Rocky Bottom, South Carolina

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Home on Rocky Bottom Creek

Rocky Bottom is located in northern Pickens County, South Carolina 16 miles (26 km) north of Pickens, South Carolina, 7 miles (11 km) south of Rosman, North Carolina and 27 miles (43 km) northwest of Greenville, South Carolina. Near the North Carolina state line, on U.S. Highway 178 in the Blue Ridge Mountains, at an elevation of 1,750 ft (530 m)


Nearby attractions include:

  • Sassafras Mountain, Follow Van Clayton Highway off U.S. Highway 178, to the Summit.
  • Bob’s Place Approximately 5 miles (8.0 km) down Highway 178 toward Pickens; the oldest continuously operating beer joint in South Carolina. Mrs. Johnson is the proprietor.
  • The Foothills Trail is less than two miles (3 km) away.
  • After the expulsion of the Cherokees in 1838 Harris Powell, a Scotchman, secured title to 800 acres (3.2 km2) of land in the wild mountainous area of Pickens District on waters of Big Eastatoee River. He cleared a rich mountain valley on both sides of a clear trout creek.

In past geological ages the shaking of the adjacent mountains had dumped multitudes of great boulders promiscuously over the valley, but the Scotchman and his family worked around the great stones, producing an abundance of corn, rye, pumpkins, and other crops adapted to the soil and altitude. And, when anyone asked Mr. Powell about the location of his residence, he would always reply: "I live in the Rocky Bottom." The name became fixed, and everybody has called the valley by that name for more than a century and a quarter. Then in 1925 our popular County Farm Agent, Thomas A. Bowen, established the first permanent 4-H Club Camp for Boys and Girls in the nation; and numbers of summer encampments are held there each season. Also, scattered throughout the valley are numbers of summer homes, and many tourists visit here and Sassafras Mountain nearby, the highest point in South Carolina.

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