Balad Ruz

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Balad Ruz
Balad Ruz is located in Iraq
Balad Ruz
Balad Ruz
Balad Ruz's location inside Iraq
Coordinates: 33°42′N 45°05′E / 33.700°N 45.083°E / 33.700; 45.083
Country Iraq
Governorate Diyala

Balad Ruz (Arabic: بلدروز‎) is a small Shia town in the Diyala province of Iraq. Its mayor is Mohamed Maroof Al-Hussein.

Balad Ruz has a radio station that was opened Dec. 18 2006, known as Al Noor Radio Station, also known as “The Light”.

The current commander of all Iraqi Army ground forces, Lt. General Ali Ghaidan Majid is from Balad Ruz.

Military and Security related events in Balad Ruz[edit]

  • US and Coalition forces, in conjunction with Iraqi Army, engaged the Iranian Army on September 7, 2006. [1]
  • US Forces conducted a raid on December 27 2006 because the small village was believed to be used as a safe haven by insurgent forces to traffic people, weapons and money into other regions in Iraq to disrupt security operations by coalition forces. Following the raid, Coalition Forces discovered several large caches containing hundreds of rockets, IED-making materials, small arms munitions and dozens of anti-tank weapons. [2]


Coordinates: 33°42′N 45°05′E / 33.700°N 45.083°E / 33.700; 45.083