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The following is a timeline of the history of Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam:


Van Lang[edit]

Au Lac[edit]

  • c. 257 BCE — Co Loa established by Shu Pan in the present city's Dong Anh district to serve as the capital of the unified kingdom of Au Lac

Qin Empire[edit]


  • 204 BCE — Zhao Tuo declares his realm the independent kingdom of Nanyue (Nam Việt)
  • 196 BCE — Lu Jia secures the nominal submission of Nanyue to Han
  • 179 BCE — By this point, Nanyue's lands in the Red River valley have been organized as the commandery of Jiaozhi (Giao Chỉ)

Han Empire[edit]

Song Empire[edit]

Van Xuan[edit]

Tang Empire[edit]

Dai Viet[edit]

Medieval period[edit]

French occupation[edit]

Japanese occupation[edit]

French reoccupation[edit]

Democratic Republic of Vietnam[edit]

21st century[edit]

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