Simele District

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Simele District

قضاء سميل

قەزا سێمێل ܪܘܼܣܬܵܩܵܐ ܕܣܹܝܡܹܝܠܹܐ
Location of Simele in Iraq
Coordinates (Simele): 36°51′30″N 42°51′0″E / 36.85833°N 42.85000°E / 36.85833; 42.85000Coordinates: 36°51′30″N 42°51′0″E / 36.85833°N 42.85000°E / 36.85833; 42.85000
Country Iraq
Time zoneUTC+3 (AST)
Area code+964 62

Simele District (Arabic: قضاء سميل‎, translit. qaḍāʾ Sumail; Sorani Kurdish: قەزای سێمێل‎, translit. qezayê Sêmêl) ; Syriac: ܪܘ݂ܣܬܵܩܵܐ ܕܣܹܝܡܹܝܠܹܐ‎ is a district in western Dohuk Governorate in northern Iraq. The administrative center is the city of Simele.


The district has three sub-districts:


It has 143,200 inhabitants, mostly consisting of Kurds with a significant Assyrian population

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