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some candidate Elizabeth/Elisabeths:

  • Elizabeth (daughter of Philip II of Germany) (about 1202 - November 30, 1235) ∞ St. Fernando III of Castile and Leon
  • Elizabeth d’Anjou (1261 - after December 20, 1290) ∞ Ladislaus IV of Hungary
  • Elisabeth von Tirol (about 1262/3 - 1312) ∞ Albrecht I of Austria
  • Elizabeth of Bohemia (January 20, 1292 - September 28, 1330) ∞ Johann I "the Blind" King of Bohemia
  • Elisabeth of Carinthia (died 1352) ∞ Pietro II King of Sicily
  • Elizabeth de Mure ∞ (1348) Robert II King of Scots
  • Elzbieta Pilecka (about 1372 - May 12, 1420) ∞ Wladislaw II King of Poland
  • Elisabeth von Luxembourg (before November 27, 1409 - December 25, 1442) ∞ Albrecht II King of Hungary, Emperor Elect
  • Elizabeth of Austria (1437 - August 30, 1505) ∞ Kasimierz IV of Poland
  • Elisabeth Henriette von Hessen-Kassel (November 8, 1661 - June 27, 1683) ∞ Friedrich III-I Elector of Brandenburg, King in Prussia
  • Elisabeth von Hapsburg ∞ (1543) Zygmunt II August of Poland
  • Elisabetta Farnese (October 25, 1692 - July 11, 1766) ∞ Felipe V of Spain
  • Elisabeth Therese of Lorraine (October 15, 1711 - [[ July 3, 1741) ∞ Charles Emmanuel III King of Sardinia
  • Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (November 8, 1715 - January 13, 1797) ∞ Friedrich II "the Great" King of Prussia
  • Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (November 8, 1746 - February 18, 1840) ∞ Friedrich Wilhelm II King of Prussia
  • Elizabeth Szydlowska (1748 - 1810) ∞ Stanislaus II August Poniatowski, King of Poland
  • Elisabeth Ludovika of Bavaria (November 13, 1801 - December 14, 1873) ∞ Friedrich Wilhelm IV King of Prussia

--wives of emperors--

Principles for inclusion[edit]

HREs were Kings of Hungary, which would make their wives Queens of Hungary, but they would be known as Empresses, so listing them is probably a bit of a cheat :( -- Someone else 05:11 Jan 10, 2003 (UTC)

I agree with you and have been leaving out empresses unless they were also queens of something. To keep it consistent, here are the "rules" I've been using, so when someone adds some (and I hope everyone will, especially the ones listed above that aren't in the list yet), they can either follow them or make the existing ones consistent with their new format: Just the years for birth and death (but some estimate of each so we have both), because this is a disambiguating list, not biographical articles; the idea is to be able to distinguish the ones with the same name. And I've arranged them chronologically by birth year, because someone coming from a reference to "Queen Elizabeth" somewhere will usually have an idea what time period (within a century or less) it is, then by where they were queen of, because that's the next likeliest datum for them to have. If there is already a link to the name (even if there's no article for it yet), I've used that link, and if there's another very common version of the name, I've given that in parens. I haven't indicated all alternative spellings, again because it's a disambing list. If there's not an existing link, I haven't made one, because she's probably not important enough to have an article, but I've included at least one linked cross-reference for each (and an external link if there's one on point). I haven't given all the possible cross-references but have tried to hit the ones that would probably be in the article the unidentified "Queen Elizabeth" was mentioned in.
BTW, my browser is rendering " ∞ " as a rectangle, meaning it cannot place the character. -- isis 22:44 Jan 12, 2003 (UTC)
I'll try and sort out the empresses in my list and make sure not to use the "infinity" sign in the article. (Oh, and I'll just eliminate them here when I move them to over there!) -- Someone else

If the H.R.E.s were "officially" king of Hungary or anywhere else (using, I suppose, the Wikipedia list of rulers of Hungary or wherever as the authority), let's include the Elizabeths the way I did Elizabeth von Wittelsbach: queen of what and then empress of what, and use the form of the husband's name for his being king, if you have a choice. I'm not keen on using the infinity sign for a marriage anyhow, even if I'm the only Luddite in the world with a retarded browser (and I think they might cause problems with old-fashioned printers, too). Today was my deadline for my publisher for this month, and I sent my copy in this morning, but I have to do some documents to submit to various governmental agencies this week, so I won't have much time for the 'pedia for a few days yet. BTW, I'm probably going to do a "Queen Eleanor" page after the other four, and definitely a "Queen Catherine" page, with all of them on one list and redirects from the other spellings. And on Queen Mary, what do you think about including Maries and Marias (which would lead to including the "Maria/e something"s, like Teresa and Antoinette), as opposed to making a separate page for them? So far, I've been using the same rule for Marie/Mary I did for Isabel/Elizabeth -- if I found a webpage that called Isabella of Spain, "Elizabeth", I put her on the Elizabeth list, too. -- isis 01:17 Jan 14, 2003 (UTC)


There are an awful lot of Elizabeths. May I suggest that they be alphabetized by realm rather than by dates? A person who knows very little about a given Queen Elizabeth is more likely to know what she was queen of than when she was queen. - Montréalais

If you know which realm she was queen of, you can look her up directly, e.g. Elizabeth of England, Elizabeth of Portugal, Elizabeth of Bavaria. I often find that I'm trying to identify someone for whom I know rough dates but few other details, e.g. I know someone they were associated with. So I like the current arrangement. Gdr 21:41, 24 July 2005 (UTC)

My problem with the current arrangement is that although its important that all the famous "Queen Elizabeths" get a mention and a link to their own article (if one exists), I think the fact that vast majority of people would be searching for either Queen Elizabeth the 1st or 2nd of England means they should be referenced at the top. QEII happens to be near the top due to the fact she is still alive but QEI is quite hard to find down the list. Would it be appropriate to link to these two at the top of the page as they are of so much greater historical signicifance than the majority of the rest (most of whom are simply consorts) or would this be against normal Wikipedia practise? - Canderra

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom[edit]

I'm sure that this is wrong. She is Queen Elizabeth II of England, Queen Elizabeth I of Scots (not Scotland) and neither queen of Wales nor of Northern Ireland. According to my (Scottish) father, Scottish nationalists used to deface phone boxes, post boxes, etc, that referred to Liz as "EIIR" in Scotland. But apparently Wikipedians think different. Was going to change it, but will take the point to the proper talk page... Dafyddyoung 12:53, 28 Feb 2005 (UTC)

QEII is officially Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom as has been the case since unification in 1606 when James I of Scotland succeeded to the English throne. While it is true some militant Scottish nationalists deface public symbols of her, this is a throwback to the dislike of the monarchy by Scottish in the centuries following James I's death in which Scots believed they were being ruled by "English" monarchs. Although some may call it an over-simplification, the whole problem was largely to do with the wider conflicts taking place in the United Kingdom between Catholics and Protestants (many catholic Scotts objected to having a protestant head of state). These days however, most of the militant Scottish nationalists you refer to wish for a breakaway from England and the United Kingdom (with virtually all therefor wishing to drop sovereignty to Queen Elizabeth II).
The one main argument that exists (albeit only really in academic circles) is over whether she should infact be named the second Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom and not the first as the previous Queen Elizabeth I was Queen of England (and Ireland) and not of the United Kingdom. The vast majority of people I think believe Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom in an appropriate name (despite being technically incorrect) to avoid confusion with her predecessor.
See MacCormick v. Lord Advocate. -- Thesocialistesq/M.Lesocialiste 04:03, 3 May 2007 (UTC)

If this is the case, the numbers for other kings and queens would need to change. For instance, Mary II would be Mary I, while Mary Tudor (Mary I) would just be..Mary? The Edwards would change completely. I think it's most logical and accepted to start counting with William I, the Conqueror.—Preceding unsigned comment added by Kenmewku (talkcontribs) 19:46, 3 November 2006

Her formal title in the U.K. is "Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith". The controversy about numbering is discussed at List of titles and honours of Queen Elizabeth II#Royal titles and styles. --Alexbook (talk) 16:56, 25 January 2014 (UTC)

Did someone remove Queen Elizabeth II for the United Kingdom? I only see Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother (1900–2002) for the United Kingdom. Note that many people outside England don't know there is a big difference between "Queen Elizabeth" and "Queen Elizabeth II". Newspeople in the United States usually say "Queen Elizabeth" so that is what we look for and then it seems to us that there is no living Queen Elizabeth in the Wikipedia. Sam Tomato (talk) 20:49, 26 December 2016 (UTC)