, M.C., British High Commissioner, Maseru.
  • Robert Kerr Cunningham, Chief Natural Resources Adviser, Overseas Development Administration.
  • Patrick Robin Fearn, Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
  • John Calvert Griffiths, Attorney-General, Hong Kong.
  • Colin Henry Imray, British Deputy High Commissioner, Bombay.
  • Peter Laurence O'Keeffe, C.V.O., H.M. Ambassador, Dakar.
  • Philip McKearney, H.M. Consul-General, Boston.
  • Robert Michael Purcell, H.M. Ambassador, Mogadishu.
  • Oswald James Horsley Robinson, O.B.E., Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
  • Dougal Gordon Reid, H.M. Ambassador, Monrovia.
  • Harry Charles Salter, D.F.C., lately Director (Finance), Commission of the European Communities, Brussels.
  • Richard Christopher Samuel, British Deputy High Commissioner, New Delhi.
  • William Kenneth Slatcher, C.V.O., British High Commissioner, Georgetown.
  • John Nicholas Teague Spreckley, H.M. Ambassador, Seoul.
  • William Kelvin Kennedy White, Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
Australian States[edit]

State of Queensland

  • Dr Alphonso Jean Gardiner Nicholson. For service to medicine and the community.

Royal Victorian Order[edit]

Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (KCVO)[edit]

Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (CVO)[edit]

  • Howard Montagu Colvin, C.B.E.
  • The Right Honourable Elizabeth, Lady Grimthorpe.
  • Colonel William Henry Gerard Leigh, C.B.E., M.V.O.
  • Group Captain Anthony Mumford, Royal Air Force.
  • Commander Loftus Edward Peyton Jones, D.S.O., M.B.E., D.S.C., Royal Navy.
  • George Douglas Pinker.
  • Richard Henry Egerton Russell.
  • Bernard Alfred Speight.
  • The Reverend Canon Cecil Edwyn Young.

Member of the Royal Victorian Order (MVO)[edit]

At this time the two lowest classes of the Royal Victorian Order were "Member (fourth class)" and "Member (fifth class)", both with post-nominals MVO. "Member (fourth class)" was renamed "Lieutenant" (LVO) from the 1985 New Year Honours onwards.

Fourth Class
  • Miss Daphne Russell Edmunds, M.B.E.
  • Commander Richard Gregory Evans, Royal Navy.
  • Robert Fellowes.
  • Athole Stephen Hereford Kemp, O.B.E.
  • The Honourable Diana Mary Robina Makgill, M.V.O.
  • Gordon Reynolds.
  • The Honourable Jean Constance, Mrs Wills.
Fifth Class
  • Frank Newsome Berry.
  • Miss Angela Margaret Bowlby, M.B.E.
  • Edna Rosina, Mrs Canty.
  • Miss Susan Lillian Derry.
  • Lieutenant Commander Robert Montgomery Evans, Royal Navy.
  • Superintendent John Maclean, Metropolitan Police.

Royal Victorian Medal (Silver) (RVM)[edit]

  • Chief Technician Nicholas Anthony Copley, Royal Air Force.
  • Divisional Sergeant Major James Green, M.B.E., The Queen's Bodyguard of the Yeomen of the Guard.
  • Chief Petty Officer (Seaman) Garry Greenwood.
  • Ronald Thomas Hankins.
  • George Leonard Hasthorpe.
  • Chief Petty Officer Cook Jeffrey Hughes.
  • John Leishman.
  • Sergeant John Raymond Taylor, B.E.M., Royal Air Force.
  • Maurice John Watts.
  • Charles Alexander Wright.

Order of the British Empire[edit]

Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire (GBE)[edit]

Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE)[edit]

Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire (KBE)[edit]

  • Vice-Admiral John Frederick Cadell.
  • Major General David Calthorp Thorne, O.B.E., Deputy Colonel The Royal Anglian Regiment (Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire).
  • Acting Air Marshal Eric Clive Dunn, C.B., B.E.M., Royal Air Force.
  • The Right Honourable Patrick Edmund, Earl of Limerick, lately Chairman, British Overseas Trade Board. For Services to Export.
  • John Henry Bremridge, O.B.E., Financial Secretary, Hong Kong.

Order of the Companions of Honour (CH)[edit]

New Zealand[edit]

Knight Bachelor[edit]

  • John Dean Goffin - Commissioner and Territorial Commander of the Salvation Army in New Zealand.
  • John Mowbray. For services to banking, commerce and the community.
  • Laurence Houghton Stevens CBE. For services to the textile industry and export.

Order of Saint Michael and Saint George[edit]

Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George (KCMG)[edit]

Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George (CMG)[edit]

  • Dr Herbert John Hall Hiddlestone - lately Director-General of Health, Department of Health.
  • Dr David Kear - Director-General of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research.
  • Paul Loxton Molineaux - lately Director, New Zealand Security Intelligence Service.
  • Robert Josiah Walton OBE QPM ED - Commissioner, New Zealand Police.

Order of the British Empire[edit]

Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE)[edit]

Civil Division
Military Division
  • Brigadier Brian Thomas McMahon QHP (X30772) - Brigadiers' List, New Zealand Army.

Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)[edit]

Civil Division
  • Alfred Eric Edward Clark JP - Principal, Rutherford High School.
  • John Clark JP. For services to local and community affairs.
  • Arnold Thomas Clements. For services to returned servicemen and the community.
  • Charles Frederick Collins. For services to cricket.
  • Morton William Coutts. For services to the brewing industry.
  • Reginald Clifford Dunlop JP. For services to farming and the community.
  • John Douglas Gerard. For services to the legal profession and the arts.
  • Dr Erin Michael George Griffin. For services as a general practitioner and to the community.
  • The Reverend Dr Adam Maitland Lang MacFarlan MC. For services to education and the community.
  • Ronald George McGregor JP. For services to rugby league and the community.
  • Guy Ngan. For services to the arts.
  • Mrs Frances Kathleen Louisa Orton JP. For services to the community.
  • David Ian Pezaro JP. For services to the community.
  • Denis Bernard Saunders JP. For services to the community.
  • Peter Joseph Smith. For services to the Taranaki Hospital Board and the community.
  • Robert Keith Somerville. For services to agriculture.
  • Ralph Gilbert Winwood. For services to local government.
  • Malcolm Thomas Churches - Deputy Assistant Commissioner, New Zealand Police.
Military Division
  • Captain John Anthony Botfield Lewis (S15150) - Royal New Zealand Navy.
  • Colonel Owen Edward Mann (B818065) - Colonels' List, New Zealand Army.
  • Group Captain Colin William Rudd AFC (A75049) - Royal New Zealand Air Force.

Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)[edit]

Civil Division
  • Mrs Hilda Bessie Allen. For services to nursing and the community.
  • Frank Albert Brittain. For services to aviation.
  • Brian Henry Bull. For services to education and the community.
  • Thomas Reynolds Clarkson. For services to amateur radio.
  • Henry Reginald Clay. For services to handicapped children.
  • Russell Thomas Davis. For services to farming and the community.
  • Thomas Langley Hall - lately Assistant Director (Production), Dairy Division, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.
  • Mrs Mona Hinemoa Hood. For services to the community.
  • David Allen Low JP. For services to the community.
  • Mrs Cecily Margaret Maccoll. For services to the Save the Children Fund.
  • William Noel Mackie. For services to horse racing.
  • Peter Wilson Maplesden - Conservator of Forests, New Zealand Forest Service, Nelson, 1960–82.
  • Miss Jean Halliday Moore. For services to lifesaving and the community.
  • Eugene Denis Morgan. For services to the Māori people and the community.
  • Alvyn Arthur Pennington. For services to cycle racing.
  • Ronald Thomas Small. For services to search and rescue operations.
  • Louis Desmond Smith. For services to the community.
  • John Joseph Stewart - Principal, Flock House Farm Training Institute.
  • George Maling Townshend JP. For services to the community.
  • Miss Elma Frances Turner. For services to the community.
  • Lionel Allan Cromwell Warner. For services to astronomy.
  • Colin Michael White JP. For services to the community.
  • Bryan George Williams. For services to rugby.
  • Ivan George Wilson. For services to surf lifesaving and social welfare.
Military Division
  • Lieutenant Gary Clarke Collier (U20074) - Royal New Zealand Navy.
  • Warrant Officer Stores Assistant Anthony Carl Fraser (P17033) - Royal New Zealand Navy.
  • Lieutenant Commander Clifton John Olliver VRD (K100082) - Royal New Zealand Naval Volunteer Reserve.
  • Captain (Temporary Major) Christopher John Hardley (N400598) - Royal Regiment of New Zealand Artillery (Territorial Force).
  • Warrant Officer Class II Stephen George Lineham (B40987) - Royal New Zealand Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.
  • Major and Quartermaster Edward Vennel Sweet (E34320) - Royal New Zealand Army Ordnance Corps.
  • Flight Lieutenant Arthur Warren Dale (T83300) - Royal New Zealand Air Force.
  • Warrant Officer Howard John Henry Hamley (Y79464) - Royal New Zealand Air Force.

Queen's Service Order[edit]

Companions of the Queen's Service Order for Community Service (QSO)[edit]

  • Bernard Bookman.
  • Mrs Philippa Majorie Corkill.
  • Poul Rudolph Gnatt.
  • Manuele Palehau Leone.
  • Group Captain Thomas Alexander McLeod Morgan AFC - Royal New Zealand Air Force (Retired).
  • Hare Reihana.
  • Bruce Young.

Companions of the Queen's Service Order for Public Services (QSO)[edit]

  • William Stewart Aitken JP.
  • Dr Neil Albert Algar - Mayor of Matamata.
  • Brian Harrison Burton.
  • Henry William Joseph Fox - Chairman, Radiotherapy and Oncology Services, North Canterbury Hospital Board.
  • Mrs Helen Lavinia Garrett.
  • Miss Joan Grace Eveline Kerr - lately Chairman, Queen Elizabeth II Arts Council.
  • Charles Laurence Rau.
  • Archie Dick Wilson - Mayor of Waitara.

Queen's Service Medal[edit]

Queen's Service Medal for Community Service (QSM)[edit]

  • Mrs Isabella Martha Adams.
  • Mrs Christabella May Alley.
  • James Purcell Atkinson.
  • Mrs Barbara Jean Blackie.
  • Rex William Boniface.
  • Mrs Isabella Jane Bryant.
  • Miss Alice Jean Buchanan.
  • George Gardiner Cochran.
  • Gilbert Francis Cornwall.
  • Percy Henry Crough.
  • Mrs Winnie Marion Draper.
  • Henry Richard Evans.
  • James Gardiner.
  • Mrs Maud Hall.
  • Mrs Doreen Lucy Humphries.
  • Mrs Helen Alice McKenzie.
  • Thomas Patrick Martin.
  • Mrs Hilda Emily Osborne.
  • Reginald David Pool.
  • Mrs Edna Martha Prescott.
  • Mrs Lettice Mary Schmidt.
  • Mrs Emily Rangitiaria Schuster.
  • Mrs Ngaire Enid Stewart (Ngaire Lovie).
  • Mrs Vera Eileen Stokes.
  • Ian Renton Tailby.

Queen's Service Medal for Public Services (QSM)[edit]

  • Douglas Campbell JP - Chief Executive, Thames Hospital Board 1972–82.
  • Mrs Katherine Anne Craig.
  • Miss Kathleen Isa Craig.
  • Mrs Peggie Dalmer.
  • William Henry Ellingham.
  • Leslie Walter George - lately Manager, Production Planning and Programming, Government Printing Office.
  • Mrs Beryl Lilian Dolman Harris.
  • Mrs Alison Margaret Holst.
  • Frank Stuart Hurley - lately Deputy Superintendent, Mt Eden Prison, New Zealand Prison Service.
  • Edward Ronald Menzies JP.
  • Mrs Millicent Amelia Moulden JP.
  • Kenneth Gordon Skudder JP.
  • Mrs Tome Kite Moana Walker JP.
  • Norman Henry Whatman.
  • Mrs Valerie Bruce Wilkens.
  • Eric James Wilkes JP.
  • Ian David Williams - lately Master, Government vessel Wairua, Ministry of Transport.
  • David Martin Lye - Senior Constable, New Zealand Police.
  • Victor Raymond Story - Sergeant, New Zealand Police.

Queen's Fire Service Medal (QFSM)[edit]

  • Roy Harwood Billing - Senior Station Officer, Whitianga Volunteer Fire Brigade, New Zealand Fire Service.
  • George Chan - Chief Fire Officer, Raetihi Volunteer Fire Brigade, New Zealand Fire Service.
  • Stuart Withiel Thomas - Fire Commander, National Headquarters, New Zealand Fire Service.

British Empire Medal (BEM)[edit]

Military Division
  • General Service Hand Akunata Pateriki Kereti (W11129) - Royal New Zealand Navy.
  • Petty Officer Writer Carrie Annette Watarawi (P28763) - Royal New Zealand Navy.
  • Staff Sergeant July Ben Heteraka (S209776) - Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment.
  • Staff Sergeant Allen Godfrey Owens (X41352) - Royal New Zealand Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.
  • Sergeant Matenga Roiri (H43385) - Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment (Territorial Force).
  • Signalman (W) Rose Marie Hariata Savage (B51705) - Royal New Zealand Corps of Signals.
  • Flight Sergeant Duncan Donald McMahon (R80745) - Royal New Zealand Air Force.

Queen's Police Medal (QPM)[edit]

  • Walter Kevin Egan - Chief Inspector, New Zealand Police.

Air Force Cross (AFC)[edit]

  • Wing Commander Gordon Wilmot Ragg (Q79479) - Royal New Zealand Air Force.

Cook Islands[edit]

Order of the British Empire[edit]

Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)[edit]

Civil Division
  • Dr Taupuruariki Cowan. For services to medicine and the people of the Cook Islands.

British Empire Medal (BEM)[edit]

Civil Division
  • William Robert Hosking JP. For services to agriculture in the Cook Islands.


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