Hefei University of Technology

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Hefei University of Technology(HFUT)
Motto 厚德、笃学、崇实、尚新
Established 1945
Type Public
President Xu Congwei
Admin. staff 3,768
Location Hefei, Anhui, People's Republic of China
Campus Urban, 3 Campus
Website hfut.edu.cn

Hefei University of Technology (simplified Chinese: 合肥工业大学; traditional Chinese: 合肥工業大學; pinyin: Hefei Gōngyè Dàxué), formerly translated as Hefei Polytechnic University, is a major university in China, with particular strength in engineering. The university is a member of Project 211 and is affiliated to the National Ministry of Education. It is located in Hefei, the capital of the Anhui Province.


Hefei University of Technology was founded in 1945, and was authorized as one of the key universities of China in 1960. Its name was handwritten by Deng Xiaoping, the former president of China. The school was once affiliated to the Ministry of Mechanical Engineering of the Chinese government, so it was provided with strong mechanical subjects. Also, the university has strong potential in microelectronic engineering thanks to heavy investment and adequate donations to the department in recent years. The present goal of its development is "building a school specialized in engineering field and overall development as well".


Now the University has 17 schools and departments, 46 research institutes and several key disciplinary areas. It also has provided a unique plan - the Changjiang Scholars Award Program to invite those famous professors at home and abroad to work here. There are five centers for post-doctoral studies. The University is authorized to confer doctorates in 32 disciplines, master's degrees in 93 disciplines and bachelor's degrees in 63 disciplines.


HFUT was first located in Huainan, named as Huainan Mining College. In 1958 the university was moved to Hefei on Tunxin Road, its current location of the South Campus.

In 1995, Anhui Engineering College was merged into HFUT, becoming its North Campus. The third Campus, Feicuihu (Jade Lake) Campus or West Campus located at suburban area of Hefei, was developed in 2001.






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