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Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network logo.svg
Cartoon Network logo.

(as Cartoon Network Europe)
1 October 2013
(as an independent channel in Angola and Mozambique)

3 December 2013
(in Portugal)
Owned by Turner Broadcasting System Europe (Time Warner)
Picture format 16:9
Slogan CHECK it.
Country Portugal
Language Portuguese
Broadcast area Portugal
Headquarters Turner House,
Great Marlborough Street,
London, United Kingdom[1]
Sister channel(s) CNN International
NOS Channel 47
Meo Channel 47
NOS Channel 47
Cabovisão Channel 49
Meo Channel 47
Vodafone TV Channel 57

Cartoon Network, commonly abbreviated as CN, is a Portuguese cable television channel launched in December 3, 2013[2] and owned by Turner Broadcasting System Europe (a semi-autonomous unit of Time Warner).


The feed (Pan-European) received in Portugal, Angola and Mozambique was transmitted for a long time (from 1997 to the 3rd of December 2013), that is also received in countries that don't have their own version of the channel.

The European Portuguese version of the channel was launched on 1 October 2013 in Angola and Mozambique.[3]

From 3 December 2013, the channel was officially launched in Portugal on all cable operators, switching the Pan-European version (in English).[2] On the same day it was launched, the channel started transmitting now in the 16:9 image format.

When the Pan-European feed was still transmitted, the daily broadcast was of 15 hours (from 05:00 to 20:00) in Portugal. From that time, the channel was airing TCM[disambiguation needed]. Some cable TV operators preferred dividing the two channels into their own channel (some with a description of their opening and closing times). Shortly after the release of Portugal's version of the channel, TCM and Boomerang stopped being aired in Portugal.

Around February 2014, the channel started airing advertisements, but in March 2014, they stopped airing them for unknown reasons, returning in the mid of the month.

CN Portugal was also the first European CN to adopt the CHECK it 3.0 branding.


Current programming[edit]

Cartoon Network original programming
Year Series Notes
2013 Dexter's Laboratory (O Laboratório do Dexter) On air, reruns
2013 The Powerpuff Girls (As Powerpuff Girls) On air, reruns
2013 Ben 10 On air, reruns
2013 Ben 10: Alien Force On air, reruns
2013 Ben 10: Omniverse On air, new episodes
2013 Adventure Time (Hora de Aventuras) On air, new episodes
2013 The Amazing World of Gumball (O Incrível Mundo de Gumball) On air, new episodes
2014 The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (As Aventuras Assustadoras de Billy e Mandy) On air, reruns
2014 Mixels On air, new episodes
2014 Regular Show On air, new episodes
2014 Uncle Grandpa (Titio Avô) On air, new episodes
2014 Steven Universe On air, new episodes
Warner Bros. Animation and Hanna-Barbera original programming
Year Series Notes
2014 Tom and Jerry (Tom e Jerry) On air, reruns
Non-original programming
Year Series Notes
2013 Johnny Test (Jonathan Test) On air, new episodes
2013 The Garfield Show (Garfield) On air, reruns
2014 Dragons: Riders of Berk (Dragões: O Esquadrão de Berk) On air, new episodes
2014 Just Kidding On air, new episodes


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