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Roll No. 21
Title card for the show called Roll No 21.jpg
Show's title card
Written byAvinash Aanand
Kaushik Chawla
Richa Deo
Alok Sharma
Swapnil Narendra
Directed byAh Loong
Uttam Pal Singh
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons54Premiers-May 2015[1][2]
Running time11+11 minutes
Production company(s)Animasia Studio
Original networkCartoon Network (India)
Picture format16:9
Original releaseNovember 14, 2010 –
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Roll No. 21
Minisite on Cartoon Network India

Roll No 21 is an Indian animated television series created by Animasia Studio and broadcast on Cartoon Network (India).

The series is known for its visually appealing animation and witty storyline. It also takes place in a fictional school and connects with kids of same age, making it one of the most popular animated series in India.


The series is a modern take on the rivalry between Krishna and Kansa. Kansa has reinc arnated on Earth in the form of Kanishk the smooth talking principal of Mathura Anath Ashram. He tries to win complete obedience of his school and kids before conquering the world. However, Kris, the reincarnation of Lord Krishna, makes it difficult for Kanishk as he keeps the goodness in all the kids alive. In order to get rid of Kris, Kanishk calls various monsters and demons from Paataal Lok (the Netherworld) to fight and beat Kris, but using his wit and mystical powers, Kris keeps defeating all the demons. All of Kanishk's attempts fail as Kris with his friends overcome all the obstacles Kanishk creates for them.


The show has the following main characters:

Kris: Kris is a godly child mostly known as neela Bandar by his friends, an incarnation of Lord Krishna . He has appeared in Mathura Anath Ashram to stop Kanishk and his evil plans. Kris stays as a normal student in the school but secretly changes into Krishna, the divine boy with mystical powers whenever it is needed. He shows childish traits such as playing, disliking studies and homework and enjoying playtime with his friends.Like Lord Krishna, Kris also likes Butter. His skin colour is blue (like Lord Krishna) in this series.

Kanishk: Kanishk is the incarnation of Kansa who is the principal of Mathura Anath Ashram. He initially came back on earth to take over the world but Krishna's appearance is 'delaying' his whole plan. He is king of demons of paataal-lok. In order to get rid of Kris, He keeps coming with a new 'Get Kris' plan in each story which forms the storyline for the series. However, since defeating Kris is not easy, and he also has to manage the whole school and its duties, Kanishk keeps summoning various demons from Paataal-Lok to fight Kris. Kanishk is very concerned about the performance of his school and its result. He is seen constantly nagging with his staff to get the kids' performance up all the time.

Doctor J: Doctor J is Kanishk's most loyal minion. He is a dentist and stays by Kanishk all the time. He is the reincarnation of Jarasandh. Jai often keeps coming with new ideas to get rid of Kris. Unfortunately, all his ideas backfire on him and Kanishk. Besides being a dentist, Jai is also a scientist who keeps inventing various machines, devices and traps mostly used to tackle Kris. However, he often desires to be the principal of the school and hopes to kick Kanishk out because Kanishk keeps whacking and humiliating him.

Pinky: Pinky is Kris' classmate and a student of Mathura Anath Ashram. She is the incarnation of Radha. She is one of the best friends that Kris has and worries about Kris, her friends and the school. She is an activist who keeps coming up with different initiatives for the betterment of the school and its students. Pinky is also a brainiac who is good with studies. She appears to have a crush on Kris, but she does not show it out to him and only behaves as his friend.

Babloo: Babloo is Kris' best friend and the reincarnation of Sudama. He stays with Kris most of the time and backs Kris and his ideas when confronted by Pinky. He is an average student but really good with sports.

Madhu: Madhu is a friend of Kris and the brains of their group. Among all the friends Kris has, Madhu is the smartest one. He keeps coming up with many innovative ideas of gadgets and devices useful for kids. He is also the smartest student of the school. He often gets bullied by Golu.He is reincarnation of madhukumar(a friend of lord krishna).

Golu: Golu is the bully of Mathura Anath Ashram. His only job and recreation is to mess with the kids (especially Madhu) and to take their stuff by force. He is often confronted by Kris and friends. Many times, Golu is let in by Kanishk and J in their plans to get back at Kris. Golu happily participates in Kanishk's plans as he likes getting an opportunity to get even with Kris and Kanishk also manages to get Golu's grades a little high.He is reincarnation of mangal(a friend of lord krishna).

Sukhi: Sukhi is the reincarnation of Muni Narada in the school. He is in the school to report everything to the gods. He owns a phonebooth outside the school, where he has a divine phone which connects straight to heaven. He reports about how Kris is doing through this booth. He knows Kris' secret and helps him often by letting him know of Kanishk's evil plans.

Taarak: Taarak, an incarnation of Tarakasur, is Kanishk's cousin who is there in the school as a maths teacher. He is more of a 'Yes Sir' character who keeps nodding to all of Kanishk's plans to get back at Kris (no matter how ridiculous they are). He sometimes is shown wishing if Kanishk could let him be a fit free as he is constantly nagged by Kanishk to take more extra classes.

Suparna: Miss Suparna is the chemistry teacher of the school. She is the reincarnation of Putana. She is really fond of her make-up and is a laid back but strict teacher.

Basu: Basu is the sports teacher of the Mathura Anath Ashram. He is loved by the kids and is their favorite teacher. He is the incarnation of Vasudeva and is the only human teacher, unlike the other teachers who are demons.

Prashanth: He is a student in Mathura Anath Ashram. He is somewhat good in studies but very good at sport and dancing.He is reincarnation of udho(a friend of lord krishna).

Balu: He is the elder brother of Kris and the incarnation of Balarama. In his first scene in the show, he is seen keeping a public eye on Kris.

Chimpu and Chumpu : They are two sidekicks of golu.

Guru Mahasur: He is teacher of all demons of patal lok. He is incarnation of Guru Shukracharya.

Lord Aquarius: He is the overarching villain and is shown to be the strongest devil. He succeeds in beating Kris and Kanishk in the special episode "The Attack of the Shadow: Part I".

Voice cast[edit]

Hindi cast[edit]

Kris - Pooja Punjabi

Kanishk - Vinod Kulkarni

Doctor J - Ganessh Divekar

Pinky - Pooja Punjabi

Babloo - Vaibhav Thakkar

Golu - Koustuv Ghosh

Taarak - Ganessh Divekar

Vasu - Amar Babaria

Sukhi - Sanchit Wartak

Other Media[edit]

List of Movies[edit]

No. Movie
1. Roll No 21 And The Quest For Swarnmani
2. Roll No 21 Space Mein Dhoom Dhadaka
3. Roll No 21 Time Ki Bhool Bhullaiya
4. Roll No 21 Ticket To Australia
5. Roll No 21 Kris In Bollywood
6. Roll No 21 Scooba Dooba Ajooba
7. Roll No 21 Ticket To China
8. Roll No 21 Ticket To Japan
9. Roll No 21 Voyage To Aquatica
10. Roll No 21 Get Set Go Kris
11. Roll No 21 Kris Aur Phantom Ka Raaz
12 ROLL No 21 Kris Aur Shoonya Registan
13 Roll No 21 Kris Aur Ulta Pulta Time
14 Roll No 21 Kris Aur Ande ka Funda
15 Roll No 21 Kris Aur Baffre Baafu
16 Roll No 21 Kris Chala Jaadui Jimbura
17 Roll No. 21: Kris Aur Aflatoon Africa


Roll No 21 received three awards in the Cartoon Network Super Toons Award 2013.[4]

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