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The following is a list of notable art schools.

Accredited non-profit art and design colleges[edit]

Other art schools[edit]

Academy of Arts[edit]

  • Academia de Artes (Mexico), an art institution founded in 1967/1968.
  • Academy of Arts (Egypt), a large educational complex in Cairo.
  • Academy of Arts and Academics (United States), a public high school dedicated to the arts, located in Springfield, Oregon.
  • Academy of Art University (United States), a private school of art and design in San Francisco, California
  • Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design (Israel), Israel's National College of art and Design, located in Jerusalem; school of architecture, fashion, ceramics, fine arts, multimedia, etc., founded in 1906.
  • Chengdu Art Academy (China), an art institution based in Chengdu, Sichuan, and founded in 1980.
  • China Academy of Art (China), an art school of mainland China, founded in 1928 by the government of the Republic of China.
  • Cranbrook Academy of Art (United States), a school of architecture and design, founded in 1932, located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
  • Estonian Academy of Arts (Estonia), a public arts school that offers education in arts at university level
  • Iceland Academy of the Arts (Iceland), a public arts school that offers education in arts at university level
  • Imperial Academy of Arts (Russia), a Russian art institution founded in 1757 which has played a variety of roles in the artistic life of Russia.
  • Iranian Academy of the Arts (Iran), an organization whose aim is the preservation and development of Iranian and local arts
  • New York Academy of Art (United States), located in New York City, it boasts the only graduate program which focuses on the human figure.
  • Royal Academy of Arts (United Kingdom), an independent fine arts institution based in London.
  • Royal Swedish Academy of Arts (Sweden), an independent organization acting to promote painting, sculpting, building and the other visual arts.
  • Wulin Academy of Arts (China), an independent research institution and honorary society based in Hangzhou, dedicated to promoting studies of Chinese arts.

Academy of Fine Arts[edit]

University of the Arts[edit]

Includes institutions called the University of the Arts and those with very similar names:

School of the Arts[edit]

The name of several schools (usually high schools) that are devoted to the fine arts, including:

Similar school names[edit]

University Schools of the Arts[edit]

Arts programs within a university may also be called a "School of the Arts". Such programs include:

Artist-initiated schools[edit]

Some art schools have been initiated by artists; these may be designed to operate as traditional schools, or may themselves be considered art projects.

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