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NCO and Soldier'2006: Myself as best injury ever: here and scroll down to see


Robert Kolakowski[edit]


CURRENT VIEW: Civilized countries? I do consider only countries such as Japan to be fully civilized because wisely, their oldest people, with only a small portion of their life span remaining to be lived out, volunteered for the near-suicide mission to save others. However, at their worst, they are worse than almost any other nation. Semi—civilized states: Poland, Germany, France etc. They do try to save people even if they heart has not beaten for an hour (not just professional soccer players, but they did the same for my father, extending his life by about 10 years); they seek volunteers for near—suicide missions from general population (of soldiers). Not civilized but close to it: They do save people for at most 15 minutes and seek volunteers from young men. Brutally uncivilized: Countries using 14 and 15 year olds in combat Foolishly brutally uncivilized: Using kids under 14 in combat (kids under 14 are useless for the purpose of armed combat)! Sincerely, Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw son of Jozef Elizabeth, NJ, 07202 Bialystok, Poland JMRC Hohenfels, Germany


The positive "holes" do not transmit power, the elctricity travels backwards in time. Proposed on 18APR2010 Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw son of Jozef Elizabeth, NJ, 07202


Because of the Research (pl.) run on me, I am forced to like Caliph ‘Umar a little, since women were frozen with fear when he appeared; and I am also forced to believe in the Hadith that states that Heaven will be full of poor men, and there will be a very few women. I am dead certain that second only to Devil Himself, a woman, is behind what has happened to me! Sincerely, Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw son of Jozef ElIzabeth, NJ, 07202 PS Women give birth to children! I do not care; I have no children!

0: No such a thing as a Free Polish (State or Government, Ever)[edit]

There has not been such a thing as Free Polish, since Poland did neither surrender to the Germans, nor to the Soviets; there were, however, Polish Forces in the West, Polish Forces in the East, and the Anders Army as well as Home Army, Polish National Armed Forces, Bataliony Chlopskie, Zydowski Zwiazek Walki and many others.

FRIEND'S WEB SITE: [1] metal songs based on history of World Wars

Die Schwarze Brigade: Black Brigade/Division – Why no one made movie about it? (April 2, 2010)[edit]

I do understand that the Polish film makers do believe that the Polish public enjoys viewing the rears of the horses over mechanized units; however, this movie could be a joint—venture between the Polish and the Canadian film makers showing the entire combat history of the Black Brigade from 1Sep39 until just after the war was over. This would introduce true suspense to the Polish movies: the climax scene in the movie could be when after they are ready to die on the Hill 262, at the very last hour the Canadians do eventually show up. It would start with hopeless, but brave fighting in September, 1939, limited success at the New Wisnicz, the Polish radio transmitting that Westreplatte ordered to tie up the German troops was 3 days was fighting for 7 days, and the order to escape through Hungary (a bridgehead created by a false flag action by the Polish Intelligence Services) to France after the Soviet Invasion on 17 SEP39. It would nearly—end with the surrender of over dozen German Divisions and 200 vessels of the Kriegs Marine at Wilhelmshaven, just after the 1st Armored Division liberates Breda. Moreover, there is a place for a hint of controversy with respect to the treatment of POW by the US and Polish M.P.’s at Chambois; since, they could not afford to have any POW’s. It could also could express the disappointment felt by most Poles with the post—war world order (at the very end and in a limited way; it should not be a movie about sour grapes).

Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw son of Jozef Born 28DEC73 in Bialystok “Bialy” Elizabeth, NJ, 07202, USA

If I did offend anyone, in spite of not being a Christian, I would like to offer these appologies: clik to hear!
Any concerns may be e-mailed to with WIKIPEDIA in the subject area in capitals. I can be also reached by posting to the fora at Run-down.
Robert son of Stanislaw son of Jozef; born out of Eugenia Kolakowska nee Zielinska; "ski vs ska;" Born 28 December 1973 at 1515 in the city of Bialystok, Podlasie, Poland  POL
From Elizabeth, New Jersey, 07202  USA

SPONSORED LINK: My personal running web site
All we know is bits; it is not what you know, it is how do you put these bits together, and how do you use them (my own).

Schools and Education:[edit]

"Old System" School number 14: grades 0 through 2
"Old System" School number 31 dedicated to Mr Janusz Korczak in Dojlidy section of Bialystok: grades 3 trough 8
"Old System" Zespol Szkol Gastronomicznych in Bialystok: grades 9 through 11, and was supposed to continue ...
Elizabeth High School in Elizabeth, NJ, 07202: Graduated with (US) High School Diploma in 1994
Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey (and NJIT): continuously at the university between Summer 1996 and Graduation in January, 2001: BA in Computer Science (earned predominantly through courses in advanced math such asCalculus III B or IV "B+" not--for--eng. and taken at Rutgers Newark campus) and Criminal Justice
GPA of 3.34
Honors: Golden Key the Honor Society, member; twice official and once Summer Session Dean's List (12 credits in four courses taken during that summer)
Graduated from (jointly) Rutgers University in Newark (NCAS) and NJIT (12 credits: 4 courses minimum taken at NJIT):

My ASVAB scores:
GT: 139
GM: 132
EL: 135
CL: 139
MM: 128
SC: 137
CO: 133
FA: 133
OF: 132
ST: 135


Pages that I made:
"Fair Military Tactic: [edit]

1. It can be used in place of heavy artillery such as 155 mm cannon howitzers (it possibly did happen in Lebanon and was used against I.D.F.). 2. It can be used in the Deep Savage Counter--offensive to destroy enemy's supply lines with 100's of thousands of partisans attacking enemy's rear. 3. Nonmilitary use: Lebanon: 16--year old woman did carry out a suicide--bombing attack as an act of vendetta against I.D.F. for her killed father and brother."
tank gun used by WPB Anders I could not list my sources: banned by Wikipedia
Aleksander Jeljaszewicz
Battle of Jaworow
Karol_Ernest_Wedel (translated from the Polish article)
Mieczyslaw Norwid-Neugebauer (translated from the Polish article)
Marcin Urbaś
Hetman Białystok
Zielone Wzgorza
13th Regiment of Wilno Uhlans including 1. Tatar (Islamic) Batallion (translated from the Polish--language article)
[[2]] middle of the section only; [1]

Ch_(digraph)#Ch_in_the_Polish_language only the initial article
Polish_armaments_1939-1945#Rifles.2C_pistols.2C_machine_guns.2C_and_infantry_weapons 3 improvements only
Slawomir Szmal updated only
38FK a military stub to the article about TKS's about Polish 20mm anti--tank and anti--aircraft machinegun made in 1938 and 1939 that has been replaced, thanks God, by a real article
added a link to the documentary movie and added the link to the Polish--language version and created the beginning of a page for the 1. Regiment of the Heaviest Artillery in [[3]]

Art of War book; and music, a CD recorded by Sabaton

Some pictures of me
go to [[4]] or [[5]] to find videos of me

OPFOR Academy in JMRC Hohenfels


The best of Poland! <>
General Stanisław_Maczek -- a Polish general who, amongst others, lead Polish tank troops who blocked the escape way of the German_Seventh_Army and were pivotal in its distruction

Invasion of Poland Check the section: Myths about Polish military during the Invasion of Poland'1939
Polish--made Tanks of World War Two section: "Bron Pancerna"
Mieczyslaw Norwid-Neugebauer Polish General from Jewish family; served before and during World War Two look Family Tree of the General
Bernard Mond Polish Jewish General, openly Jewish; served in the Polish Armed Forces before and during World War Two (last command 6th Infantry Division (Poland))
Berek_Joselewicz Colonel of the Polish(--Lithuanian) Military, since 1794
Muslim/Tatar Nobility of the Polish--Lithuanian Commonwealth
Jalal_ad-Din_khan A friendly of Poland--Lithuania; 1st Tatar Monarch who realised that he was ... an East European.
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Mieczyslaw Biegun Polish--Israeli (guess who?)


Vis pistol Polish Army'S Handgun made up to 1939 and later by the nazi Germans 



1-3 religious books and ... I am not religious
4. Beyond Good and Evil and The Twilight of the Idols by Nietzsche (as well as other books by Nietzsche)
5. Sci Fi Books by Stanislaw Lem such as Solaris_(novel) (two movies have been based on it)
6. The Middle Passage 7. John_Dortmunder Series: Bad News and What's the Worst That Could Happen? 8. The Nazi Doctors: Medicinal Killing and the Psychology of Genocide by Robert Jay Lifton
9. The Labirynth of Dreams
nota bene:
Nietzsche not Nietsche (a nazi doctor) Nietzsche as in germanised "Nicinski*"
The main primary criteria for Nietzsche's man:
Overman: a person who always thinks on his or her own and is able to delay judgement, and goes one step ahead of others by questioning the established and the paradigm
Man: a person who is capable of thinking on his or her own
Underman: an intelectual slave
examples: person who believes in an ideology:
any "ist" who believhes in any "ism." NOTA BENE: Nietzsche did work as a medic during the Great War.

  • ---Zelewski, Erich_von_dem_Bach was also from a germanised Polish family; it does not change the fact that he was responsible for the ruthless murder of the non--combatant 40,000 of the Polish civilians during his efforts to end the (All Polish) Warsaw Uprising of 1944. He, of course, was offered the most sweat heart deal by the Western Powers, the Commander of the Mobile Extermination Units, Einsatzgroupen, that operated mostly, most efficiently, and ruthlessly during the invasion of the Soviet Uinon was never held reponsible by the major powers for the mass murder that he and troops under his command did commit. He died in his own bed, a free man, unlike so many of his victims...Poland signed the 1st treaty with the West Germany around the time of his death.


Past Time: Astronomy
Past Time: Soccer
Past Time: History and Military
nota bene: When it comes to Tank Troops...
...The 1st military to get it right was the German military during World War 2; the 1st military to learn from it was ... the Israeli military (in addition, they use Polish Infantry model (Ben Gurion?), with 1/2Lt or Cpt running in front of his soldiers, and developed their own Airforce tactics: since anyone knows how to fly, and how to shoot, Israelis decided to add the in--depth knowledge of engine's power outputs), but the lesson was forgotten in other armed forces.
US Military is the prime example. The lesson was re-learned or learned only recently:
How confused have they been?
M3 Bradley the (Infantry as M2) Cavalry Fighting Vehicle was part of Infantry -- very confused!
Bradley should have been, from a get go, part of the Armored Cavalry Units, and the Infantry operating and riding in the back of Bradley should have been considered Tank Troops (a copy from German Panzer Troops).
Bradley as an infantry vehicle was at best a stop-a-gap solution.
Stryker is the infantry vehicle.

Join US Army at: (mention SPC Robert Kolakowski from Elizabeth, NJ, ex-US Army Infantry)

Past Time: Politics
Present: Running and Sprints
Present: Swimming
Present: Human Genetics and Cloning

Podlasie Survival Guide:[edit]

Unless you are near Lomza (Jedwabne etc.) or possibly Suwalki areas, do not ever mention anyone's nationality, ethnicity, or religion in public, and talk in a low voice while at home. The subjects of nationality, ethnicity, and religion are taboo in Podlasie or Podlachian Province as well as in the city of Bialystok in Poland.


REMEMBER: Unless you are in a Kangaroo Court, the only contracts up-held by New Jersey Courts are written and signed: no hand shakes, no talking! Polish Zloty "Golden" before May 2014: strong and stable; Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw son of Jozef; 28DEC73; out of Eugenia Kolakowska nee Zielinska "ski vs ska." 07202




0. Father: Stanislaw Kolakowski born in February of 1938

As a conscript, he earned a rank of Corporal in the Polish Air Force during 2 years of military service


2. Mother: Eugenia Kolakowska nee Zielinska


3. Wife: Ann(i)e Mae (May) Le(h)nhardt--Kolakowski nee DeVone born in North Carolina; mother of

Tati Yanna[edit]

4.Tat(i)yanna Ebone(t) Le(h)nhardt -- I do treat her as well as if she were my own: her mother and I do help her raise her infant son, Maximus


Myself being a square root of -1 or 1i.

No Children?[edit]

-1. Children: NONE (or none that I know of)


Sister: Marzanna C. born 6 years before me in Bialystok as well
Education: I do write about my sister for a reason; it is a very good reason, and this is the only message that mentions my sister over the World Wide Web that I will not remove! The only one.
This is very simple: you must be familiar with the latest discoveries in genetics, however.
It is possible for a group of people to achieve academic success over many generations by altering their phenotype and/or epigenetic make--up (70% of human DNA is not DNA at all; 30% that is DNA is nearly the same in all people; the maternal DNA is nearly identical like two drops of water in all people); however, in my family, no one achieved more than high school over last 3 generations; this means that my sister's MS and my BA is purely based on our in--born DNA ability. Moreover, my sister achieved her MS two weeks after giving birth to her 2nd son: she was out of hormonal balance and very tired.
She is one very tough woman.
Myself, I can be extremly tough, but to me being tough means nothing.
1. Registered Nurse under "Old System" 5 year--long high school / junior college
2. B.S. in Economics from the University of Warsaw
3. M.S. in Economics from the University of Bialystok (defended just two weeks after giving birth to her younger son).
4. How the University of Bialystok was established? It is very simple, the many lecturers who did come from Warsaw did get married or did find a permanent domicil in Bialystok or other parts of Podlasie, and did resent being called back to Warsaw. To improve their own personal situation, they did decide to break away from the University of Warsaw, and change the College of Bialystok (as in College of Professors) into the University of Bialystok to make their own personal lives easier. Bialystok is about 200 K (circa 120 miles) away from Warsaw. LINKS:
Jalówka or Jalowka

Other names of Bialystok:Bjalistok, Byalistok, Беласток, and Белосток as well as Baltstogė.

If I have or will have made anybody mad, I want to say:

Peoples to avoid:[edit]

There is a reason why you should never be sorry! It makes a man or a woman susceptible to a back stab.
The worst common criminal (organized crime leader) in the history of Poland was a handicapped man known for beating his victims to death with his crotches or letting others step on them until they died. The Handicapped people have been victims of the population at large, in general, and the mentally ill, of the (most especially the USA) doctors and scientists, in particular. They have had too much excuse to do evil upon others to be trusted, unless they are your family members; however, as a Christian or Muslim you are obligated to help those even outside of your own religion: the key word is help, and not sorry. Sorry is a part of the sympathy self--deception; a man or a woman should only allow themselves to feel sympathy towards others when it is absolutely unavoidable; however, they should never feel sorry!

The Shrinks:[edit]

The origin of word "Shrink" -- , it means a Dutch doctor or scientist; many a Dutch scientists did use the nazi death camps as an opportunity to run their own research. Amongst them were those who famed themselves by coppying the behaviour that used to be exhibited by the inhabitants of their former colonies: they were shrinking heads of the Polish P.O.W.'s. What makes the Dutch extremely dangerous to the Poles, if they are into science or medicine, is that many of the Officers and NCO's in the countries of Benelux and Denmark did learn the Polish language, since as a part of the Soviet Military Doctrine, the Polish Paratroopers were supposed to protect the Soviet flank or more likely be stuck and unable to sabotage the Soviets while the Soviets would attack Paris.
Why are they on top of my list besides the handicapped persons?
Because after all the damage they have done, they have escaped not only unpunished, but with great reputation.
One would have to put nearly in the same box, the Japanese.

The Forgotten:[edit]

The Cambodians and the Chinese and the Armenians must occupy the 2nd major category on my list of people with an excuse to do evil!
They are the forgotten victims of genocide who received no help, nor the criminals who did murder them have been ever punished.

The Victims:[edit]

Last, but not least: the Jews. Majority of the Jews have looked beyond the Holocaust, but it does not mean that there cannot be some Jewish scientists, doctors, or lawyers who at least at the subconcious level use Holocaust as an excuse. The best example is Helena_Wolińska-Brus at the very bottom of the very long and otherwise illustrious List_of_Polish_Jews. It is common for the Jews guilty of Antipolonism to borrow expressions from her, their ethical and moral leader.

Why did I create the above list?[edit]

To give myself a key to which state or country should I migrate or immigrate to.

Original "Duke Nuke'em" Mac Arthur's Decision to Grant Amnesty to all Japanese Human Researchers[edit]

Mac Arthur had no choice, but to let the medical criminals go free and unpunished, and there was no East Europeans to force the Western Powers (in this case, only one: USA). He simply decided that the US doctors, nurses, and human subject researchers hold no moral high ground, and it would be an act of hypocrasy for him, as an (US) American, to punish them. As the events from before the end of year 1945 (for example: forcible sterilisation of nomads in the US), and from after (nerve gas research on the Veterans of World War Two in New Guinea in year 1946, and many others) clearly show, for the major part, Mac Arthur was correct.
The question remains: for all people that the so--called NSA (Sandia or Sundia Labs etc.) have inflicted suffering upon all across the USA and Peurto Rico, how many lives have been saved?
Would there be lives saved in the case of minor NBC conflict?
I do admit: likely, there would be a few.
Would there be saved lives in the case of all out NBC conflict?
In that case, only God could help us.
So why the research?
Simple Answer: out of sadistic psychopathic spite that lead one of theirs to kill the public.

7 Weapons I am qualified to operate:[edit]

I have qualified officially using these weapons:
1. US M9_pistol
2. US M249_Squad_Automatic_Weapon B or Super Mini or Mini FM

Unofficial night qualification shooting the weapon off the top of a "Hammer:"
(Unofficial because the range was not meant for M-240; it was an illegal qualification. I was two months out of Basic AIT, and I did qualify using better night vision unit on the 2nd run 'expert.')
3. US M240_machine_gun B or FM MAG

I did get a bronze cord for qualifying using the following German Army's weapons:
4. Germany G36
5. Germany Rheinmetall_MG3
6. Germany Heckler_&_Koch_USP P-8

7. And last, but not least: M16_rifle#M16A4 US Army's standard rifle.

JMRC Hohenfels: the undefeated unit for the last 21 years![edit]

Everyone comes to JMRC Hohenfels to meet the (AT/SCOUTS HHC (A,B,C and D) 1-4 INF REG) OPFOR, and for the last 21 years everyone has at the very least number for number (counting MILES I/II inferior equipment of JMRC as equal to the enemies' superior equipment, to JMRC 's disadvantage), if not totaly, lost to the OPFOR. I mean everyone! From the Royal and US Marines through the Armies of the former Soviet Bloc to other armies that do visit. It is the easiest to receive a so-called ribbon while being part of the Alpha/Apachie Company, but it is also the easiest to receive a UCMJ setence against. It is most difficult to receive a ribbon as a soldier of the HHC, but it is the easiest to avoid an adverse UCMJ action because as it supposed to be, the Head Quaters Head Quaters Company is the most squared away. In spite of everything else, I was proud to be part of JMRC Hohenfels, HHC, and AT/Scouts platoons: I loved being part of QRF as well as playing a high value target. NOTE WELL -- NOTA BENE: Marines are not number one; they will be once they will defeat JMRC Hohenfels!
I do propose a nickname "Undefeated Lions of Hohenfels!" as well as a new song for the OPFOR part of it Manowar_(band), track # 5, on the album Louder_Than_Hell, "Number 1."

My best memory from the US Army[edit]

After our 2nd most squared away company failed to perform in front of the World War Two veterans from half-a-dozen countries during a 21 shot salut to a dead veteran, the members of the Scouts and AntiTank/Infantry (BGM-71_TOW) Platoons were called to perform up--to--the standard. I was amongst them. Due to the great leadership of SSG(P) Badeaux as well as SGT's and others, we got up--trained within 2 hours, and performed well enough to be invited to a dinner: the veal that I ate at that Bavarian resaurant was the best in my life. My father could cook veal to perfection and serve it in a cream/mustard sause; but this veal was as great as my father could make plus the combination of the natural veal sause with cranberries and orange made the combination of four flavors explode in my mouth to tantalize my taste buds. The expression onSPC Gilbert's face was priceless when I used word tantalize (he chose veal as well).
DO NOT EVER COUNT THE PERFORMANCE OF THE ARMY'S National_Guard_of_the_United_States AND Reserve_component_of_the_Armed_Forces_of_the_United_States' UNITS WITH THE PERFORMANCE OF THE ACTIVE DUTY 'REGULAR ARMY!'

We do respect the National Guard and the Reserves, but half of these people should not be in a combat zone; I should, but there are certain things more paramount to this country than keeping a good hard working soldier in (like Human_subject_research started before soldier joined the armed forces and other absurd): quite honestly, with this approach toward their own personnel, this Amry does not deserve to be served in). I am not "gonna" die or get shot, not for this kind of Army! This is why I did get out with Honor.

Who am I?[edit]

I am a nobody and I have no children of my own that I know of; this makes it impossible to threaten me. I have very little to forfeit. If and when they will talk to me about any or all research run on me, I have a choice of not letting them leave alive irrespective of whom they will be. They are the ones who stand to forfeit something valuable not me.
A male nobody without children of his own is the most dangerous being on Earth.
There is a reason why am I so relaxed when asked or questioned: because I have very little reason to fear anything and because as an OPFOR man I have been interrogated twice (including a rather accidental cold room treatment).

Americans, Russians, Humanity have you been ready to die for one man?[edit]

Sounds insane, does not it? But it has come close to happen!

Any time there is even as much as attempt at life of either man (in this country, USA, or in Russia), the entire Earth faces the possible wrath of the Empires: a nuclear or possibly even NBC Holocaust.

Why for one man?

Would the Red Chinese do it for their Chairman/President?


Would the Poles do it for their President, if they could?


Would the Israelis do it?


Are you ready to die for one man?

How could I even think like this?

Both Marine Corps and Army Infantry are treated worse than the rest (by the US Gov) (worse food etc.); it is not the officer’s fault, they suffer with the Joes.

Do officers milk it?


I remember when at the Warrior’s Café, all officers avoided a station with scrambled eggs; officer Unger, who did want to get the scrambled eggs, was chased away by the German civilian cook. I, being a soldier 24 hours a day 7 days a week: paying attention to detail, asked the German cook to give me eggs without any extra crumbs in them. The cook found a way of obeying instruction and satisfying me! He put crumbs on one side of the plate and the eggs on the other.

NOTA BENE: Numb Nuts! The Shot Card is for you! The government would rather that you would not to have any record!

I do believe that SPC Lindquist could have been retaliated against because he did make certain that not only he and I had our shot cards being harried from an impromptu football game to the sick bay, but every single Joe.

No mark was made in our Shot Cards, and yes, we did ask questions.

90% of men and women who have got out from the US armed forces would still be serving this country, if not for the Human Research; it is the greatest governmental waist, since through the association of President Kennedy, the NSA/Sundia/Sandia Labs Complex did depose Mr. Edgar Hoover (de facto vice—dictator of the USA, not a de facto dictator for only one reason: he was a homosexual), and relegated FBI to a secondary power position amongst the federal agencies.

A lot of job that they have done was “what if,” and may help US, possibly, if there is a limited nuclear war, limited NBC war, or something similar to it; however, it is unlikely that the history will unfold in exactly such a manner to make the Biomedical Unit within the Sandia/Sundia Labs into heroes!

I want a choice?

I want any one who pays taxes to be able to choose not to have to pay the portion spent on this particular classified research group.

I do understand that the US Constitution does not provide for the Democratic state, just Republic, and there is no such right as “freedom of choice,” but we do not have to limit ourselves to the Constitution.

Sincerely, Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw son of Jozef;

Born 28DEC73;

Elizabeth, NJ, 07202

343: If you are a Jewish Pole you may already know it; otherwise read, please:[edit]

One must note that both the ethnic Poles and the Polish Jews, in their respective languages, would tend to refer to both the Russians and the Prussians as "swines" during 123 years between the last partition and re--birth of fully sovereign Poland.

The Bialystok (nota bene: my native city) incident met with an overreaction by the Polish Armed Forces in 1920. The Jewish volunteers (volunteers: men and women who joined the Polish military after 1919, most especially when the news of the successful Russian offensive reached the Polish public) were detained in the barracks for two weeks during the Battle of Warsaw (1920) (20,000). Out of at least 20,000 volunteers that they counted on, the Soviets were able to, some times at the tip of a bayonet, gather 3,000 'volunteers' to support the communist cause (2000 Polish Jews and 1000 ethnic Poles). In the mean time around 100,000 Polish citizens volunteered to defend Warsaw (including the before--mentioned 20,000 Jews).

The Soviet plan not to allow the Polish military re--enforcements failed. August 1920 was the only month during the Polish--Russian War of 1919-1920 when the Polish military reached numerical equality with their Russian enemies.

The Pilsudski's argument that Europe should not be Kozak did most certainly appeal to the Polish Jewish population.

^^^ Reasons for the help:

Primary: Empathy: Poland was partitioned for 123 years.

Secondary: (Endecja -- a Polish political party): Getting rid of Jews

Tertiary: Colony or Maritime_and_Colonial_League (partly responsible for the prompt complition of the sea port of Gdynia before the Great Depression was able to affect the project).

Quaternary: Mr. Avraham Stern was not a Jewish Poles, nor a men-in-between, who was Jew who accidently was living in Poland, but like 1/3rd of the Jewish population of Poland, he wanted nothing to do with locals. The Poles had returned the indifference with indifference. Therefore, there was a binary agreement: 1,000 million out of 3 wanted to leave and the ethnic Poles wanted them gone! Why 3 to 3.3 millions and not 3.6 tp 3.9 millions? The 600,000, together with 100,000 ethnic Poles, escaped nazi German opression running away to Poland in 1938.

Reasons for hate:

Primary: Economy

Secondary: Poles do not form true communities (outside of Poland); Jews because of religion did form close communities

Tertiary: As a few as 8% Polish Jews were Communists or aided Communism; however, in the case of the Polish Catholics, the number was as low as about 1 in 10,000...this made Stalin place a lot of non--Poles within the highest rank of the Polish government between 1948-1956 (raw estimate: 20%) who either were of some distant Polish ancestry or were labled as "born in Poland."

Location: They were not farmers, nor big city folk!

But a small--town folks that fought a war over small businesses between 1918 and 1939 in Poland; on one hand, the ethnic Poles, Ukrainians, and Belarussians trying to break into small business in towns in between 10,000 and 50,000 people or about; on the other hand, the Jews and even some Armenians trying to protect their minimal prosperity. All under the grim shadow of the Great Depression and the Polish economy that did not exist untill around the end of independence wars in 1921. On one hand, the Catholic and Orthodox priests leading people "Buy only Polish [or Ukrainain, or Belarussian];" on the other hand unfair (at present illegal) economic practices of the Jewish and Armenian shop owners.

Pilsudski could have done much better between 1926 and 1934 to ameliorate certain national and ethnic conflicts. Instead, for the major part, he just ignored them! His wife's father was "a town's man" or in non-gibrish of Jewish ancestry or, in other words, a non--religious Jew.

The least of the problems was that for many Jews raised in Sztellts, Polish was the second language, and many would have spoken untill death with an Yiddish accent. Some Poles tried to use it against the Jews, but one must consider that his greatness Mr. Marshall Jozef Pilsudski had spoken Polish with a deep accent influenced by Russian language, and that Rear-Admiral/Vice Admiral Jozef Unrug did not fully master the Polish language, when in 1925, he was made the commander of the Polish Navy.

Majority of the Polish Priests acted honorably; however, a minority, about 20% did try to smear the Jewish small buisness owners in particular, and the Jews, in general.

Short Dictionary of the Polish racists' language[edit]


I do write this short list of racist Polish words in Polish because as the Polish people say: "You should wash your dirty laundry within your own family!" If you do not know the Polish language, I am sorry! You can, of course, translate! But be aware, Polish is no Russian, and no Ukrainian, and certain words in Polish may be OK, but may be not O.K. in Russian!

"Little knowledge is worse than no knowledge!" This is why the Know--it--all should be the last person, you should ask for help! The work of a professional translator takes humility of both Jan Tuwim and of Yusuf Ali!

The List[edit]

Encyklopedia Epitetow i Rasizmu Polskiego:

Wara od tego slowa potomkowie Magnatow (najbardziej mi przypominaja obecnie Wielkie Korporacje), ktorzy wyprzedali Imperium Polsko—Litewskie i wraz z bardziej ekstremistycznymi elementami Kosciola Katolickiego, z chciwosci i zacietrzewienia religijnego, wywolali Powstanie Kozakow Ukrainskich (pierwszy Pogrom Zbieraczy Podatkow, Zydow, byl spowodowany przez ... Rosyjskich Kazakow. Celem nie byli per se Zydzi, a ... administracja Panstwa Polsko--Litewskiego!). I z dala, ale nie wara, dla ludzi, ktorzy toczyli wojne o “small business(es)” przed Druga Wojna Swiatowa w miasteczkach!

1. Srul –- slowo stworzone przez 'Panow Polakow,'Polskich Zydow, ktorzy nie mogli zniesc hipokryzji ortodoksow (i nie ktorych Hasydow, ktorzy na hipokryzje innych Ortodoksow najpierw sie plecami odwrocili, ale obecnie sa od nich malo lepsi), ktorzy w miejscu publicznym starali sie spowodowac wymioty, kiedy mysleli, ze zjedli cos nie koszernego. Istnieje od tego oczywiscie wyjatek: kiedy ktos celowo cos nie--koszernego do Ich jedzenia podzucil -- przejaw najgorszego anty--Semityzmu.

Obecnie slowo jest uzywana przez Zydow—Izraelitow Polakow w Izraelu, w powyzszym znaczeniu, oraz w znaczeniu „ glupi fanatyk.”

Wara od tego slowa dla polskich nacjonalistow!

2. Dzedzukcie (twarde znaki nad "zetami") -- jest slowem, o czym wielu uzytkownikow nie wie, rasistowskim, kiedy n.p. uzyte wobec Zydow! Pochodzi ono od slowa angielskiego „jejune,” ktore oznacza cos glupiego lub jajoglowego.

3. Otwieracz -- nie jest slowem, rasistowskim i jest bardziej zartem, o jarmulce noszonej przez Zydow.

4. Bududu Dudu -– jest przejawem fobi anty—Muzulumanskiej i jest forma przesmiewania sie z Al—Fatih’y, czyli pierwszego wiersza Koranu!

5. Murzyn -- tlumaczony nie jako forma Mirzy, „Murza,” jest przejawem rasizmu. Obecnie w nacjonalistycznym zacietrzewieniu istnieja osoby, ktore staraja sie naciagac fakty do wlasnych potrzeb w stylu Lawreji Berii i Niemca Goebelsa (50 lat EDUKACJA zabite w 1. pokolenie!)

6. Czarnuch -- jest slowem niezwykle pogardliwym i odczlowieczajacym Murzyna.

7. Tlumaczenie slowa "Slowianin," jako "niewolnik," pokazuje jak cieka jak papier jest pewnosc siebie okazaywana--na--pokaz przez wiekszosc narodow polozonych na zachod od Polski. "Slowianin" najprawdopodobniej jest, w znczeniu, slowem przeciwnym do "Niemca," ktore najpewniej oznaczalo osobe nie rozumiejaca mowy Slowian.* Istnieje bardziej skomplikowane tlumaczenia, ale latwiejsze tumaczynie jest w wiekszosci wypadkow tlumaczeniem wlasciwym (lub conajmniej przydatnym).

Robert Kolakowski syn Stanislawa syn Jozefa;

Ur. 28 Grudnia 1973;

  • --niestety, Historia jest sztuka, ktora aby miec miejsce, stara sie byc nauka, ale prawdziwa nauka, pomimo uslinych staran, z powodu jej natury, nigdy nie bedzie!

Obecnie Elizabeth, NJ, USA. Learn how the Poles (and Brits) tried to put brave in the "Phrench!"

10 to 11% Polish soldiers were Jews! Some were Muslims.


Species, subspecies, and races as well as epigenetic subspecies:[edit]

A few notes: Man belongs to a family very closely related to the Great Apes, but, in spite of that all other branches of man's family have died out, man does not belong to the Ape Family; rather Man Family and Ape Family form a Superfamily of Man/Ape. Man has no tail! Monkeys have tails, and Apes have visible "minature tails." Yes -- some people are born with tails, but there are also people born with two heads, or five limbs.

ANOTHER POSSIBILITY: If it has "marks" on its hands and smiles without provoking attack, it is human. In this scheme, Man, Chimpanzee, and Bonobo are all members of the Human Superfamily.

Bisons (some times confused with Buffalo) and Cows are an example of two species who by the narrowest possible margin are not subspecies of one species, but two separate species.

The hybrid females (Zubron: Wisent crossed with a Cow) are fertile and the "1/4" hybrid males are fertile. This shows genetic closness closer than amongst the horse--like species, but farther than amongst dog--species (Coyotes, Dogs/Wolves, Dingos and others, but not Foxes, are just Subspecies and Races of one Dog Species).

Darwin's Finches are, for the most part, just subspecies of one species, since they can produce fertile offsprings, and they do not support the Theory of Evolution (with which I do agree, in spite of my objections), but only support that the Process of Natural Selection does occur.

So how come there are so many so--called species that can produce a fertile "hybrid ?" Natural Preservation: with the exception of a rare exception, it is all exagguration to preserve different subspecies and races of different animals.

Human Species

Human Super Species:

Real Subspecies:

Rh positive Rh negative additions of Dovian and the Neanderthal in certain groups.

Epigenetic Subspecies:

Northern Men: Northern Legs and in extreme case, the Eskimo, doubled layer of fat. Asians: the tooth (roots). Most likely, influenced by a very few fertile hybrids of man and other human species who did not influence our main DNA, but did infuence our genotypes.

Does White Race come from Patmos as the Islamic Cult known as the Nation of Islam claims? No. White Race seems to be a cross of the yellow--skinned man and an albino. The prime example: 80% Poles and 60% Swedes: a SubNordicic Type: European and the so--called Eurasian "mixed" half--and--half. Another example: there is no white horses on Earth; there are only very light yellow horses that look white.

We have also created other Super Species to help us: the Dog! All dogs, woleves, coyotes, dingos are just one species (not foxes, tough). We, by bringing them with us around the world, prevented them from becoming separate species.

Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw son of Jozef Elizabeth, NJ, 07202

PS 1: Durrat_Al_Bahrain, post Oil Arabs, and the Sinking Nations such as Kiribati?[edit]

If, they can build artificial islands such as Durrat_Al_Bahrain, why cannot they build artificial islands on top of the sinking islands of the sinking island nations?

The origins of the proto-Indo-European[edit]

I do propose, as of today, 28SEP2009, that the proto--Indo--European was a pidgin. I do largley base it on the calculation by Colin Renfrew showing that for the proto--Indo--European to be a truely single language, it would have to cover 3--three times more area than it was possible for a single continuous language in the antiquity.

The Final Anti—Christ will be the best (very good) and caring for Humanity, but a godless person[edit]

Most Likely and only most likely: The Final Anti—Christ, or 33rd, will be the best person that has ever walked the Earth?; however, he or she will not even believe in Science, but will use science to solve all and every of the Humanity’s problems: “(…) persons will not accept money as charity.” If Man were wise he would run to the House of Worship to thank God for his prosperity; however, Man will reason that science is behind his prosperity and not God, and the House of Worship will be empty, except for True Believers of many different sects. Many will worship the Scientist instead of God! God will punish Humanity for the refusal to serve Him (It) through prayer and belief by multitude of disasters. Afterward, Man will spread to other planets within the Solar System out of necessity, but the number of Man will be decreased so much that Man will be again a Gardener of these planets, and not a pest.

OPEN Appeal to Mr. Professor Zubrin: Too Little, Too Late, Too Slowly: Even Mr. Ben Stein, Esq., would not get exited![edit]

104 Years? Project Longshot? I will be dead! Why would I care? It could exite me, if let say 25 years from now (asuming that I will still be alive), the ship would deploy another Hubble Telescope--like telescope (even if scaled down) that 1.1 solar year from Earth and just outside of the Solar System would, in combination with another (full size) clone of the Huble Telescope, observe the same near star systems that may be occupied by life forms. It also could confirm the distance of some stars and look back at our Sun.

If we die today; no one will know; all the transmissions we have sent are stopped within the 1 solar year--long radius of the Solar Sytem.

The Golden Age of Progress[edit]

Muslim Agricultural Revolution The Muslims might have beaten back the Crusades, but the Crusaders did put the end to the Golden Age of Islam and the end of the Crusades marked the end of any possibility of unity amongst the Arabs or Muslims (not the same thing: not all Arabs are Muslims, not all Muslims are Arabs. In fact the largest Islamic country, Indonesia, is not Arabic, nor Semite at all, but Austronesian and Oriental). nota bene: Sufi is not a branch of Islam; it is a way of thinking about Islam, an order, but not a branch; it is similar to the original purpose of Hassidic Judaism; substitution of common orthodox hypocracy with mysticism: usually, however, in any religion, either mysticism takes over the religious reality or the return to the hypocracy occurs, or both.



If you want sham apologies, I can do it at any time.


Already given apologies: to a common man and a common woman at


I will give them to everyone and all when:


I am 84 and healthy; And (used as a logical operator):


I have three children (by the act of God: either born to me or binary cloning); seven grand kids; and 21 great grand kids; And (used as a logical operator):


Ph. D.

Directions of Travel[edit]


Stay in New Jersey (USA)[edit]

Seems that I will end up homeless, or at best stagnant

Go back to Poland and join Polish Nationalists[edit]

I would opt to cut off all foreign influence, except for trade, and promote influence by countries similar to Poland such as Sweden or Norway. Neither political influence from Russia, nor USA would be welcomed, and the German influence would have to limited to the necessary minimum. Minorities? Rights up to and above Europen Union standards, but no return to the Poland 1918-1939 when over two millions of the Polish citizens spoke Polish as a second language. My father was neutral, but was respected by some important moderate Polish nationalists.

Go to New Zealand and make certain that they do remember the Rainbow Warrior and do not follow Australia to Bejing[edit]

Regardless of everything because our cats have been poisoned, I will try to get political asylum in New Zealand (or, in the very worst, Australia), and will hope to board Singapore's airlines Boeing 777 on a one way trip as soon as possible.


I think, like my father to teach me (us) to think and reason better used the Polish game known as "3-5-8," some persons call it simplified bridge for three persons, I will try to dig myself out by ... becoming a bridge player. I am lloking for tournaments to both learn and to make books, score points, and gain recognition--it will be hard, but should be well worth it!

Półtorak (Mead)[edit]

Incomplete List of the Polish Armed Forces' Chaplains during World War Two[edit]


Ali Ismail Woronowicz: the Chief Imam of the Polish Army before World War Two


Boruch Steinberg: the 1st Rabbi of the Polish Army before and during World War Two


Adam Studziński: the highly decorated Polish Roman—Catholic Chaplain of the Polish Army during World War Two

Eastern Orthodox:[edit]


I would welcome names of Polish Army’s chaplains, most especially, Eastern Orthodox

My Religious Views:[edit]

Non -- Activist Explanations:
I am not writing this to make anyone happy – these are my views, but to great extent they are based on the views of the peoples of the former Polish—Lithuanian (Ruthenia) Commonwealth (Empire).
1. Original aim of Hassidic Judaism-> exchange Orthodox hypocrisy for Sufi—like mysticism.
2. When you speak of Talmud as the most holy book of Judaism, you must think about use to the point of abuse, by some, of the Hadith.
3. Both are true: -1) Ali was to be the 1st governor and the greatest governor ever, but not an imam; -2) Abu Bakr was to remain the vice—governor and become the 1st greatest imam; You must read to understand why the secular government must take care of the politics, and the religion must be present, but, in the matter of politics, secondary to the secular government (Machiavelli, Nietzsche etc.—if the politicians learned how to follow Nietzsche more and less Machiavelli this Earth would be a significantly nice place to live and do not give me the cr&* about Christian or even Islamic or Jewish or any other values in the politics; even today “The Prince” runs the show).
4. Allah means “the god” in Arabic (and in non-governmental environment, the Arabic is preferred in liturgy); Elli in Hebrew means “god” and Ellohim means “gods.” Why “the” and why masculine? “The” is incorporated into the word so it cannot be doubled or pluralized. Masculine serve also as neuter in the Semitic languages such as Arabic. “He” can stand for “It,” and in English “He” is used because “It” would be disrespectful, and because in all three main Abrahamic religions man and woman are equal, but the man is given the position of leadership.
5. Prayer Beads – not an official implement in Islam. Why not? To prevent adoration.
6. The most ridiculous accusation against the Roman Catholics is that they do not base their religion exclusively on the Bible – this is not even an accusation, it is just an observation. If any non—Catholic ever opened Catechism of the Catholic Church, he or she would learn that Roman Catholicism is based on three sources: literary understanding of the Bible; non—literary understanding of the Bible; and the Roman Catholic Church’s tradition (in some cases, not even most of it, legends – main reason why the saints get recycled every hundred years or so).
7. Best rendering of Al Qur’an into English? Yusuf Ali; not because he necessarily got every detail right, but because he was the only one, as far as I know, with pure intentions: to provide English—language reader with the very 1st on Earth unbiased rendering of the Al Qur’an. After him, most renderings into English have been motivated by Activism 7 A: The least of concerns here are The Party of Ali and the Party of Umar. Umar was a great man and a sincere beliver, but he has never abandoned the pre—Islamic system, and he did try to bring it back (in my opinion, he achieved some success). His attempt of intorducing law from Torah that prescribes death to the man and woman guilty of adultry was beaten back, and Al Quran was writen only after his death; but it did become a part of Hadith. <> The law is clearly a lie because the Al Quran does prescribe maximum penalties and it forbids any excess. If any punitive law is in excess of Al Quran it must be a lie. This is as simple as “2+2=4.” <> 7 B: Hadifism: trying to render Al Quran in such a way that it supports Hadith. <> 7 C: The Progressive: well meant, but misguided attempt at making Al Quran liberal and progressive.
Sincerely, Robert Kolakowski Son of Stanislaw son of Jozef Born out of Eugenia nee Zielinska Elizabeth, NJ, 07202

VVV: THE END :)[edit]

_*_*_*_--Legally, all Polish szlachta or nobility was equal untill the May 3rd Constitution of 1791 when while keeping their rights, the landless nobility lost the right to vote (to prevent Magnates from buying their votes)--too little too late! The Poland--Lithuania was both an empire and a noble republic with electable monarchs in a very indirect process involving every noble.

24: Battle of Kock:[edit]

The Battle of Kock was named, by the journalists, the Battle of Wola Gulowska. However, Wola Gulowska was not crucial to either the Polish commander's plans, nor to the German commander's plans. The German commander was trying to encircle the Poles using mobile fire power of his mechanized division, the Polish commander, trying to get to the ammo depot in nearby Stawy, and, later, to start underground warfare in the Holy Cross Mountains, Gory Swietokrzyskie, was changing the line of engagement to prevent encirclement, and to counterattack using his artillery. The Polish unit was a Corp--sized, and in spite of loss of all the tankttes and armored cars in the previous fighting, had an advantage in the anti-tank artillery and in the man power. Mr. General Kutrzeba was rushing to destroy the German division before more German troops arrived. However, depletion of ammo, forced him to surrender after achieving success in battle... The biggest danger to the Poles, in the case of even temporary encirclement by a thin ring of the enemy troops, was saturation bombing. Both Polish soldiers in 1939 and the German in 1944 reported that when they were encircled, the enemy bombers did not have to aim because their bombs were always hitting something or someone

  1. ^ as to the Polish--language--wikipedia author's hypothesis that Polish word "Murzyn" originates from Latin through German, all I have to say is "Gdzie Rzym, a Gzdie Krym?" The only real--life opportunity to see black people, the peoples of the Polish--Lithuanian Comonwealth had was while fighting against or traveling to the Ottoman Empire; moreover, it is likely that from the Polish perspective, in between the 15th and 18th century (before Kosciuszko, Pulaski, and "the Polish Lady's" trip from the Free City of Kraków to the USA, Baltimore, and her report that in the Country of the Free only black slaves perform any real work, Poles had very little contact with black Africans) every non--white person was just black; even the Lipka Tatars could have been perceived as 'black.' (nota bene: "black" is politically correct term for all non--whites in South Africa). Moreover, because of its contribution to the insithing of the Ukrainian Revolution, the Roman Ctaholic Church was in low esteem amongst the Polish intellectuals during the 18th century, to the point that a poem depicting drunkedness and bar--like browl amongst the Polish Roman Catholic monks was written and published. Only during the partitions did the R.C. Church gain appreciation in the eyes of the intellectuals.
  2. ^ My proper name if Nietzsche's way is added: Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw son of Jozef; out of Eugenia Kolakowska nee Zielinska
    nota bene: "ski vs ska"
    REMEMBER: Everything is God's Will, but it is your wife's body! She does deserve thanks for giving birth to the child; although, in the end all thanks are due to God and God alone.
    Wrong in abortion:
    I: up to 18 days: minimal, but wrong: RU--pill O.K. (at worst as wrong as removing someones's finger nail against their will and against medical need); Abortion is OK, but wrong
    II: 19 days to 2 months: any where in between going against God's Will and killing of a human being; Abortion? -- a question mark.
    III: 3 months to 9 months: killing of a human being unless the early birth is induced to save mother's life and a sincere attempt at saving the life of the unborn is made vs. deliberate murder in the so-called Late--term Abortion; Abortion is a murder with exceptions.
    IV: Abortion cannot be left as a decision to politicians: they do lead this American nation in cheating, telling mistruths, and stealing: their behavio(u)r is not amoral (like sometimes Nietzsche might in his books), but anti--moral (worse than Machiavellian). Likes of them should not have a say in the matters of morality and human lives.
    I CALL FOR A NATIONAL REFERENDUM To establish law based on the above principals: do you know that US Women Sex Slaves have fallen victims to a forced so--called Late--Term Abortion, yet persons such as Mrs Clinton support it because they are slaves to their ideologies -- do people like her even have a soul (in Christian meaning of the word; once again, I am not Christian)?