Metaphysics of War

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Metaphysics of War
Author Julius Evola
Translator Sergio Knipe
Country Italy
Language English
Genre Religion / Philosophy
Publisher Integral Tradition Publishing
Pages 171
ISBN ISBN 978-87-92136-01-5

Metaphysics of War: Battle, Victory and Death in the World of Tradition is a collection of essays by Julius Evola originally published by Integral Tradition Publishing in 2007, and is now in its second edition. The book consists of English translations of essays which Evola published in various Italian periodicals during the 1930s and 1940s. All of the essays deal with the topic of war as viewed from a traditionalist perspective, in which the political goals of a war are considered to be secondary to the warrior's goal of spiritual self-realisation through combat. In particular, Evola focuses on the idea of war as understood in the Catholic, Persian and Vedic traditions. In addition to discussing historical topics such as the Crusades and the concept of Jihad in Islam, Evola also describes his contemporary views of Fascism, National Socialism and the Second World War.[1]

Table of contents[edit]

  • Introduction by John Morgan
    1. The Forms of Warlike Heroism
    2. The Sacrality of War
    3. The Meaning of the Crusades
    4. The Greater War and the Lesser War
    5. The Metaphysics of War
    6. 'Army' as Vision of the World
    7. Race and War
    8. Two Heroisms
    9. Race and War: The Aryan Conception of Combat
    10. Soul and Race of War
    11. The Aryan Doctrine of Combat and Victory
    12. The Meaning of the Warrior Element for the New Europe
    13. Varieties of Heroism
    14. The Roman Conception of Victory
    15. Liberations
    16. The Decline of Heroism
  • Index


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  • [1] Integral Tradition Publishing Web site