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Bing Entertainment
Bing logo (2013).svg
Bing Entertainment.png
The Bing Entertainment homepage
Web address
Type of site Search engine
Owner Microsoft
Launched June 23, 2010; 4 years ago (2010-06-23)

Bing Entertainment is an entertainment search service and part of Microsoft's Bing search engine. The service enables users to search through music, movies, TV, games and video games. Bing Entertainment was officially released on the 23rd June 2010 alongside the addition of Bing's New User Interface.

The Music tab presents users with the most recent and popular albums at the time of viewing. It is possible to listen to tracks, view musician profiles, concerts and events, and purchase songs. This service is powered by Zune.

With Bing teaming up with various popular Internet Television sites it gives users over 1500 television shows; some trailers or some whole episodes.


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