38th century BC

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Millennium: 4th millennium BC
Decades: 3790s BC 3780s BC 3770s BC 3760s BC 3750s BC
3740s BC 3730s BC 3720s BC 3710s BC 3700s BC
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The Jewish calendar's reference point is traditionally held to be about one year before the Creation of Adam and Eve, of our common early anthropocene world.
  • 3760 BC - first year of Creation. The Hebrew calendar year of 3760 Anno Mundi, became year 1 AD when Christianity decided to reset the Hebrew calendar. This point in time can be calculated by subtracting the current Gregorian calendar year from the current Jewish year. (Ex: 5776-2016). This was a significant point in human history and the recording of time, can be considered "the year of the big reset".
  • An earthquake near a Neolithic culture at Sotira in Cyprus destroys much of the local infrastructure.
  • Ubaid period came to an abrupt end in eastern Arabia and the Oman peninsula at 3800 BC.
  • In Syria, mass graves at Tell Brak, dating from ca. 3800 to 3600 BC, have been unearthed, suggesting advanced warfare around this period.
  • 3800–3200 BC – 120 Wedge tombs (Ireland)
  • c. 3750 BC – origins of Proto-Semitic language[1]
  • 3700 BC – Oldest known door in Europe (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • 3700–2300 BC – Long barrow tombs in England

Calendar epochs[edit]

See: Human Era/Holocene epoch


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