Rougui tea

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For the spice also known as "Chinese cinnamon", see Cinnamomum aromaticum.
Rougui tea
Rou Gui (Traditional) Oolong tea leaf.jpg Rou Gui (Traditional) Oolong tea leaf close.jpg
Type: Oolong

Other names:
Origin: Mount Wuyi, Fujian Province, China

Quick description: Characteristic with a sweet aroma.


Rougui tea is a Wuyi Oolong tea. The name literally means "cassia". The tea can be difficult to prepare, but its distinctive sweet aroma can be brought out up to 7 steepings. It was first developed during the Qing Dynasty.

This tea may be traditionally processed producing a dark dry leaf and a rich smell or processed according to new consumer standards, giving it a leaf of mixed color and a more fruity aroma.