Catalan Americans

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Catalan Americans
Català americà
Total population
1,738 Americans[1]
Regions with significant populations
California · Florida · Texas · New York
American English · Catalan · Spanish · French · Italian · Sardinian · Occitan (Aranese dialect)
Roman Catholic (predominant) · Protestant · and other religions
Related ethnic groups
European Americans · Catalan people and other groups of the Catalan diaspora

Catalan Americans (Catalan: Català americà) are Americans of Catalan descent. The group is formed by Catalan-born naturalized citizens or residents, their descendants and, to a lesser extent, citizens or residents of Catalan descent who still acknowledge Catalan ancestry.

The Catalan or Catalonian ancestry is identified with the code 204 in the 2000 U.S. Census, with the name Catalonian, which is in the group 200-299 Hispanic categories (including Spain).[clarification needed] A total of 1,738 individuals who received the long-form Census questionnaire (which is given to 1 in 6 households) self-identified as Catalan Americans. In the same survey 1,660 people aged 5 or older indicated being able to speak the Catalan language, also with the name Catalonian. Because the long-form samples a sixth of the population, that figure puts the estimate of Catalan speakers in the US in 2000 at around 10,000 people. However, 22,047 people born in Catalonia live in the United States of America.

Catalonians self-identify as White American or Hispanic American. However, in the U.S. Census white (along with black, Asian, and such) is defined as a "racial" category and Hispanic/Latino as an "ethnic" category so it is possible to identify as both.

Notable people[edit]

Map of U.S. counties highlighting from grey to orange the number of speakers of Catalan

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