Dunlop Sport (Australia)

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Dunlop Sport (Australia)
Industry Sports equipment
Founded 1924
Parent Pacific Brands

Dunlop Sport is a division of Pacific Brands of Australia.[1] The company is not connected to Sports Direct, which owns rights to the Dunlop brand outside Australia and New Zealand.[2]

Dunlop Australia first manufactured sandshoes in 1924.[3] In 1939 the company introduced the Dunlop Volley shoe, which is still manufactured.

Dunlop Australia acquired many other shoe businesses, including some in the US.[4] As a result the company introduced the Dunlop KT-26 running shoe, which originated in the US and is now sold mainly in Australia.

Dunlop Sport also produces tennis racquets and balls, squash equipment and golf clubs and balls.

Dunlop Sport was owned by Pacific Dunlop (which Dunlop Australia became) until 2001, when Pacific Brands was sold.

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