40th century BC

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Millennium: 4th millennium BC
Decades: 3990s BC 3980s BC 3970s BC 3960s BC 3950s BC
3940s BC 3930s BC 3920s BC 3910s BC 3900s BC
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During the 40th century BC, the Near East and southeastern Europe were in the Chalcolithic period (Copper Age), transitional between the Stone and the Bronze Ages. Northwestern Europe was in the Neolithic. China was dominated by the Neolithic Yangshao culture. The Americas were in a phase of transition between the Paleo-Indian (Lithic) to the Meso-Indian (Archaic) stage. Started in 4000 BC and ended in 3901 BC.


Near East
East Asia

Events and innovations[edit]

Jade bi from the Liangzhu culture. The ritual object is a symbol of wealth and military power.



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