Woodlands Ring Secondary School

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Woodlands Ring Secondary School
Sekolah Menengah Woodlands Ring
WRSS sch08 1.JPG
10 Woodlands Ring Rd
Singapore 738239

Woodlands, Singapore
Type Government
Motto Work hard and smart, Rise to every challenge, Serve the school and community
Established 1998
Session Single Session
School code 3604
Principal Mrs Ng Siew Bee
Enrolment Approx. 1,400

Woodlands Ring Secondary School (WRSS) is a government secondary school in Woodlands New Town, Singapore. The school is a designated a niche school for robotics enterprise.[1]


Woodlands Ring Secondary School in 2007.

In its early years it temporarily housed Woodlands Ring Primary School(1998), Sembawang Secondary School(1999), Evergreen Primary School(1999) and Orchid Park Secondary School(1999). On 28 July 2000, the permanent school compound was opened by then MP of Sembawang GRC (Woodlands) Assoc Professor Chin Tet Yung.

On 29 March 2008 the school celebrated its 10th anniversary at the Republic Cultural Centre Theatre, Republic Polytechnic. The performance was entitled "An evening with WRS Stars 'A Better Tomorrow'".

On 21 April 2012 the school produced its largest event up to date, the public performance at NUS Cultural Centre. The event was themed "Making Waves Tomorrow" with theme song "Make A Wave" by Demi Lovato and Joe Jona. The performance attracted alumni of the school. The performers took more than 5 months to prepare for this public performance.

In late-2016, the school put up a public performance at Republic Cultural Centre Theatre where students are able to showcase their talent and CCA are also able to put up their own performance for the public.


Name of Principal Years in Service
Mr. Tng Hia Seng 1998-1999
Ms. Cheah Poh Lian 1999-2006
Mrs. Kok Chwee Kee 2007-2015
Mrs. Ng Siew Bee 2016–Present

School Identity[edit]

School Crest[edit]

School gate of Woodlands Ring Secondary School in 2009

The school crest forms the initials Woodlands Ring Secondary School, WRSS. It signifies the protection of the spirit of growth, strength and endless search for knowledge for a brighter future.

  • W in the shape of a pair of hands signifies the firm and warm support for growth and develops the potential of every pupil.
  • R represented by the ring encompassing the 5 pointed stars symbolizes a bright, balanced and wholesome person nurtured in a continuous warm and caring environment. Each point of the star represents a dimension of growth, the cognitive, physical, social, moral and aesthetic domains.
  • The double SS forms the icon of the flame of knowledge, which illuminates the path of the rising star to carry on the firm traditions of our pioneering spirit.
  • RED is the colour of dynamism and strength, the passion to rise and succeed.
  • GREEN is the colour of growth and development.
  • GOLDEN YELLOW like the rays of the sun, radiates hope, wisdom and warmth.

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)[edit]

The Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) offered by Woodlands Ring Secondary School is listed below.


  • Badminton (Boys)
  • Basketball (Boys)
  • Hockey (Boys)
  • Netball (Girls)
  • Softball (Boys)
  • Volleyball (Girls)

Performing Arts

  • Chinese Dance
  • Choir
  • English Drama Club
  • Gu Zheng Ensemble
  • Malay Dance
  • Modern Dance
  • Symphonic Band

Clubs & Societies

  • AV/PA & Photography Club (AVA)
  • Media Resource Library (MRL)
  • Robotics Club (ACE)
  • Robotics Club (Lego/Tetrix)
  • Robotics Club (RoboGP/Arduino)
  • Robotics Club (VEX)

Uniform Groups

Awards and Achievements[edit]

Year Competition Award
2016 First Lego League Champion (Mechanical Design)
World Robot Games Champion (IBEAM Line Tracing)
Marine Offshore Challenge Champion (Fastest Water Craft Challenge)
AeroChallenge 1st Runner-up

2nd Runner-up

2013 National Software Competition Champion (E-Book Competition)
ITE Skills Competition 1st and 2nd Runners–up (Waste to Craft with Technology Competition)
Champion and 1st Runner–up (Robotics Challenge)
Champion (Mobile Robot Race)
Champion and 1st Runner–up (“I am an Electronic Genius” Quiz Competition)
Champion and 1st Runner–up (Automatronics Challenge)
1st Runner–up (Web Design Competition)
1st Runner–up (Water Craft Design and Race Competition)
2012 Interschool Picomouse Competition Champion (Secondary School Category)
DSTA - DSO Robotics Challenge Silver Medal & Bronze Medal (Exploration)
Bronze Medal (Autonomous)
Gold Medal (Most Efficient Robot)
Singapore VEX Robotics Championships 1st Runner-up (1 team), 2nd Runners-up (2 teams) and 2nd Runner-up (1 team, Programming Skill Challenge)
World RoboCup @ Mexico City Award (Best Entertainment Value)
4th Place (Robot Soccer)
Singapore Junior Water Prize 2nd Prize (Finals)
Gold Award (Poster Competition)
National Junior Solar Sprint Champion (Fastest Car)
Singapore Robotics Games Champion (Picomouse)
RoboCup Junior Singapore Open Champion (RoboCup Junior Dance)
2nd and 3rd Runners-up (Soccer A)
2nd and 3rd Runners-up (Soccer B)
Interschool Robotics Challenge Champion (Line Tracing)
Champion (Obstacle Avoidance)
1st & 2nd Runners-up (Creative Challenge)
2011 RoboCup Singapore Open Champion (Co-Space Dance Cat)
East Zone DSTA-DSO Robotics Challenge Bronze Medal (Exploration)
Silver Medal (Autonomous)
Gold Medal (Best Mechanical Construction)
Gold Medal (Most Efficient Robot)
National Junior Solar Sprint Champion (Fastest Car)
Singapore Robo Grand Prix Champion & 1st Runner-up (Premier League)
Champion (Open Category)
Champion & 1st Runner-up (RoboOne)
2 Awards (Best Decorated Robot)
Interschool Robotics Challenge Champion & 1st Runner-up (Line Tracing Challenge, Secondary School Category)
Singapore Robotics Games 1st Runner-up (Micromouse, Secondary School Category)
2010 Asia Pacific VEX Challenge 2nd Runner-up (Vex Challenge)
2nd Runner-up (Skills Challenge)
Singapore Interschool Micromouse Competition Champion (Micromouse Race, Secondary School Category)
2nd Runner-up (Maze Solving, Secondary School Category)
1st Runner-up (Micromouse Race, Open Category)
2nd Runner-up (Maze Solving, Open Category)
NYP Engineering and Technology Challenge Champion and Most Innovative Design Award (Hybrid Boat)
1st Runner-up (Underwater Vehicle)
1st Runner-up (Parachute)
2nd Runner-up (The Snakey)
DSTA - DSO Robotics Challenge Champion and 2nd Runner-up
Singapore International Water Festival 2nd and 3rd Runners-up (Solar Boat Competition)
World RoboCup Champion (Robot Soccer, Open Category A)
Underwater Robotic Olympiad Champion
Singapore Robo Grand Prix Champion
2009 Singapore RoboOne Champion and 1st runner-up
Singapore Inter-School Micromouse Competition Champion (Open Category Division 2 Maze Solving)
Champion & 1st Runner-up (Open Category Division 2 Race)
Champion (Secondary Schools Division 1 Maze Solving)
1st Runner-up (Secondary Schools Division 1 Race)
National Junior Solar Sprint Champion (Fastest Car)
Singapore Robo Grand Prix Champion (Secondary School Category F1 Masters Premier League)
Champion (Secondary School Open Category F1 Masters)
Champion (Schools R1)
Singapore Robotics Games Overall Champion (Micromouse Competition Secondary School)
2008 RoboCup Junior Singapore Open Champion (Robot Soccer League)
Champion (Technical Challenge)
Singapore Robotics Games Champion (Micromouse Competition, Secondary School)
2nd Runner–up (School’s Robotics Competition)
National Mobile Robot Competition Champion & 2nd Runner–up (Secondary School Category)
ITEC Robotics Challenge Champion & 1st Runner–up (Micromouse Competition Division 1)
Champion (Sumo Robot)
Champion & 1st Runner–up (Robot Soccer)
Singapore Robo Grand Prix Champion & 1st Runner–up (Premier League, Secondary School Category)
Champion & Merit (Temasek Polytechnic Challenge)
Award (Best Decorated Robot)
Aero Competition Champion (Flight Acrobatic Simulation Test)
Champion (Overall)
Clean and Green Competition 1st Runner–up (Secondary School Category)
2006 Singapore Robo-Grand Prix Champion (Secondary and Temasek Category)
Award (Best Decorated Robot)
National Mobile Robot Competition Champion (Secondary Category)
Innovation Award (Robot Design)
iTechOne Robocode Competition Champion (Micromouse)
Champion (Robot Soccer)
National Solar Sprint Car Competition Champion
Singapore Robotics Games Micromouse Competition Champion (Secondary School Category)
Award (Most Innovative and Creative Design)
Singapore Youth Festival (Guzheng) 7 Gold Awards
2005 AJC 11th Elementz Conference & Exhibition Gold Award (Environmentally Friendly)

Notable Alumni[edit]

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