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Azeezia Medical College, Kollam
Azeezia Medical College.jpg
Motto Ensure quality service with ultra modern facilities at a very affordable rates as compared to all other healthcare institutions in the district.
Established 2008
Type Self Financing college
Budget Rs.250 crores
Chairman Shri. M. Abdul Azeez
Principal Dr.Sujathan
Location Meeyannoor, Kollam, Kerala, India
8°53′23.96″N 76°44′12.24″E / 8.8899889°N 76.7367333°E / 8.8899889; 76.7367333Coordinates: 8°53′23.96″N 76°44′12.24″E / 8.8899889°N 76.7367333°E / 8.8899889; 76.7367333
Campus 50 acres
Registration Indian Medical Council
Nickname AIMS
Affiliations University of Kerala, Kerala University of Health and Allied Sciences
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Azeezia Medical College , Kollam was established in 2008 managed and run under the guidance of Podikunju Musaliar Memorial Charitable and Educational Trust and is a part of Azeezia Group of Educational Institutions. The Medical College is affiliated to Kerala University and is permitted by Medical Council of India (MCI) to offer high standards of education in medicine and nursing at the undergraduate level. Azeezia Medical College is also known as Azeezia Institute of Medical Sciences and Research. [1]

The Medical College's main Objective is to nurture the skills of patient management and communication. The Medical College inculcates the concept of their concern for society considering the fact that life expectancy of nearly thirty years separates those in the richest countries from those in the poorest. To cure sometimes, to relieve often but to comfort always that is what a physician can do. The Medical College will provide a congenial atmosphere for the students for the development of curricular and extracurricular activities. [2]


It is an educational initiative by Podikunju musaliar memorial charitable Trust that provides the finest health care education and strives to improve the health and wellbeing of the rural community-Azeezia Group of Institutions has always emphasized the attainment of clinical excellence in its educational programs and encourages students and faculty to commit themselves to lifelong intellectual pursuits.Starting from a modest beginning at Chandanathoppe, near Kollam town, Janab PodikunjuMusaliar was an embodiment of pristine values, especially commitment to social service. It was left to his worthy son Shri. M. Abdul Azeez, a prominent figure in the Indian cashew industry, who has made remarkable contributions in the fields of industry and business Internationally, to give concrete shape to his ideals by founding the Podikunju Musaliar Memorial Charitable and Educational Trust.


Azeezia group of Medical Educational Institutions is located in a setting of scenic beauty at Meeyannoor village, 18 km from Kollam city. The sprawling campus has an area of 50 acres and combined investment of Rs.250 crores. The panoramic view from the campus embraces hills and paddy fields, coconut groves and rubber plantations, typical of Kerala- Gods Own Country. The refreshing and re-vitalising ambience is conducive to learning recuperation.

Azeezia Institute of Medical Science and Research




General Medicine

  • Professor: Dr.Ashok Philip Oommen
  • Professor: Dr.K.Sreekanthan
  • Associate Professor: Dr.Jojo Joseph Antony
  • Assistant Professor: Dr.Deepak Sethumadhavan
  • Assistant Professor: Dr.Anoop.R.Prasad
  • Senior Resident: Dr.Cheriyan Job

General Surgery

Azeezia scenic beauty
  • Professor and HOD: Prof. Dr.P.P.Nair.
  • Professor: Prof.Dr.Jayaraj
  • Professor: Prof.Dr.S.R.Rajagopal.
  • Associate Professor: Dr Manoj Gopal
  • Assistant Professor: Dr.Bright Singh
  • Assistant Professor: Dr.Jency Joy
  • Assistant Professor: Dr.Ajay A Khanolkhar
  • Assistant Professor: Dr.Justin Stephen.
  • Junior Resident: Dr.Rufus Sam Vargis.

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

  • Professor: Dr.K. Philomena Jhansi
  • Associate Professor: Dr.Asha Rani.S
  • Associate Professor: Dr.Ancy.T.Jacob
  • Assistant Professor: Dr.Jayaprakash.D
  • Antenatal Medical Officer cum Lecturer/Asst. Professor: Dr.Jane Mary


  • Professor: Dr.Sunderaj
  • Professor: Dr.A.Faziludeen
  • Assistant Professor: Dr.Vinod.V.S
  • Senior Resident: Dr.Binod.R

TB & Chest

  • Assistant Professor: Dr.Askar,

'Dermatology', Venereology & Leprosy

  • Associate Professor: Dr.Rathish.T.Pillai
  • Assistant Professor: Dr.Anu Balakrishnan


  • Professor: Dr K.S. Pillai
  • Associate Professor: Dr.Radhakrishnan.M.P


Azeezia college block
  • Professor: Dr.M.R Shobana
  • Assistant Professor: Dr.Princy Joseph
  • Senior Resident: Dr.Jamsin B
  • Senior Resident: Dr Arif


  • Professor: Dr.Mohammed Haneefa
  • Assistant Professor: Dr.Krishnamoorthy
  • Assistant Professor: Dr.Praveena.A.S
  • Assistant Professor: Dr.Vasantha


  • Professor: Dr.Viswanathan
  • Associate Professor: Dr.Bhaskara.M.N


  • Senior Resident: Dr.Ganga Devi.S
  • Senior Resident: Dr.Ushadevi.P.K


  • Professor: Dr.Vinu.C.George



  • Professor and HOD Lt.Col.Dr T Vijaysagar
  • Associate Professor: Dr.Prakash.K.G
  • Assistant Professor: Dr.Viveka.S
  • Non Medical Asst. Professor: Miss.Saniya
  • Non Medical Asst. Professor: Mrs.Sreevidya


Azeezia parking lot
  • Professor: Dr ALK
  • Associate Professor: Dr.Shyni Goerge
  • Non Medical Asst. Professor: Mrs. Kavitha Paul


  • Professor: Dr Subaida
  • Professor: Dr.Shankar Shashidhar
  • Professorr: Dr.Shivraj Shetty


  • Professor: Dr.V.P.Bhalla
  • Professor: Dr.Annabelle Rajaseharan
  • Assistant Professor: Dr.Sudha.M.J
  • Tutor: Dr Unni
  • Tutor: Dr Ashitha


  • Professor: Dr.A.Jaysree
  • Professor: Dr.Trupti Joshi
  • Associate Professor: Dr.Anitha.B
  • Assistant Professor: Dr.Letha.P
  • Tutor: Dr Gopalakrishnan


Dental college
  • Professor: Dr.Josy M Easow
  • Assistant Professor: Dr.Rajesh T Patil
  • Assistant Professor: Dr.Amit Ugargol,
  • Assistant Professor: Dr.Prasobh.k.k

Forensic Medicine

  • Professor: Dr.G.Sujathan
  • Assistant Professor: Dr. Mallika Arjun

Community Medicine

  • Professor: Dr.Vandana Ajay Khanolkar
  • Assistant Professor: Dr.Harshal R Kawanpure
  • Assistant Professor: Dr.Shilpa.K
  • Statistician cum Lecturer: Mrs.Jeffy Binu

Azeezia Medical College Hospital[edit]

Students of Azeezia Medical College

Azeezia Medical College Hospital is a 500 bed tertiary care teaching hospital with multi-speciality and super speciality disciplines of the ever expanding medical horizon. These departments are equipped with modern gadgets and state-of-the-art equipments having the cutting edge technology, to diagnose and treat patients with spectrum of diseases, starting from cold and fever to the conundrum of cancer. Day by day, newer facilities are being added on, to combat with complex diseases and an Excellent mix of Consultants and practising academicians to deal with all medical situations/emergencies.[4]


  • B4 NEXUS



Third MBBS

  • Pass Percentage:100%



First MBBS

  • Pass Percentage:85%
  • Distinction:10
  • First Class:33

Second MBBS

  • Pass Percentage:94%
  • Distinction:9
  • First Class:41

Third MBBS

  • Total Appeared:76
  • Pass Total:74
  • Pass Percentage:97.37%


First MBBS

  • Total Appeared:94
  • Pass Total:60
  • Pass Percentage:63.83%
  • Distinction:6
    • Sonia Raichal Thomas (Top scorer with 480 out of 600)
    • Nasla T K(468)
    • Ayshath Nashbana Nasrin B K(466)
    • Manulakshmi K P(459)
    • Silpa Raechel Joy(456)
    • Devika S Nair(452)

Second MBBS

  • Total Appeared:60
  • Pass Total:56
  • Pass Percentage:93.33%
  • Distinction:7
    • Sonia Raichal Thomas (Top scorer with 436 out of 550)
    • Sreejith T(431)
    • Beegum Ummu Hisham N S(423)
    • Ayshath Nashbana Nasrin B K(416)
    • Sudheena M S(416)
    • Nasla T K(415)
    • Devika S Nair(414)



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