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Autonomist Trentino (Italian: Trentino Autonomista, TA) is a regionalist Christian-democratic Italian political party based in Trentino.

It was founded in 2002 by a split from the Trentino Tyrolean Autonomist Party (PATT) of those members who contested the party new alliance with the centre-left-coalition (in Trentino dominated by Democracy is Freedom – Daisy, DL). It is led by Carlo Andreotti, former PATT leader and former President of Trentino, and it is closely tied with Forza Italia.

In the 2003 provincial election, TA won 2.2% of the vote. In that occasion Andreotti was the candidate for President of the centre-right and he was soundly defeated (60.8% to 30.7%) by incumbent Lorenzo Dellai (DL).[1]

For the 2008 provincial election the party formed an alliance with the Popular Autonomy Movement, the Popular Autonomists, in support of Sergio Divina (Lega Nord Trentino, supported by The People of Freedom and a collection of regionalist parties).[2] In the 2009 European Parliament election Andreotti was a candidate for the Pole of Autonomy.[3] At this point, however, the party seemed to be almost disbanded.