Alleycat's Pizza

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Alleycat's Pizza
Industry Restaurant Chain
Founded 2004
Headquarters Taipei, Taiwan
Key people
Alan Pontes, Mark Thomas
Products Pizza, calzones

Alleycat's Pizza, usually referred to simply as Alleycat's, is a pizzeria chain restaurant that started in Taipei, Taiwan, in 2004. From its humble origins in the tiny basement level of a building on Lishui Street,[1] it has expanded to nine locations throughout Taipei.


Alleycat's was started in 2004 by Alan Pontes, a South African expatriate with Italian family roots. The dearth of Italian pizza available in Taiwan gave Pontes the idea of starting his own pizza restaurant, featuring a masonry oven.[2] Addressing a long-felt need among the expat population for more traditional pizza varieties (as opposed to the locally popular toppings based on East Asian cuisine), it was an immediate success. A second location opened in Neihu in early 2006, quickly followed by a third in the former VFW post building in Tienmu.

The original Lishui Street basement location was closed in 2006 when a street-level space in an adjacent building became available.

In 2007, Pontes briefly left Taiwan, and the chain was sold to Mark Thomas. Pontes has since returned, and has started a new restaurant chain, Yuma Southwest Grill.[3]


Alleycat's signage is simply the name in red-on-black lettering in a stylized font. Although the chain has used various drawings for promotions from time to time, it does not use a logo.

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