Afro-Hispanic people

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Afro-Hispanic people
Total population
>20,000,000 Afro Hispanics
Regions with significant populations
 Colombia 11,703,555[citation needed]
 Dominican Republic 9,542,000[citation needed]
 Cuba 4,126,894[citation needed]
 Puerto Rico 1,375,662[citation needed]
 United States 984,151[citation needed]
 Peru 871,427[citation needed]
 Spain 683,000[citation needed]
 Ecuador 680,000[citation needed]
 Honduras 600,000[citation needed]
 Nicaragua 520,786[citation needed]
 Panama 460,977[citation needed]
 Uruguay 200,000[citation needed]
 Venezuela 181,157[1]
 Costa Rica 125,877[citation needed]
 Bolivia 108,000[citation needed]
 Mexico 103,000[citation needed]
 Argentina 100,000[citation needed]
 Guatemala 100,000[citation needed]
Spanish, English creole
Christianity, Afro-American religion, Islam
Related ethnic groups
African diaspora, African Latin American

An Afro-Hispanic American (also Afro-Hispanic) is an Hispanic American with black African ancestry. They are more common in the Hispanic Caribbean and Northern South America. There are many communities of partial black African ancestry in those regions, such as the Mulattos, Mestizos, Zambos, Pardos, etc.


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