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Motorways in Hungary (Hungarian: Magyarország autópályái) are first-class high-speed highways. According to the Állami Autópályakezelő Zrt. ("State Motorway Management Plc."), the total length of the Hungarian motorway system was 1,400.6 kilometers in 2013.[1] The construction of the Hungarian motorway system started in 1964 with M7, which finished in 1975 between Budapest and the Lake Balaton. The total length of the system reached 200 km in 1980, 500 km in 1998 and 1000 km in 2007.


Existing (blue), U/C (red) and planned (green) highway-network of Hungary as of 2015



Planned motorways[edit]

Correlation with European routes[edit]

This is a list of European routes that shows which parts of them run through Hungary.

West-East routes:

431 km
Austria A4-AT.svgM1 (Hu) Otszogletu kek tabla.svg Győr - Tatabánya - M0 (Hu) Otszogletu kek tabla.svg Budapest bypass - M4 (Hu) Otszogletu kek tabla.svg Szolnok - BerettyóújfaluRomania A3-RO.svg
58 km
M43 (Hu) Otszogletu kek tabla.svg Szeged - MakóRomania A1-RO.svg

North-South routes:

European Road 853 number DE.svg Kakavia (Albanian border) - GR-EO-20.svg


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