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Wikipedians from Delhi/NCR area are meeting on 21 October, 2012 to discuss, share experiences, reach out and advocate for Wikipedia and Wikimedia. This meetup will have an editing session and we will discuss how Delhi related articles can be improved.

Centre of Internet and Society, Delhi Office location, Click on the above picture to see enlarged picture

Date and Venue[edit]

Date: : Sunday, 2012 October 21 3:00 PM IST

Centre for Internet and Society Top Floor, G-15
Behind Hauz Khas G-Block Market (NOT Main Hauz Khas Market)
New Delhi - 110016

Landmark: Behind Hauz Khas G-Block Market. Just off Aurobindo Marg; Walkable distance from Hauz Kauz Metro station
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Intended Audience[edit]

The Meetup is open to anyone interested (editor, reader, or any one curious about it) in Wikipedia of any language is welcome. All are welcome, and we are especially interested in seeing newcomers to join the experienced Wikipedians/Wikimedians. If you are interested in coming, please add your name below.



  1. Subha (talk)

Signed up[edit]

Add your name as " # ~~~ " if you have a username or else add " # Name”

  1. Anshul Kumar Pandey
  2. Manas Mahodaya


This list contains names of the wikipedians who have no issues of sharing their usernames publicly, Names of other participants are not shared because of privacy concerns.

Announcements/Event Notices[edit]



Please sign up and write your ideas in the facebook event page.

Media coverage[edit]

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