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Spizzico is an Italian franchise quick-service pizza restaurant chain, which belongs to the company Autogrill operating worldwide. There are currently 169 restaurants in Italy, Greece, Switzerland, France and the United States.[citation needed] Typical locations include motorways, airports, railway stations, high streets, shopping malls and trade fairs. Often Spizzico restaurants share the same building with other fast food restaurant chains run by Autogrill. Spizzico's staple are slices of large pizzas (far larger than the regular pizzeria-served or home delivered ones) which are sold in one-eights, -fourths or halves with a variable number of dressings (some fixed, some seasonal, some special), along with pizza slices calzones, fried panzerotti and other fast food fares such as fries, soft drink, salads, and desserts are available. Meals can be eaten in the restaurant or take-away.

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