Venues of the 1904 Summer Olympics

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For the 1904 Summer Olympics in St. Louis, Missouri in the United States, a total of five sports venues were used. The venues included the first golf course constructed west of the Mississippi River. Three of the sports venues were on the site for the Louisiana Purchase Exposition which was being held concurrently with the Olympics.


Venue Sports Capacity Ref.
Creve Coeur Lake Rowing Not listed. [1]
Francis Field Archery, Athletics, Cycling, Football, Gymnastics, Lacrosse, Roque, Tennis, Tug of war, Weightlifting, and Wrestling 19,000 [2]
Francis Gymnasium Boxing, Fencing. Not listed. [3]
Forest Park Diving, Swimming, Water Polo Not listed. [4]
Glen Echo Country Club Golf Not listed. [5]

Historical importance[edit]

Glen Echo Country Club became the first golf course west of the Mississippi River when it opened in 1901.[5] It is still in use as of 2010.[5] Forest Park was where the Louisiana Purchase Exhibition took place, and it hosted the diving, swimming, and water polo events on the Life Saving Exhibition Lake.[6][7][8] During the water polo events, several of the cattle near the lake on the Fair site used for agricultural exhibition wandered into the lake opposite of the swimming and water polo events.[8] Four of the water polo players who competed at the 1904 Games would die of typhus by the middle of 1905 because of the cattle that wandered into the lake.[8]

After the Olympics[edit]

Creve Coeur Lake became the first park of St. Louis County in 1945.[9] The Lake has hosted rowing regattas since 1882 and still hosts them as of 2010.[10][11] Francis Field and Gymnasium are still in use on the Washington University in St. Louis campus as of 2010.[12][13] An ornamental gate commemorating the 1904 Games was constructed outside of the stadium immediately after the Exposition.[12] A swimming pool was added to the gymnasium in 1985.[13] Forest Park, constructed in 1876, is still in use as of 2010 and attracts over 12 million visitors annually.[14] Glen Echo Country Club remains in use as a golf course today as of 2010.[5]


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