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Top left:Matriz Church, Top right:Nossa Senhora do Porto da Eterna Square, Middle left:Dr.Antonio Joracyr de Oliveira Street, Middle right:Visconte de Arantes Square and Gabriel Ribeiro Salagodo Street, Bottom:Panoramic view of Andrelândia
Coat of arms
Location of Andrelândia within Minas Gerais
Visconde de Arantes Square in 1927

Andrelândia is a Brazilian municipality in the state of Minas Gerais. It is in the Southeast and South Mesoregion of Minas and hosts the Microregion of Andrelândia, located south of the state capital, which is about 300 square kilometres (120 sq mi) from distance.[1]

Andrelândia occupies an area of 221,049 square kilometres (85,347 sq mi) and its population was 12.146 inhabitants in 2010, being the 294th most populous city in Minas Gerais state and the second of his microregion.

Its land area is 1,004,536 square kilometres (387,854 sq mi), of which 22,754 square kilometres (8,785 sq mi) are in the urban area.[2] It was founded on July 20, 1868, with the name of Vila Bela do Turvo and consists in five districts: Turvo, Arantes, Bom Jardim, Madre de Deus do Rio Grande and San Vicente Ferrer. Over the years the districts turned into cities, leaving only Andrelândia in the seat, its single district.

The city had several names throughout its history. Since the state law 1160 of September 19, 1930, remains its current name.

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