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Kherson Oblast
Херсонська область
Khersons’ka oblast’
Flag of Kherson Oblast
Coat of arms of Kherson Oblast
Coat of arms
Nickname(s): Херсонщина (Khersonshchyna)
Kherson in Ukraine (claims hatched).svg
Country  Ukraine
Administrative center Kherson
 • Governor Andriy Putilov[1] (UDAR[1])
 • Chairperson Peluh Viktor Grugorovuch (Party of Regions)
 • Total 28,461 km2 (10,989 sq mi)
Population (2012)
 • Total 1,083,367
 • Rank Ranked 22nd
 • Density 38/km2 (99/sq mi)
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Area code +380-55
ISO 3166 code UA-65
Raions 18
Cities (total)
— Regional cities
Urban-type settlements 30
Villages 658
FIPS 10-4 UP08

Kherson Oblast (Ukrainian: Херсонська область, translit. Khersons’ka oblast’; also referred to as KhersonshchynaUkrainian: Херсонщина) is an oblast (province) in southern Ukraine, just north of Crimea. Its administrative center is Kherson. The area of the region is 28,461 km², its population (as of 1 January 2012) is 1,083,367.[2]

Important cities in the oblast include:


The Kherson Oblast is bordered by the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast on the north, the Black Sea and the disputed region of Crimea on the south, the Mykolayiv Oblast on the west, and the Azov Sea and the Zaporizhzhia Oblast on the east.

The Dnieper River runs through the oblast which includes the Kakhovka Reservoir.

The oblast includes (within Henichesk Raion) the northern portion of the Arabat Spit, a thin strip of land between the brackish Syvash and the Sea of Azov that is geographically part of the Crimean Peninsula. Due to Russia gaining de-facto control of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in 2014 the southern areas of Kherson are the only parts of the Crimean Peninsula under direct Ukrainian control.

Administrative divisions[edit]

The Kherson Oblast is administratively subdivided into 18 raions (districts) and 3 municipalities which are directly subordinate to the oblast government - 2 mis'krada (Kherson, the administrative center of the oblast, and Nova Kakhovka); and 1 misto (Kakhovka).

Name Ukrainian name Area
census 2001
1 Jan 2012
Kherson (city) * Херсон (Міськрада) 423 367,188 388,685 Kherson
Nova Kakhovka (city) Нова Каховка (Міськрада) 223 74,599 69,541 Nova Kakhovka
Kakhovka (city) Каховка (місто) 31 38,238 37,379 -
Beryslavsky Raion Бериславський (район) 1,721 55,915 49,215 Beryslav
Bilozersky Raion Білозерський (район) 1,534 68,382 67,211 Bilozerske
Chaplynsky Raion Чаплинський (район) 1,722 40,194 35,982 Chaplynka
Henichesky Raion Генічеський (район) 3,008 66,291 61,352 Henichesk
Holoprystansky Raion Голопристанський (район) 3,411 64,785 61,605 Hola Prystan
Hornostaïvsky Raion Горностаївський (район) 1,018 21,942 20,092 Hornostaivka
Ivanivsky Raion Іванівський (район) 1,120 17,944 14,650 Ivanivka
Kakhovsky Raion Каховський (район) 1,451 40,104 36,367 Kakhovka
Kalanchatsky Raion Каланчацький (район) 916 25,748 22,218 Kalanchak
Novotroïtsky Raion Новотроїцький (район) 2,298 43,026 37,155 Novotroitske
Novovorontsovsky Raion Нововоронцовський (район) 1,005 24,595 22,056 Novovorontsovka
Nyzhn'osirohozky Raion Нижньосірогозький (район) 1,209 19,697 16,591 Nyzhni Sirohozy
Skadovsky Raion Скадовський (район) 1,456 50,107 48,656 Skadovsk
Tsiurupynsky Raion Цюрупинський (район) 1,759 72,264 72,441 Tsiurupynsk
Velykolepetysky Raion Великолепетиський (район) 1,000 20,660 17,489 Velyka Lepetykha
Velykooleksandrivsky Raion Великоолександрівський (район) 1,540 31,233 26,739 Velyka Oleksandrivka
Verkhn'orohachytsky Raion Верхньорогачицький (район) 915 14,290 12,549 Verkhnii Rohachyk
Vysokopil'sky Raion Високопільський (район) 701 17,920 15,394 Vysokopillia

At a lower level of administration, these district-level administrations are subdivided into:

The local administration of the oblast' is controlled by the Kherson Oblast Rada. The governor of the oblast is the Kherson Oblast Rada speaker, appointed by the President of Ukraine.

Kherson Oblast State Administration


The population of the oblast is 1,083,367 (2012), which is 2.4% of the total population of Ukraine. It is also ranked 21st by its population. The population density is 38 per km².

About 61.5% or 745,400 people live in urban areas of the Oblast and 38.5% or 467,600 people live in agricultural centers/villages. Men make up 46.7% or 565,400 people of the population, women make up 53.3% or 644,600 people, and pensioners make up 26.2% or 317,400 people of the Oblast population.

Ukrainian National Census (2001):

Age structure[edit]

0-14 years: 15.1% Increase (male 83,397/female 79,303)
15-64 years: 70.5% Decrease (male 364,907/female 393,933)
65 years and over: 14.4% Steady (male 50,404/female 104,856) (2013 official)

Median age[edit]

total: 39.5 years Increase
male: 36.2 years Increase
female: 42.7 years Increase (2013 official)


Typical agricultural landscape of Ukraine, Kherson Oblast

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