Shields of the Revolution Council

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Shields of the Revolution Council
Hayat Duru al-Thawra
Participant in the Syrian civil war
Revolution Shields Logo.jpg
Logo of the Shields
ActiveJanuary 2013 - March 2014[1]
IdeologyIslamic democracy[2]
Area of operationsIdlib Governorate[2]
Size5,000 - 7,000[1]
Part ofMuslim Brotherhood of Syria[1]
Free Syrian Army[3]
Syrian Revolutionary Command Council[3]
BecameSham Legion
Opponent(s)Syrian Armed Forces
National Defense Force
Battles and war(s)Syrian Civil War

The Shields of the Revolution Council (Arabic: هيئة دروع الثورة‎, Hayat Duru al-Thawra) is a Syrian FSA-rebel alliance affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood of Syria. President Bashar al-Assad has labeled the Syrian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood as an extremist “terror” group.[1] It joined the Syrian Revolutionary Command Council on 3 August 2014.[3]

In March 2014, the Fatiheen Brigade, Eman Brigade and Sihem al-Haq Brigade, previously affiliated with the Shields, split from the group and joined the newly formed Sham Legion alliance.[4][5]

Member groups[edit]

  • Dera al-Jabal[1]

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