Taʽizzi-Adeni Arabic

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Taʽizzi-Adeni Arabic
Native toYemen
RegionTaiz, Aden
Native speakers
10.48 million (2015-2016)[1]
Arabic alphabet
Language codes
ISO 639-3acq

Taʽizzi-Adeni Arabic, also known as Southern Yemeni Arabic, is a variety of Yemeni Arabic spoken in southern Yemen and Djibouti.

Taʽizzi is spoken in Taiz and parts of Ibb. Like the majority of Yemeni dialects, Taʽizzi uses the hard uvular [q] for the classical qāf (ق). Adeni dialect also substitutes dental plosives for dental fricatives: /θ/ becomes /t/, /ð/ becomes /d/, and the two (classical) emphatics, /ðˤ/ and /ɮˤ/, merged into /dˤ/. The dialect also uses /ɡ/ for the Arabic letter ǧīm ج.[3]

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