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The Zizzi restaurant in Sutton, London, which opened in Spring 2000 and was one of the first branches. Before 2014 refit (above); after 2014 refit (below)
Zizzi restaurant in the 02, London

Zizzi is a chain of Italian restaurants found across the United Kingdom. The chain was founded in 1999, and there are 140 Zizzi restaurants in the UK.

It was sold by Gondola Group along with ASK Italian for £250 million to Bridgepoint Capital in February 2015.


Pronounced as "zeezee", it is a last name originating from Siclian dialect Zizzu, meaning "stylish youth". Also from Arabic Aziz meaning "beloved", "beautiful" and "mighty".

— Sarah Henson, Customer Experience Representative

[this quote needs a citation]

The pronunciation endorsed by Bridgepoint Capital is /zíˑ.ziˑ/; alternative pronunciations include /'zɪziˑ/ & /'zɪʔziˑ/[citation needed]

Charity fundraising[edit]

In Summer 2011 Zizzi switched on Pennies, the electronic charity box, in all their restaurants, giving their customers the option to top up their bill by 20p and donate to charity. By March 2012, over £50,000 had been raised for charity, with the majority going to longstanding charity partner The Prince's Trust. 'Pennies with Zizzi' was crowned project of the year by the Real IT Awards in 2012, also picking up the prize for Corporate, Social and Environmental Responsibility.[1]

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