Rougui tea

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Rougui tea

Rou Gui (Traditional) Oolong tea leaf.jpg

Rou Gui (Traditional) Oolong tea leaf close.jpg
Type Wuyi oolong

Origin Wuyi Mountains, Fujian Province, China

Quick description Cassia (Chinese cinnamon) aroma


Rougui tea (Chinese: 肉桂; pinyin: ròuguì chá; pronounced [ɻôu.kwêi ʈʂʰǎ]) is a variety of the tea plant, commonly grown in the Wuyi Mountains and processed into oolong tea. The name literally means "cassia". The tea can be difficult to prepare, but its distinctive sweet aroma can be brought out up to 7 steepings. It was first developed during the Qing dynasty.

This tea may be traditionally processed producing a dark dry leaf and a rich smell or processed according to new consumer standards,[clarification needed] giving it a leaf of mixed color and a more fruity aroma.