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The Wikipedia Chennai meetup is a regular get-together of wikipedians (contributors and users) to meet up, discuss, share experiences, reach out and advocate for wikipedia and wikimedia.

The meetups are intended to be structured as follows —Introductions, a few focused talks by Wikipedians to share experience / expertise followed by demos and open discussions on topics of common interest.

Pre-Meeting discussions can be on the talk page please.

Date and Venue[edit]

Date: : Sunday, 14-November-2010 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM IST

  • PS: WikiMarathon starts at 10 AM and Wikimeetup /talks starts at 2 PM.

Please feel free to join any time(If you dont want to wiki run in marathon,please come at 2 pm.
ThoughtWorks Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd. view map
RR Tower 5
Level 2, Rishabh Info Park
33 A Developed Plots
Thiru Vi Ka Industrial Estate
Ekkatuthangal, Guindy
Chennai - 600 032, India

Intended Audience[edit]

Anyone interested in Wikipedia (user, contributor or curious about it). Wikipedians from any part of India or the world and anyone who is interested in Wikipedia! Meetup is open to members of all Wikimedia projects and Wikipedians from all languages. All are welcome, and we are especially interested in seeing newcomers to join the experienced Wikipedians/Wikimedians. If you are interested in coming, please add your name below.

Getting there[edit]

  • By Road:
    • Reach Kathipara Junction, Guindy and proceed towards Vadapalani direction. Take the first left on the junction of Olympia Tech Park and Inner ring road and travel straight to see a HCL office, take a left just before that and proceed straight. Thoughtworks is at the dead end of the road.


  • Meet and connect: Introductions by Wikipedians.
  • Talks (Starts at 2 pm)
    • Introduction to Wikipedia -- Srikanth
    • Introduction to Tamil Wikipedia / Wiki projects -- Mahir
  • Activity
    • Wiki Marathon (Starts at 10 am, continues at 3:30 pm). The aim of Wiki-Marathon is to do something hands-on instead of just talking / listening. WikiMarathon will attempt to bring back old time editors to spend solid time contributing as well as helping new editors understand more about how to contribute while doing it. More details Wikipedia:Meetup/India/Marathon1. Come with a laptop, help others by bringing any extra ones you have :)
  • Discussions
    • Lightening Talks / Discussions (Open forum)
  • Networking
  • PS: WikiMarathon starts at 10 AM till 2 and continues after the talks. Please feel free to join any time(If you dont want to wiki run in marathon,please come at 2 pm.


To add your name, click "edit" on the right side. Then add your name and click "save page" button below the edit box. You are also welcome to attend the event without registering your name here.

Wikipedia WikimeetupChennai2 14Nov2010 0963.jpg
Wikipedia WikimeetupChennai2 14Nov2010 0968.jpg
Wikipedia WikimeetupChennai2 14Nov2010 0981.jpg
Wikipedia WikimeetupChennai2 14Nov2010 0972.jpg
Wikipedia WikimeetupChennai2 14Nov2010 0965.jpg
Wikipedia WikimeetupChennai2 14Nov2010 0999.jpg


  1. Tinu Cherian
  2. Srikanth
  3. Shiju Alex
  4. Magician Philip
  5. Shivasubramanian (talk)
  6. Ravishankar
  7. Muhammad Ismail .H
  8. Sengai Padhuvan
  9. Rahul Gupta
  10. Robin
  11. Shiv Deepak
  12. Surya Prakash S
  13. Mohammed Mahir
  14. Sujitha Natarajan
  15. R Asish Gaur
  16. T Sakthivel
  17. Prateek
  18. Sathish
  19. S R Reddy
  20. Paa Krishnan
  21. M S Sree Pratheey
  22. Tushar Kumar
  23. K Karthikeyan
  24. Ranjithkumar S
  25. A Hariharan
  26. Vasanth Govind
  27. உதயகுமார் ஸ்ரீ
  28. J Jayamani
  29. C Sudharshan
  30. P Praveen kumar
  31. மணியன்
  32. Arun Prasad
  33. Rahul Gupta
  34. Robin Garg
  35. Sengai Podhuvan (talk)
  36. Surya Prakash S
  37. Sasirekha R
  38. Pradeep Kumar S
  39. J Kishore kumar
  40. K. Balasubramaniyan
  41. Shrinath Sundaram
  42. Sandeep Varma

Signed up[edit]

  1. Tinu Cherian - 05:59, 20 October 2010 (UTC)
  2. பாஸ்கர், கீற்று.காம், (
  3. D Dinesh
  4. SathishKumar Kandasamy, Cognizant
  5. Praveen Kumar, PraveenTech Research Labs.
  6. Srikanth (Logic)
  7. Sengai Podhuvan (talk)
  8. Prof Viswanathan,Director, International Socio-Economic Research Bureau, Author: Democrism-The Third Theory or How to Solve From Poverty to Nuclear War
  9. Mahir
  10. rsjeyakumar
  11. SujithaNatarajan
  12. SaravananMuthusamy
  13. Surya Prakash.S.A.
  14. Samyuktha PC - Editor, Chai Kadai
  15. Arjun Raj, Researcher, Juna Webverse Pvt LTD
  16. மணியன்
  17. Shrinath Sundaram
  18. Ajay Chandran
  19. Salvadesswaran Srinivasan (@salvachn)
  20. SaravananMuthusamy
  21. Sridharan M
  22. PradeepKumar S
  23. Rahul Menon
  24. Ravishankar
  25. Siva Prakash.SK
  27. Balakumar Muthu
  28. Asish Gaur
  29. யுவராஜ் (தமிழன் தொலைக்காட்சி)
  30. Kevin Willie david
  31. Magesh
  32. Waseem Muhammed Khan
  33. Balamurugan Balusamy(VIT University)
  34. Sundaram. D (Precision Techconet)
  35. J Kishore Kumar (talk) 08:13, 5 November 2010 (UTC)
  36. Subba Reddy
  37. Uday Reddy
  38. -- PlaneMad|YakYak 05:46, 6 November 2010 (UTC)
  39. Gopalakrishnan Indian Bank Chennai
  40. ḆḦḀṝẳṰḦ ḾẳḺầḬṼầỈẙẚṼμṜ (TCS)
  41. Raj_Chennai
  42. s r reddy
  43. Ashwin I R
  44. Shiv Deepak
  45. Magician Philip
  46. Santhosh Kumar.K.B
  47. Naveen Jain
  48. Hariharan
  49. K.Saravanakumar
  50. Shivasubramanian (talk) 10:01, 12 November 2010 (UTC)
  51. Tushar Kumar
  52. Sakthivel
  53. பா. கிருஷ்ணன், விக்கி ஆர்வலர்
  54. உதயகுமார் ஸ்ரீ
  55. Shiju Alex
  56. [User:A.arvind.arasu|Arvind]] Arasu - 21 October 2010 (UTC)
  57. Sooraj Radhakrishnan-11:34, 21 October 2010 (UTC)
  58. Prabhuram Ramachandran - 14:11, 28 October 2010 (UTC)
  59. karthik selvanBold text
  60. A J KARTHIK Bold text
  63. pandbar
  64. A Sarang(@sarangAB)
  66. Gokul Subramanian
  67. [Mohanprabu]
  68. Shrinivas D.
  69. Hari
  70. parithimathi
  71. muthuraman
  72. shwetha srinivasan
  73. rahul gupta (vel tech university)
  74. Thamizhanambi
  75. Jeyaraj Sundaram
  76. பயனர்:மெய்கண்டான்
  77. Prateek Karandikar
  78. Ashok Prabhakaran
  79. Muhammed Riyas


  1. Ungal Vettu Pillai (talk) 13:40, 21 October 2010 (UTC)
  2. Raj 6644(தமிழன்) 04:10, 22 October 2010 (UTC)
  3. Wasifwasif (talk) 02:14, 23 October 2010 (UTC)
  4. karthik.globalsoul (talk) - can't make it this year guys!! But have lots of ideas - including the wikipedia quiz that I discussed with Kiruba sometime ago


  1. wishes for all success.--சஞ்சீவி சிவகுமார் (talk) 06:04, 1 November 2010 (UTC) from Sri Lanka.
  2. thank you for your meetup in chennai. I hope it will help for chennai wikipedians.kho Paramasivan.
  3. There is no wrong time to do the right thing...Best wishes... And hope it will be a successful one. Vencelin Gino. V
  4. Unable to attend due to other commitments. Best Wishes  Doctor Bruno  06:40, 12 November 2010 (UTC)
  5. Wishes for innovative thinking to gathering the people - saravanan P.G Hosur


  1. Times of India
  2. Tamil Paper
  3. Deccan Chronicle

Announcements/Event Notices[edit]

Please list external links announcing the meet-up here.

Post-meetup summary/Blogs/News[edit]


  • 10 wikipedians assembled around 10 AM at the venue. User:Ravidreams gave a brief intro about Wiki Marathon and participants with laptop started on marathon. Many newbies turned up in the morning itself. There were around 20 participants for the Wikimarathon.
  • By 1 PM participants broke for lunch and the post lunch session started by 2:30 PM with a round of introductions
  • User:Logicwiki gave an Introductory presentation about Wikipedia and ways to contribute Presentation here
  • User:Mahir gave a Introduction about Tamil wikipedia, wiktionary, wikinews in detail.
  • User:Ravidreams announced the landmark achievement of Tamil wikitionary being the 9th largest wikitionary
  • Had a lively Q & A session on various topics from Contributing to Indic wikipedias,Tamil input schemes,Copyrights,Vandalism,Credibility of information etc.
  • User:Shijualex gave a small talk about Malayalam wiki community activities.
  • User:Sengai Podhuvan, a retired Tamil professor spoke few minutes about his activities in wiki world.
  • The Wikimeetup was attended by around 45 participants.


Media coverage[edit]

Please list coverage of this event by media here.


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