Harare Institute of Technology

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Harare Institute of Technology (HIT)
Motto Success Through Innovation
Established 1988
Type Public
Chancellor Robert Gabriel Mugabe
Vice-Chancellor Engineer Quinton C Kanhukamwe
Location Harare, Zimbabwe
Campus Urban
Website www.hit.ac.zw

Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) is a Zimbabwean university offering courses mainly in technology.


The Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) was established in 1988 as a National Vocational Training Centre (NVTC). Overtime, it evolved into a Technical College offering courses in automotive, electrical, and mechanical engineering, producing artisans capable of operating and maintaining machinery in industry with little or no research or generation of new technology related knowledge.

HIT conducts research, design, manufacture, develop, incubate, transfer, and commercialize technology for all sectors of the economy. Harare Institute of Technology produces highly qualified technical human capital that is creativity driven, project oriented, understand all stages of invention including idea generation and development and have the ability, stamina and courage to set up high-tech enterprises. HIT was granted degree awarding status in 2005 with the promulgation of the Harare Institute of Technology Act {Chapter 25:26}. Harare Institute of Technology is the hub of technology development and delivery of quality technology programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Programs offered are Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech)Honors Degrees which include: B.Tech Hons Computer Science B.Tech Hons Software Engineering Bachelor of Pharmacy Honours (B.Pharm) B.Tech Hons E-Commerce B.Tech Hons Financial Engineering; B.Tech Hons Chemical Process Systems Engineering; B.Tech Hons Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering; B.Tech Hons Electronic Engineering; B.Tech Hons Biotechnology; B.tech Hons Food Processing Technology B.Tech Hons Information Technology; B.Tech Hons Information Security and Assurance [1][citation needed] The University has the second School of Pharmacy after University of Zimbabwe.The Pharmacy programme at H.I.T is unique as it touches at the production and processing of drugs, as well as the clinical aspects of Pharmacy. The programme meets the WHO guidelines in the Health Sector The school of Pharmacy was established in 2011 after approval from the Ministry of Health and the Pharmacists Council of Zimbabwe (PCZ). The school Chairman of the School of Pharmacy currently is Professor Mazuru Gundidza, who is a renowned expert in the Pharmaceutical field and has over 32 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry.The mandate of the H.I.T School of Pharmacy is to produce highly qualified Pharmacists, who have expertise in the manufacturing and processing of drugs and also Clinical Aspects of Pharmacy, so as to help in the Health Sector of the Country.

Student Representative Council(SRC)[edit]


    President              Perence Kalulu 


    President                     Glen Dhliwayo  
    Vice President                Washington G.M. Chaduka
    Secretary General             Nigel Babvu
    Secretary for legal affairs   Effort Torevasei


    President              Tafara Zimbizi  
    Vice President         Keith Baira
    Secretary General      Edson Zivanai 


    President              Nigel Babvu  
    Vice President         Valerie Chidhakwa 
    Secretary General      Pride Kufakwedeke