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The Walking Dead is an American television drama series created and produced by Frank Darabont. It is based on the eponymous comic book series by Robert Kirkman. The following is a list of characters from The Walking Dead television series. Although some characters appear in both places, the continuity of the television series is not shared with the original comic book series.

Main cast appearances[edit]

The following cast members have been credited as main cast in the opening credits or "also starring":

Key:      = Main (opening credits billing)
Key:      = Main (credited as "also starring")
Key:      = Recurring
Key:      = Guest/Cameo
Key:      = Special Guest
Actor/actress Character Appearances
S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 Total
Andrew Lincoln Rick Grimes 6 13 15 11 14 7 66
Steven Yeun Glenn Rhee 6 12 13 10 14 5 60
Chandler Riggs Carl Grimes 6 12 14 10 12 6 60
Norman Reedus Daryl Dixon 4 12 13 11 14 5 59
Melissa McBride Carol Peletier 4 12 12 7 14 6 55
Lauren Cohan Maggie Greene - 12 13 9 13 6 53
Danai Gurira Michonne - 1 15 11 12 6 45
Emily Kinney Beth Greene - 11 13 8 5 - 37
Scott Wilson Hershel Greene - 11 13 8 - - 32
Sonequa Martin-Green Sasha Williams - - 5 9 12 5 31
Laurie Holden Andrea 5 13 13 - - - 31
Sarah Wayne Callies Lori Grimes 6 13 8 - - - 27
Alanna Masterson Tara Chambler - - - 7 12 6 25
Christian Serratos Rosita Espinosa - - - 4 14 6 24
Josh McDermitt Eugene Porter - - - 4 12 7 23
Michael Cudlitz Abraham Ford - - - 4 13 5 22
Chad L. Coleman Tyreese Williams - - 5 9 8 - 22
David Morrissey The Governor - - 13 5 1 - 19
Jon Bernthal Shane Walsh 6 12 1 - - - 19
Jeffrey DeMunn Dale Horvath 6 10 - - - - 16
Lawrence Gilliard, Jr. Bob Stookey - - - 10 6[1] - 16
Seth Gilliam Gabriel Stokes - - - - 10 5 15
Michael Rooker Merle Dixon 2 1 11 - - - 14
Lennie James Morgan Jones 1 - 1 - 3 7 12
Alexandra Breckenridge Jessie Anderson - - - - 5 6 11
Ross Marquand Aaron - - - - 7 4 11
Tovah Feldshuh Deanna Monroe - - - - 5 5 10
Austin Nichols Spencer Monroe - - - - 3 5 8
Andrew J. West Gareth - - - 1 3 - 4

Main characters[edit]

Character Actor/actress Starring seasons Recurring seasons Episode count
Aaron Ross Marquand 6 5 10
Ross Marquand
Aaron is a recruiter for the Alexandria Safe Zone community. He follows Rick's group to decide whether or not they should be invited to audition for membership in the community. He introduces himself to Sasha and Maggie, who train their guns on him, but asks to speak to Rick in person. The group is initially extremely distrustful of him but convince themselves to come to his community. After Rick and company arrive at Alexandria, they are very grateful to Aaron. Aaron then inducts Daryl to take Eric's place in helping him search to find more people to bring to Alexandria. Aaron is very excited when Daryl accepts. Aaron and Daryl then go outside the walls, finding Buttons, a horse that Aaron has tried to capture multiple times. After trying to capture Buttons, they are attacked by walkers, causing the horse to flee. By the time they catch up to it, it is devoured by several of the undead. Aaron and Daryl put them all down. The two then find a walker with a W carved into its head, and see a light in the distance. After following the light, the two get themselves trapped in a car after narrowly surviving hundreds of walkers. They are then rescued by Morgan, and they take him back to the safe zone. They arrive just in time to witness Rick kill Pete. In Season 6, Aaron is seen at the meeting held by Rick discussing the quarry filled with walkers. He is then seen in the next episode, and helps assist Rosita in taking Holly to Denise and in defending the safe zone from the wolves. He then finds the photographs the wolves had found that he had taken, causing him to feel guilty.
Jessie Anderson Alexandra Breckenridge 6 5 10
Alexandra Breckenridge
Jessie is an Alexandria resident, Pete's wife, and Ron and Sam's mother. She introduces herself to Rick the morning after he arrives, after he shaves his beard, and gives him a haircut. At a welcoming party for Rick and his group he kisses her in a heated moment, which Jessie doesn't stop; she appears to have developed an attraction to him, and they continue to share moments of flirtation for some time. However, Sam asks for a gun for Jessie, leading Carol to investigate and discover that Pete is abusing Jessie. She tells Rick, who forms a bitter grudge against Pete, though Jessie believes Pete will get better and rejects Rick's offer to help. However, Rick confronts her again, revealing Sam's desire for a gun, which breaks Jessie's heart. Rick tells her he can fix her family's problem; when Jessie asks if he'd do it for anyone else he replies, "No", revealing his feelings for her, and she gives her approval. However, this leads to a brutal fight between Rick and Pete, which spills into the streets. Consequently, Rick's continued presence at Alexandria is put up to a vote, and Jessie attends the meeting to decide Rick's fate. Aside from the members of Rick's group, Jessie is the only Alexandrian to speak up for Rick. She also witnesses Pete's murder of Reg and Rick's subsequent execution of her abusive husband, ordered by Deanna. After Pete's execution, Jessie is shown holding Sam in her lap and watching Ron storm out of the house. She is later seen at the end of the episode scolding Rick about how he yelled at Ron, telling Rick he isn't allowed to talk or touch Ron the way he did. After Rick argues that Ron needs to know how to fight and take care of himself, Jessie explains to Rick that she asked Rosita to teach her how to shoot as soon as she could, so she could then teach her kids. She also exclaims that she's going to fight. Jessie is shown in the next episode attempting to cut Ron's hair, causing the two to get into an argument about how all she's trying to do is get him to talk. After Jessie tells him that his father was dangerous, and confirming Rick is her friend, Ron tells her that Rick is dangerous, before leaving. After The Wolves break into Alexandria, Jessie tells Sam to lock himself in the closet, and to not come out until she comes and gets him. After hearing her window shatter, Jessie follows Sam up into his room, where they lock themselves in the closet. After a little bit, Jessie decides to go downstairs, making Sam stay in the closet. After scouting the area, Jessie yells at Ron to stay outside, causing a female wolf to spot her, giving up her stealthy position. The female Wolf tackles her, and after a long struggle, throws Jessie into the wall, knocking her down. After catching her breath, Jessie gets back up, and grabs a pair of her scissors before stabbing the woman repeatedly in the chest, stabbing her one last time in the head as Ron looks on in horror.
Andrea Laurie Holden 1, 2, 3 N/A 31
Laurie Holden
Andrea is a former civil rights attorney who is extremely protective of her younger sister, Amy. Following Amy's death, she considers suicide but decides to remain with the group. With the others, they find a farm owned by Hershel Greene. At the farm, she continued to confide and seek comfort in Dale, and gained survivalist skills through Shane. After escaping Hershel's overrun farm, she is rescued by Michonne and is brought by Merle to Woodbury, where she begins a romantic relationship with The Governor. She is eventually caught in the crossfire between The Governor and Rick and attempts to mend relations, but later turns on The Governor after learning that he intends to attack the prison. She is captured by the Governor and left in a room with a dying Milton who bites her before she is able to free herself. She is discovered by Michonne, Rick and the others and takes her own life.
Tara Chambler Alanna Masterson 5, 6 4 24
Alanna Masterson
Tara Chambler is a former police academy student who holes up in an apartment complex with her remaining family – her sister Lilly, her dying father David and her niece Meghan. They welcome The Governor into their apartment and Tara comes to trust him and follows him as he leads them to join a larger group after her father's death. As he leads an attack on the prison, she refuses to fight when confronted with The Governor's true nature. Glenn discovers a catatonic Tara in the aftermath of the battle, having lost her sister (who killed The Governor out of vengeance) and niece. She agrees to stay with him until he finds Maggie. They later meet Sgt. Abraham Ford, Dr. Eugene Porter, and Rosita Espinosa, who are on a mission to find a cure for the virus in Washington, DC. She travels with them and they eventually find Maggie, Bob and Sasha before finding Terminus and being captured and imprisoned by cannibals. The group successfully escape as the compound is overrun and Tara is formally accepted as a member of the group by Rick, who tells her that he knows she didn't want to be a part of the assault. She accompanies group members to DC and develops a strong friendship with Eugene, giving him a chance to prove himself and be accepted like herself. Upon discovering his lies of having knowledge of the cure, she is silent but later explains to Eugene that he needs to pull his weight within the group. The band of survivors regroup and head to Virginia where Noah's community lies, suffering several losses in the process before being recruited to a safe zone in DC called Alexandria. Tara, Noah and Glenn become supply runners. During one run, Tara is severely injured and unconscious as Noah is killed. Tara later wakes up in a medical room as Rosita watches over her.
Daryl Dixon Norman Reedus 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 1 58
Norman Reedus
Daryl Dixon is Merle's younger brother. A Southern redneck with a tough background, Daryl is a survivalist and member of the Atlanta band who quickly becomes one of Rick's closest confidantes and a leader within the group, a role he is not entirely comfortable with. He develops a close relationship with Carol Peletier in the second season after spending a large amount of time searching for her missing daughter Sophia. After the fall of the prison, he escapes with Beth who is later kidnapped while he fights off a group of walkers. He joins a nomadic group (the Claimers) before turning on them to save Rick, Carl, and Michonne. In Season 5 he goes with Carol to Atlanta in an attempt to rescue Beth, but is forced to return with Noah when Carol is taken to Grady Memorial Hospital also. He returns with the group to break Beth and Carol out and is clearly devastated at Beth's death. He somewhat distances himself following this. Once the group arrives at Alexandria, Daryl befriends recruiter Aaron and eventually becomes a recruiter himself. Daryl and Aaron later discover Morgan in the woods and bring him to Alexandria.
Merle Dixon Michael Rooker 3 1, 2 14
Michael Rooker
Merle Dixon is Daryl Dixon's older brother. A Southern racist and misogynist, Merle grew up in an abusive household. His first meeting with Rick quickly escalates to conflict and Merle is subdued and handcuffed to a pipe, but the keys are lost. The group escapes, but Rick leads a rescue party only to find that Merle has cut himself free and disappeared. Merle returns in "Walk with Me", alive and residing at Woodbury, a thriving settlement run by the malicious Governor and serves as The Governor's lieutenant and enforcer. He escapes Woodbury with Daryl but struggles to integrate into the prison. He attempts to secure peace with The Governor by kidnapping Michonne, but relents and lets her go before returning to Woodbury and luring a pack of zombies to attack in an attempt to assassinate The Governor. He fails and is killed and left to reanimate. He is later discovered by Daryl, who kills him.
Rosita Espinosa Christian Serratos 5, 6 4 23
Christian Serratos
Rosita Espinosa is a survivor of the apocalypse and a member of Sgt. Abraham Ford's survivor group, with whom she is in a relationship. When their truck breaks down on the way to DC she and the others journeys with Glenn and Tara towards Terminus, ultimately leading to her capture there. She escapes with the group and journeys with them from Georgia to Alexandria, forming a close relationship with fellow survivors Glenn Rhee and Tara Chambler before becoming fully accepting into their group. Upon arriving at Alexandria, Rosita is made a medical assistant. She also, along with Michonne tries to bring Sasha back to Alexandria after she goes missing, and takes close care of Tara after her injury, whilst simultaneously trying to mend Abraham's and Eugene's friendship. She is with Tara when she wakes up in the season finale.
Abraham Ford Michael Cudlitz 5, 6 4 21
Michael Cudlitz
Sgt. Abraham Ford is a survivor and former member of the military. Before meeting Eugene, he had a family who ran away after seeing him kill a group who threatened their safety. After his family was killed, Abraham attempted suicide but Eugene arrived at the same moment, stopping him from doing so. He is attempting to deliver Eugene to Washington DC, believing he has the answer to the cause of the zombie plague. Upon discovering that Eugene was lying, he nearly beats Eugene to death. His actions cause friction with the others but he remains with the group nonetheless. He becomes part of Alexandria's construction crew and upon Tobin's recommendation becomes their leader after saving Francine from walkers. Abraham's friendship with Eugene is later repaired after intervention from Rosita.
Gareth Andrew J. West 5 4 4
Andrew J. West
Gareth is the leader of the supposed safe-zone Terminus, run along with his younger brother Alex and his mother Mary. He explains that Terminus initially was a safe and welcoming place, a sanctuary for all who wanted to come in before a group of marauders took over and began ruthlessly beating and raping the other survivors. Gareth and his family had to take Terminus back by force, and decided that from then on, they would run Terminus in a similarly brutal manner by capturing, killing, and eating all those who were lured in by the various signs posted in the area. Just before Gareth and his butchers can kill Rick, Daryl, Glenn, and Bob, Carol begins her siege on Terminus by blowing up the propane tank outside, blasting open the fences and allowing the walkers to flow in. Though Terminus is destroyed and a majority of the survivors – including Alex and Mary – are killed, Gareth manages to survive and escape, along with five others, and become known as The Hunters. Later the Hunters kidnap Bob and eat one of his legs, but when he reveals that he is infected, they savagely beat him and leave him outside Father Stokes's church, where Rick's group has taken residence. They then attempt to lead a siege against the church in "Four Walls and a Roof," only to be outsmarted and overpowered by Rick, Abraham, Michonne, Glenn, Maggie, and Tara. Although Gareth initially pleads for his life, Rick refuses and kills him with a machete.
The Governor/Brian Blake David Morrissey 3, 4 5 19
David Morrissey
Phillip Blake, known as "The Governor" is the leader of the fortified town of Woodbury. The Governor is a charismatic man who is nevertheless power-mad and willing to kill anyone to secure the supplies needed to strengthen the town. When Merle rescues Andrea and Michonne he quickly develops a romantic relationship with Andrea, but Michonne remains skeptical. When she leaves, he orders Merle to track her and kill her, but she escapes. Merle instead returns with Glenn and Maggie, who are tortured. When Rick leads a rescue party, Michonne steals away to kill The Governor only to find a room full of heads in fish tanks and his reanimated daughter, who she kills. This enrages The Governor and in the ensuing fight he loses his eye. He resolves to take the prison using walkers as a weapon and eventually leading a militia. When they are routed, he murders most of the militia before being abandoned by his remaining lieutenants. He wanders alone before meeting Lilly and Tara using the alias Brian Heriot. He eventually meets up with a larger group and takes it over, murdering its leader and blaming the prison group. He takes Hershel and Michonne hostage and leads his new group to attack the prison, demanding that Rick and his group abandon the prison. He refuses a gesture of cohabitation before murdering Hershel and triggering a battle. Rick and The Governor brawl, with The Governor gaining the upper hand before being impaled by Michonne and shot and killed by Lily.
Beth Greene Emily Kinney 4, 5 2, 3 37
Emily Kinney
Beth Greene is Hershel's younger daughter and Maggie's younger half-sister. She sinks into a deep depression after watching her mother, half-brother and neighbors, who had become walkers and were being housed in her father's barn, get shot by Rick's group and attempts suicide, but changes her mind. She recovers and survives the fall of the farm before traveling with the group to the prison. She is often seen helping to take care of Judith. When the prison becomes infected with the flu, she is put in charge of isolating the group's children to protect them from the deadly virus. She witnesses her father's death at the hands of The Governor and escapes the fall of the prison with Daryl. When they become separated during a walker attack, she is kidnapped. She reappears in season 5 in Grady Memorial Hospital, where she wakes up and discovers that she is being held in the hospital by a group of corrupt police officers. She regularly tries to fight against their strict regime, killing one officer and helping another patient, Noah, escape, but she is kept alive by the officer in charge, Dawn Lerner. As a result of an exchange plan negotiated by Rick to rescue Beth, she is returned to Rick's group but refuses to let Lerner take back Noah. She stabs Dawn with hidden scissors, but Dawn's instinctive reflexes cause Beth to stab her shoulder and she fires a single bullet through her head, killing her instantly by accident.
Hershel Greene Scott Wilson 3, 4 2 32
Scott Wilson
Veterinarian and farmer Hershel Greene is a religious man and former alcoholic. He allows Rick and his group to remain at the farm while Carl recuperates after being shot, but hides from them that he is keeping walkers in his barn, merely believing them to be sick, not dead. When Shane opens the barn and the group kills everyone inside, his worldview is shattered, but he develops a close friendship with Rick and often acts as a voice of wisdom. When the group attempts to clear the prison, he is bitten and Rick cuts off his leg to prevent him from turning into a walker. Hershel becomes a member of the leading council of the prison and counsels the group to work to rebuild a society which can forgive the past wrongs of its members. When the prison becomes infected with the flu, he works as a medic and provides natural remedies to help ease the symptoms of his patients until a cure can be found. He is later taken hostage by The Governor, but is proud to hear Rick offer forgiveness and coexistence to The Governor and his group. The Governor refuses, and murders Hershel before attacking the prison.
Maggie Greene Lauren Cohan 3, 4, 5, 6 2 52
Lauren Cohan
Maggie Greene is Hershel's daughter and Beth's elder half-sister. A tomboy at heart, she scavenges supplies from the local town. She develops strong feelings for Glenn, impressed by his bravery and loyalty to the group. After the fall of the farm, she settles 8 months later at the prison with the rest of the group. She and Glenn are later captured and interrogated by Merle and The Governor, to which she is sexually assaulted (forced to undress) by the Governor. After a rescue mission, she continues to be pro-active in defending the prison during The Governor's attacks, killing several snipers and soldiers to protect the prison survivors. She soon marries Glenn. When Glenn is infected by the deadly influenza virus that has spread across the prison and her father risks exposure by caring for the sick, she is fueled with anger and frustration until she rushes in to rescue her father and fiancee from the reanimated infected that overrun the quarantine zone before medicine is retrieved by the others. The Governor returns to the prison and Maggie witnesses her father's execution in horror. She defends the prison against the Governor's militia, before escaping the overrun compound with Sasha and Bob, unsure if her sister is alive or not. Being aware that Glenn is alive, Maggie searches and finds him, and soon goes on a mission to DC for a cure, which turns out to be false. She receives news that her sister is still alive, only to be left heartbroken once she arrives too late to meet her, as Beth has recently died. Maggie becomes depressed after her sister's death, but begins to recover before the group arrived at Alexandria. At Alexandria Maggie acts as Deanna's assistant. She tries to persuade Deanna not to exile Rick and also prevents Sasha from beating Gabriel.
Carl Grimes Chandler Riggs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 N/A 59
Chandler Riggs
Carl Grimes is Rick and Lori's son, and Judith's older brother. Confronted with the harsh realities of his new world, he quickly learns to defend himself and even rescues Rick from a reanimated Shane. In the prison, when his mother dies during childbirth, he shoots her in the head to prevent her from turning. The ease with which he shoots a member of The Governor's militia troubles Rick, leading him to give up his authority over the group and teaching Carl to farm, renouncing violence. When The Governor attacks for the final time, he and Carl are separated from the rest of the group. With Rick severely injured and unconscious, Carl reveals his anger towards his father for failing to protect the group and his mother. He raids neighboring houses for supplies but is nearly overcome by a walker. He returns to the house and reveals he still depends on his father, and can't bear to bring himself to shoot Rick if he does turn. Rick eventually recovers and they are reunited with Michonne, but are driven from the house by the Claimers. They later meet the Claimers again on the road, where one of the members nearly rapes Carl. After overcoming them with Daryl's help, they travel to Terminus and are captured. After Terminus Carl spent a lot of time caring for Judith upon their reunion. When he arrives at Alexandria, he is initially awkward with the other teenagers, but befriends Enid, a girl who was outside for a long time also, they spend time together in the woods running from walkers. He also tries to prevent Rick beating Pete, but is unsuccessful.
Lori Grimes Sarah Wayne Callies 1, 2, 3 N/A 27
Sarah Wayne Callies
Lori Grimes is Rick's wife and Carl and Judith's mother. Believing Rick to be dead, she begins a relationship with Shane, but is loyal to Rick once he returns, and she pushes Shane away from her and Carl, of whom she is fiercely protective. In the second season, she discovers she is pregnant but is unsure who the father his. She attempts to comfort Shane so he will feel accepted in their group, but she is cautious about his reckless actions, and ultimately warns Rick that Shane is dangerous. At the same time, she is disturbed by her husband's gradual change in this more savage environment, and is shocked after learning he killed Shane. From their escape from the farm till their endeavor to take up residence at the prison, Lori becomes increasingly estranged from Rick and Carl, which she blames on herself. She becomes worried about her baby's survival, and when she goes into labor following a walker attack, Lori convinces Maggie to give her a C-section, despite the fact that it will prove fatal for her. Lori dies giving birth, and Carl is forced to shoot her to prevent reanimation.
Rick Grimes Andrew Lincoln 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 N/A 65
Andrew Lincoln.
Rick Grimes is the series' central character. A former sheriff’s deputy in a small Georgia town, Rick is an everyman[2][3][4] — smart, calm, just, a sharpshooter, and a good friend, husband and father — but flawed. Rick is a natural leader, someone his fellow survivors will turn to in a crisis, confident in his guidance, even when he at times doubts himself. His overwhelming need to do the right thing and protect those who can't protect themselves may pull him away from his family, causing cracks of tension within his marriage and in his relationship with his son. His frustrations about leading his group and keeping them safe gradually change him into a darker character. When the group is forced to leave the overrun farm, Rick declares the group will no longer be a democracy, and that those who don't wish to follow him can leave. Rick leads the group to the prison and clears it, establishing a safe place for them to live. When Lori dies during childbirth, he becomes overwhelmed with guilt and begins seeing Lori in hallucinations. He comes into conflict with The Governor who leads Woodbury thereafter. Rick admits that he cannot lead the group alone and offers the group a vote on whether to defend the prison or to abandon it when The Governor's forces close in on them. After Andrea dies, this motivates Rick to bring the former Woodbury residents into the prison, and he relinquishes leadership. He no longer hallucinates and becomes more peaceful, rather than isolated. When The Governor returns and causes another battle, killing many of Rick's friends, he gradually hardens once again, but now balances his humanity with his brutality. He protects Carl more than ever on the road, but believes there may no be safety for them again. After Bob, Beth and Tyreese's deaths, he gravitates towards the idea of a safe haven and plans on going to Virginia to find a walled community where survivor, Noah's family is from. After this is unsuccessful, he agrees with Michonne to lead the group to Washington. He is initially suspicious of recruiter Aaron but eventually agrees to go to Alexandria. He initially seems to settle in quickly, befriending Jessie Anderson. However, he quickly decides that the Alexandrians are weak and along with Carol steals guns from the armory in case of needing to seize the zone themselves. After discovering that Pete is abusing Jessie, he has a fight with him in the street and points a gun at bystanders. Following this Deanna calls a meeting about Rick's future, but after walkers get into the zone as the gate was left open, Rick shows the Alexandrians the walkers and after Pete kills Reg with a katana during an assassination attempt on Rick, he follows Deanna's instructions to execute Pete, just as Morgan arrives.
Dale Horvath Jeffrey DeMunn 1, 2 N/A 16
Jeffrey DeMunn
Dale Horvath is an older man and former car salesman. His age, calm affect, worldly experience, and RV provide the nucleus around which the small community of survivors has formed. He is wise, and the respected elder of the group. He is also rather feisty and not afraid to speak his mind or call others out for mistakes in judgment. Dale manages to talk Andrea out of a suicide attempt by putting himself at risk, as well. Dale becomes wary of Shane, after witnessing that Shane contemplated assassinating Rick beforehand as well as guessing that Shane killed Otis while retrieving medical supplies for Carl. Dale becomes upset at the group when they decide to kill Randall to avoid any risks he might have posed and argues for sparing his life, leading to the execution being postponed. Dale is killed by a walker who was accidentally lured by Carl earlier that day. Dale's death causes the group to reevaluate their unity and allow Randall to live.
Morgan Jones Lennie James 6 1, 3, 5 11
Lennie James
Morgan Jones is a survivor staying in Rick Grimes’ hometown with his son, Duane. Following the walker outbreak, Morgan evacuated with his son Duane and his wife Jenny. Their plan was to head for Atlanta in search of military protection. En route, a walker attacked Jenny, forcing the family to seek refuge in a vacant house belonging to Rick’s neighbor. After Jenny died of the walker virus and reanimated, Morgan and Duane stayed in the town, fearful of moving on, with Morgan also unwilling to leave Jenny behind even though she is now a walker. Fiercely protective, Morgan barricades himself and Duane inside the house. Despite the dire conditions, Morgan still endeavors to create normalcy for Duane, correcting his son’s grammar and engaging in mealtime prayers. Both remain haunted by the loss of Jenny, who returns to the house regularly as a walker and turns the doorknob. Morgan and Duane meet Rick after he returns from the hospital; they take him in and tell him about the rise of the dead, its effects, and the possibility of survivors in Atlanta. Morgan declines Rick’s invitation for him and Duane to accompany Rick to Atlanta, so Rick eventually parts ways with the father and son. Morgan plans to end his wife’s suffering as a walker and help his son learn how to effectively use firearms; the two promise to reunite after Duane learns to shoot. In season 3, Rick finds Morgan in a dysfunctional state, paranoid, threatening to kill all who intrude in his town, and living in a house full of booby traps and writings on the walls. We learn that Morgan's son Duane was killed by his undead mother. Morgan states that he has to "clear" and decides not to return with the group to the prison. Lennie James stated in an interview following the airing of "Clear" that Morgan is still alive. He was initially reported to return as Morgan in Season 4,[5] his cast role not specified. However showrunner Scott M. Gimple confirmed that he will not appear in the fourth season, saying that he was misquoted. Despite this, Gimple stated that Morgan will definitely return. Morgan then appears at the end of the season 5 premiere, in a brief post-credits scene. He is seen on the tracks to Terminus, and comes upon the sign Rick marked to say, "No Sanctuary.". He instead follows a symbol carved into a tree going in a different direction, which is revealed to have been made by the Terminus cannibals on the hunt for Rick's group.[6][7] He then appears in the Season 5 mid-season finale, still following the tree symbols carved by the Terminus cannibals. He reaches Gabriel's church and finds a map with a note written by Sgt. Abraham Ford to Rick, revealing to Morgan that his friend is still alive. Morgan reappears in the Season 5 finale, still in search of Rick. While camping, he comes across two members of The Wolves, a group lurking around The Alexandria Safe Zone responsible for the "W" signs carved into Walkers' foreheads. They attempt to ambush him but are incapacitated and left, alive and unconscious, in a wrecked car. He then comes across Daryl and Aaron, out recruiting survivors to join Alexandria, trapped in a car surrounded by Walkers. He helps them escape to which Daryl asks why, to which Morgan responds that "all life is precious". He hands Daryl the map for directions, who finds Abraham's message written to Rick. He presumably tells Morgan he knows Rick and Morgan accompanies them back to Alexandria, and is reunited with his friend at Alexandria just as Rick executes Pete.
Michonne Danai Gurira 3, 4, 5, 6 2 44
Danai Gurira
Michonne is a resourceful, self-sufficient, katana-wielding survivor. She first appears as a hooded figure accompanied by two walkers chained to her side-by-side, with their arms and lower jaws cut off (to prevent them attacking her or anyone else), who saves Andrea from walkers after she is separated from the group when the farm is overrun. Her past is slowly unravelled through the series, as it reveals she was the mother of a three-year-old boy named Andre Anthony with a boyfriend named Mike and friend, Terry, who are also revealed to be her pet walkers. Michonne explains that their apathy when getting high as she was on a supply run leaving them in her son's care caused the deaths of all three of her loved ones, so in return, she punished them and herself by using them for protection as chained walkers. Michonne and Andrea are brought to Woodbury before her suspicions of The Governor and the town's true nature causes her to leave. He sends his men to kill her, but she kills them and later travels to the prison owned by Rick's group. Her on-going conflict with The Governor continues on a rescue mission operation to save two group members where she has a one-on-one confrontation, killing his reanimated daughter and stabbing him in the eye with broken glass. Later, she seeks vengeance for Andrea's murder, and is soon held hostage with Hershel for The Governor to retake the prison. After Hershel's execution, Michonne escapes captivity during the gunfire and eventually saves Rick's life by killing The Governor. After the assault, she finally rejects her days of isolation and finds Rick and Carl on the road, where they invigorate their bonds, as she reveals her past to Carl. After facing new hells with being held as a prisoner in the cannibal death compound Terminus, and later the deaths of Bob and Beth, Michonne coerces the group to strive further for a safe haven, especially for Judith and Carl. She takes to Alexandria very quickly upon arrival, becoming their deputy. Michonne becomes a voice of reason for both Rick and Sasha, trying to bring them back to their old selves. She punches Rick unconscious when he is pointing a gun at bystanders, but later lets him keep the gun.
Deanna Monroe Tovah Feldshuh 6 5 10
A former Congresswoman and the leader of the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Based on the character of Douglas Monroe from the comic books. She interviews each member of Rick's group as well recording it. She eventually finds a job for each of them to contribute in the community. She states that she is very good at reading people. Deanna is the mother of Aiden and Spencer and wife to Reg.
Spencer Monroe Austin Nichols 6 5 7
Austin Nichols
Spencer is the son of Deanna and Reg, and the older brother of Aiden. He is one of the two snipers in the bell tower, the other being Sasha who he takes an interest in.
Carol Peletier Melissa McBride 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 1 54
Melissa McBride
Carol Peletier is Sophia's protective mother and Ed's abused wife. Before the outbreak, she was a meek housewife, and in the beginning of the apocalypse, she often depended on others for survival and appeared weak, despite showing compassion and kindness to others, particularly Daryl, and putting the good of the group ahead of her own needs. After Sophia's death, Carol gradually undergoes a transformation from a former victim of domestic abuse to a hardened and pragmatic warrior. She manages to survive under difficult circumstances, and soon begins sharing her survival tactics with others. Her story time program at the prison is revealed as a cover for teaching a group of young children self-defense and gives a weapons training course. When the father of two children, Lizzie and Mika, dies following a walker attack, she becomes their adoptive mother by the father's wishes. Carol begins taking bold risks in order to survive, especially during the epidemic that breaks out, killing the severely ill Karen and David mercifully to prevent any others including herself from dying, however she quickly shows remorse over the event with Tyreese, Karen's boyfriend's reaction. Rick banishes her, until she returns following the prison's destruction, encountering Tyreese and the girls, Lizzie and Mika, as well as Judith, Lori's daughter. Her difficult decision making elevates when she is forced to kill the mentally ill Lizzie Samuels after murdering her younger sister, Mika to convince she and Tyreese that walkers merely change humans. She confesses to Karen and David's deaths and Tyreese forgives her, given her explanation, and the two move towards Terminus, only to discover its true nature. Carol successfully destroys Terminus and saves her friends. Rick asks her to rejoin the group and she accepts. After a failed rescue mission for Beth in Atlanta with Daryl, Beth is killed leaving Carol devastated. Carol arrives with the group at Alexandria and pretends to be a weak housewife so that the Alexandrians underestimate her, particularly as she is the one to steal guns from the armory. She also meets Sam Anderson who takes a liking to her, despite her initially being cold to him. Carol believes that the Alexandrians are weak and that they may need to take the zone for themselves.
Eugene Porter Josh McDermitt 5, 6 4 22
Josh McDermitt
Dr. Eugene Porter is a survivor of the apocalypse and a member of Sgt. Abraham Ford's survivor group. He claims that he knows what caused the outbreak and was headed to Washington to find the "cure". He eventually reveals to the group that he lied about being a scientist and does not know the cure. He is punched unconscious by Abraham and remains so, even when the group return to Atlanta. He eventually works his way back into the group, becoming a solar-engineer at Alexandria. He is made to go on a run to find the parts for the solar panels, and when Tara is injured he rescues her from the building. He also later draws the walkers away from when Glenn, Noah and Nicholas are trapped, proving his worth to the group. He and Abraham later reconcile.
Glenn Rhee Steven Yeun 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 N/A 59
Steven Yeun
Glenn Rhee lived in Atlanta, where he delivered pizzas for a living. He is keenly aware of the extreme danger of his missions on behalf of the group, but because of his loyalty to the group he is willing to take the risks. His knowledge of every shortcut in Atlanta proves extremely useful, and he is an excellent scavenger. Glenn thinks well on his feet and shows great compassion and humanity. He develops a passionate relationship with Maggie, while living on the Greene farm and later marries her by the time they reach the prison. He becomes more confident and displays more courage and ingenuity, as well as leadership qualities later. After being infected with the illness spreading in the prison, he soon recovers through Hershel and Bob's care. When the Governor attacks the prison, he is unable to find Maggie and goes on a search for her with Tara Chambler. The two encounter Abraham Ford, Eugene Porter and Rosita Espinosa, who plan to bring Eugene to Washington, D.C. to find a cure for the apocalypse. After reuniting his wife, they journey on a mission to DC, although Eugene quickly reveals he was a fraud hoping for protection. After his half-sister-in-law, Beth's death, he moves forward with plans to find a safe haven for the group and continues to comfort Maggie in her loss. Glenn continues to be the voice of reason after Beth's death, and moral support for the group. When they arrive at Alexandria is assigned to be one of the runners, and he and fellow runner Nicholas have a rivalry, which eventually culminates in Nicholas trying to shoot Glenn, and the two of them getting in a fight, Glenn is unable to kill Nicholas however.
Sasha Williams Sonequa Martin-Green 4, 5, 6 3 30
Sonequa Martin-Green.
Sasha Williams is a former firefighter from Jacksonville, Florida. She travels to Georgia with a group run by her older brother, Tyreese in search of a safe haven. After passing on the prison, Sasha, her brother Tyreese and two others, Allen and Ben are welcomed into Woodbury where she protects the walls as a community entrance guard. She is proven to be a great shot, much better than Tyreese, and decides to behind with the people of Woodbury at the walls to protect them instead of joining the Woodbury army's attack on the prison. They let Rick's group in after Karen explains The Governor's onslaught on his men. Sasha, along with Tyreese, Karen, and other citizens of Woodbury are taken in by the prison group. At the prison, she is appointed to the prison council, and participates as co-leader on the majority of the supply runs that the prison organizes. She, however, becomes one of those infected by a deadly virus circulating the prison, forcing her to enter quarantine. Hershel keeps her safe in a locked cell block when some infected reanimate as walkers. She is then treated by Bob, one of the new prison inhabitants, who gives her medicine. She participates in the battle between her group and the Governor, and escapes the prison with Bob and Maggie. The three later discover the inhabitants in the prison bus have died and reanimated, and Sasha participates in killing her undead former comrades. She eventually starts a romantic relationship with Bob, which results in her devastation when Bob dies, thus turning her into a colder, more hardened individual, even more so upon her brother's Tyreese's death, sometimes doing things which endanger her life. Once at Alexandria she becomes a lookout, and at one point disappears for a day, hunting walkers in the woods, before being brought back by Michonne and Rosita. She seeks help from Gabriel who denies it from her, and attempts to beat him, but is stopped by Maggie.
Gabriel Stokes Seth Gilliam 5, 6 N/A 14
Seth Gilliam
Gabriel Stokes is a priest at a small, local church outside Atlanta. He is an extremely nervous man who is not used to the hazards of the outside world, having been mostly sheltered inside his church after the outbreak began, living off of stored food from the nearby town's food drive. He rarely wanders too far from the church, and one day, when he does, he is cornered on top of a boulder by a group of walkers before Rick's group saves him. He offers to let them stay at his church, but Rick remains especially wary of the priest. Stokes hints at the fact that he did something in his past that he highly regrets, but initially refuses to say what it is. However, after Rick finds the words "You'll burn for this" scratched into the church's outside wall, and after a failed supply run to the same food drive Stokes was thriving off of, Rick confronts him and demands to know the truth. Stokes breaks down and admits that, immediately after the outbreak, he locked his church's doors and refused to let anyone in, even the members of his congregation. Thus, he left them all to die and buried each and every one of their bodies outside the church grounds. He is shown to detest the use of weapons and violence in general, especially after Rick's group slaughters all six of the Hunters inside his church. At Alexandria he tells Deanna that the group are Satan in disguise and are not to be trusted. He later refuses to help Sasha saying that her troubles are what she deserved, and although Tyreese tried to be separate from the horror, he was a part of it. On this Sasha attacks Gabriel but is stopped by Maggie, the three of them then pray together.
Bob Stookey Lawrence Gilliard, Jr. 4, 5 N/A 16
Lawrence Gillard Jr.
Bob Stookey was an army medic before the zombie apocalypse started. Bob recently joined the prison community a week before the fourth season opener when Daryl found him surviving on his own. Bob maintains a confident face to prove his worth to the group, but struggles with alcoholism and his troubled past. When a deadly influenza virus affects the prison inhabitants, Bob joins Daryl's group to retrieve medicine at a college. Bob then talks to Daryl about being the last survivor to two different groups, and admits responsibility for the death of another member of a group during a supply run when his temptation for alcohol resulted in an attack by walkers, although he is quickly forgiven by Daryl. At the college, Bob retrieves a bottle of alcohol, which is later discovered by Daryl, who loses trust in Bob. When they return to the prison, Bob creates vaccinations to help cure the infected. Bob participates in the battle against the Governor. He is injured, however he manages to escape the prison with Sasha and Maggie. After being treated by Sasha, he joins them in their quest to find the prison bus. The three discover the inhabitants in the prison bus have died and reanimated, and Bob participates in putting down his former colleagues. He eventually starts a romantic relationship with Sasha. Later, after the group reunites and escapes Terminus, he joins Rick, Michonne, Sasha, and Father Stokes on a supply run into the nearest town's food bank in "Strangers." It is eventually revealed that, during a scuffle between Bob and a walker beneath the sewage water in the food bank's basement, he sustained a bite to his right shoulder, but kept it a secret from everyone else. Later that night, he leaves the church to put himself down, only to be kidnapped by the Hunters. Though he is initially horrified that they are eating his leg, he laughs and taunts them, saying that he is "tainted meat." In response, the Hunters savagely beat him and leave him outside the church, where he is found by the group. He dies the next morning, after the group has already killed the Hunters, and Tyreese stabs him in the head to put him down.
Tyreese Williams Chad L. Coleman 4, 5 3 22
Chad L. Coleman
Tyreese Williams is the leader of a group from Jacksonville, Florida, which includes Sasha and Allen's family. After unsuccessfully trying to seek refuge at the prison due to Rick's hallucinations, Tyreese and the others find their way to Woodbury. Tyreese and Sasha become guards at Woodbury's walls, but he becomes wary of The Governor's attentions. When the assault on the prison is declared, Tyreese and Sasha stay behind to protect the innocent civilians. Eventually, Rick's group return to reveal The Governor massacred his entire army, except for lone survivor, Karen. Six months later, Karen and Tyreese form a relationship at the prison as he becomes pro-active in supply runs with Daryl, Michonne, Bob and Sasha. During the flu epidemic that breaks out at the prison, Karen is secretly killed and burned to prevent the disease from spreading. Furious, he commands Rick to investigate on the murder, and attacks Daryl and Rick out of frustration. He finds medicine with the others for the sick inmates before The Governor returns when their numbers are down. Tyreese fights the Governor's militia along with Rick's group as he rescues Rick's infant daughter, Judith. He escapes with Lizzie and Mika and encounters Carol on the road, unaware of her responsibility to Karen's death. Lizzie's psychotic behavior becomes a threat to Tyreese and Carol when she murders her sister, and after Carol puts her down, she admits to mercifully killing Karen to prevent people from dying. Tyreese forgives her, but remains haunted by the situation at the grove where they stayed. Soon, he appears psychologically and emotionally damaged, refusing to kill and trying to teach others about mercy. After reuniting with the group, Sasha is alarmed by his behavior but seeks his comfort in her own loss. After proposing a safe mission to save Beth that fails when Beth is killed, the group go to Richmond, Virginia, in Beth's friend, Noah's town for a sanctuary. Tyreese however is bitten in one of the homes of the overrun place, and accepts his fate while hallucinating previous deceased group members, making the choice of letting go of his guilt of their losses at last and eventually dying after his arm is amputated.
Shane Walsh Jon Bernthal 1, 2 3 19
Jon Bernthal
Shane Walsh is a former sheriff’s deputy in a small Georgia town; he was Rick’s partner in the sheriff’s department and best friend since high school. Shane harbors feelings for Lori, and the two begin a sexual relationship after Shane tells Lori that Rick is dead. Among the group of survivors, Shane initially acts as the de facto leader, a position he enjoys. He has always lived in Rick's shadow and, while he never consciously resented it, he relishes his newfound position of authority. Shane is the primary antagonist in Season 2, becoming increasingly prone to bouts of irrational violence and bloodlust, which gradually develop from the first season. In an act of self-preservation, he sacrifices Otis to a horde of walkers so he can escape. His conscience gradually deteriorates after this, which results in him killing all of Hershel's captive walkers and attempting to kill Randall and Rick when they try to free him. Shane later stages Randall's escape, and kills him in the woods. He uses this as a lure to assassinate Rick so he can be leader and have Lori all to himself, but Rick ultimately kills Shane in an act of self-defense. After Shane dies, he reanimates as a walker, tries to bite Rick, and is finally brought down by Carl. In "Made to Suffer", Rick mistakenly believes he sees Shane during the attack on Woodbury, walking through the smoke where "Shane" fatally shoots Oscar before Rick shoots and kills him. When Rick inspects the body, it turns out to be that of an ordinary Woodbury soldier and not Shane.

Supporting cast appearances[edit]

Key:      = Recurring (credited as "also starring")
Key:      = Co-starring
Key:      = Guest/Cameo
Actor/actress Character Appearances
S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 Total
Various Judith Grimes - - 10 7 12 5 33
IronE Singleton Theodore "T-Dog" Douglas 5 12 3 - - - 20
Jose Pablo Cantillo Caesar Martinez - - 11 2 - - 13
Melissa Ponzio Karen - - 4 6 1 - 11
Jane McNeill Patricia - 11 - - - - 11
Travis Love Shumpert - - 10 1 - - 11
Dallas Roberts Milton Mamet - - 10 - - - 10
Tyler James Williams Noah - - - - 10 - 10
Major Dodson Sam Anderson - - - - 4 6 10
James Allen McCune Jimmy - 10 - - - - 10
Brighton Sharbino Lizzie Samuels - - - 8 1 - 9
Austin Abrams Ron Anderson - - - - 3 6 9
Madison Lintz Sophia Peletier 4 4 - - - - 8
Lew Temple Axel - - 8 - - - 8
Jason Douglas Tobin - - - - 4 4 8
Jordan Woods-Robinson Eric - - - - 4 4 8
Ann Mahoney Olivia - - - - 2 5 7
Vincent M. Ward Oscar - - 7 - - - 7
Daniel Thomas May Allen - - 6 1 - - 7
Michael Traynor Nicholas - - - - 4 3 7
Emma Bell Amy 5 - 1 - - - 6
Kyla Kenedy Mika Samuels - - - 5 1 - 6
Stacy Payne Stacy - - - - 4 2 6
Katelyn Nacon Enid - - - - 2 4 6
Jeryl Prescott Sales Jacqui 5 - 1 - - - 6
Merritt Wever Dr. Denise Cloyd - - - - - 5 5
Benedict Samuel Wolf #1 - - - - 1 4 5
Andrew Rothenberg Jim 4 - 1 - - - 5
Tyler Chase Ben - - 5 - - - 5
Corey Brill Pete Anderson - - - - 5 - 5
Juan Pareja Morales 4 - - - - - 4
Michael Zegen Randall Culver - 4 - - - - 4
Sunkrish Bala Dr. Caleb Subramanian - - - 4 - - 4
Jeff Kober Joe - - - 4 - - 4
Chris Coy Martin - - - - 4 - 4
Steve Coulter Reg Monroe - - - - 4* - 4
Kenric Green Scott - - - - - 4* 4
Adam Minarovich Ed Peletier 3 1 - - - - 4
Lucie O'Ferrall Ms. McLeond - - 4 - - - 4
Sherry Richards Jeannete - - - 4 - - 4
Luke Donaldson Luke - - - 4 - - 4
Davi Jay Tony - - - 4 - - 4
Juliana Harkavy Alisha - - - 4 - - 4
Brandon Carrol David - - - 3 1 - 4
Ricky Wayne O'Donnell - - - - 4 - 4
Ted Huckabee Bruce - - - - 2 2 4
Dahlia Legault Francine - - - - 2 2 4
David Silverman Kent - - - - 2 2 4
Mandi Christine Kerr Barbara - - - - 2 2 4
Pruitt Taylor Vince Otis - 3 - - - - 3
Donzaleigh Abernathy Dr. Stevens - - 3 - - - 3
Alexa Nikolas Haley - - 3 - - - 3
Vincent Martella Patrick - - - 3 - - 3
Audrey Marie Anderson Lilly Chambler - - - 3 - - 3
Meyrick Murphy Meghan Chambler - - - 3 - - 3
Denise Crosby Mary - - - 2 1 - 3
Christine Woods Dawn Lerner - - - - 3 - 3
Erik Jensen Dr. Steve Edwards - - - - 3 - 3
Vviana Chavez Miranda Morales 3 - - - - - 3
Maddie Lomax Eliza Morales 3 - - - - - 3
Noah Lomax Louis Morales 3 - - - - - 3
Markice Moore Andrew - - 3 - - - 3
Lawrence Kao Tim - - 3 - - - 3
Marcus Hester Len - - - 3 - - 3
J.D. Evermore Harley - - - 3 - - 3
Eric Mendenhall Billy - - - 3 - - 3
Kennedy Brice Molly - - - 3 - - 3
Keith Brooks Dan - - - 3 - - 3
Teri Wyble Shepherd - - - - 3 - 3
April Billingsley Theresa - - - - 3 - 3
Tiffany Morgan Erin - - - - 2 1 3
Jesse C. Boyd Wolf #2 - - - - 1 2 3
Jay Huguley David - - - - - 3 3
Noah Emmerich Edwin Jenner 2 - - - - - 2
Michael Raymond-James Dave - 2 - - - - 2
Julio Cesar Cedillo Lieutenant Welles - - 2 - - - 2
Kirk Acevedo Mitch Dolgen - - - 2 - - 2
Kerry Condon Clara - - - 2 - - 2
Daniel Bonjour Aiden Monroe - - - - 2 - 2
Maximiliano Hernández Bob Lamson - - - - 2 - 2
Corey Hawkins Heath - - - - - 2 2
Justin Miles Barnes - - - - - 2* 2
Aaron Munoz Tony - 2 - - - - 2
Theodus Crane Big Tiny - - 2 - - - 2
Nick Gomez Tomas - - 2 - - - 2
Lindsay Albernathy Rowan - - 2 - - - 2
Arther Bridgers Crowley - - 2 - - - 2
E. Roger Mitchell Paul - - 2 - - - 2
Kylie Szymanski Penny Blake - - 2 - - - 2
Victor McCay Ryan Samuels - - - 2 - - 2
Santiago Cirilo Julio - - - 2 - - 2
Elijah Marcano Mikey - - - - 2 - 2
Marc Gowan Percy - - - - 2 - 2
Christopher Matthew Cook Licari - - - - 2 - 2
Benjamin Papac Albert - - - - 2 - 2
Travis Young Greg - - - - 2 - 2
Chris Burns Mike - - - - 2 - 2
Beth Keener Annie - - - - - 2 2
Jonathan Kreitman Sturgess - - - - - 2 2
Tate Ellington Alex - - - 1 1 - 2
Robin Lord Taylor Sam - - - 1 1 - 2
Linds Edwards Leon Basset 1 - - - - - 1
Noel G. Felipe 1 - - - - - 1
Neil Brown, Jr. Guillermo 1 - - - - - 1
Adrian Kali Turner Duane Jones 1 - - - - - 1
Dave Davis Gargulio - - 1 - - - 1
Cherie Dvorak Donna - - 1 - - - 1
Tanner Holland Jody - - 1 - - - 1
Parker Wierling Noah - - 1 - - - 1
Kyle Gallner Zach - - - 1 - - 1
Enver Gjokaj Pete Dolgen - - - 1 - - 1
Brina Palencia Ana - - - 1 - - 1
Danny Vinson David Chambler - - - 1 - - 1
Scott Dale Lou - - - 1 - - 1
Rico Ball Franco - - - - 1 - 1
Keisha Castle-Hughes Joan - - - - 1 - 1
Kyle Clements McGinley - - - - 1 - 1
Cullen Moss Gorman - - - - 1 - 1
Ethan Embry Carter - - - - - 1 1
John Carroll Lynch Eastman - - - - - 1 1
Vanessa Cloke Anna - - - - - 1 1
Austin Emilio Dwight - - - - - 1 1
Christine Evangelista Sherry - - - - - 1 1
Liz E. Morgan Tina - - - - - 1 1
Darin Cooper Wade - - - - - 1 1
Matt Lowe Cam - - - - - 1 1
Tom Payne Paul Monroe - - - - -
Xander Berkeley Gregory - - - - -
Jeffrey Dean Morgan Negan - - - - -
  • Reg Monroe (Steve Coulter) is credited as a co-star in his first three performances and as also starring in his fourth.
  • Scott (Kenric Green) is credited as a co-star in his first performance and as also starring in his subsequent appearances.
  • Barnes (Justin Miles) is credited as a co-star in his first performance and as also starring in his second.

Supporting characters[edit]

Atlanta survivors[edit]

Name Actor/actress Season(s) Episode count
Amy Emma Bell 1, 3 6
Emma Bell
Amy is Andrea's younger sister. When the dead begin to rise, Amy and Andrea joined the survivor group existing on the outer limits of the overrun city of Atlanta. One night, Amy is bitten by a walker in the opening stages of a walker swarm's attack on the exposed camp and dies in Andrea’s arms. Andrea is distraught after Amy's death and wants to stay in the CDC and die, but Dale convinces Andrea not to.
Theodore "T-Dog" Douglas IronE Singleton 1, 2, 3 20
IronE Singleton
Theodore "T-Dog" Douglas is a muscular and well-intentioned man who becomes extremely loyal to Rick. He is part of the group Rick meets in the Atlanta department store, and after Rick subdues Merle he accidentally drops the key to the handcuffs down a drainpipe leaving Merle trapped on the rooftop. T-Dog travels with the group to Hershel's farm and survives its destruction before traveling to the prison. He helps clear the prison, but is bitten while securing the gate. He later sacrifices himself to save Carol during a walker attack.
Jacqui Jeryl Prescott Sales 1, 3 6
Jacqui is a member of the Atlanta survivors. She accompanies the band to the Atlanta Centers for Disease Control. At first, she believes the CDC will have a cure and save them, and she despairs with the rest of the group when they learn that there is no cure. She elects to remain behind with Dr. Jenner when the CDC self-destructs, holding his hand when the building explodes.
Jim Andrew Rothenberg 1, 3 5
Jim was a member of the Atlanta survivor group. During a walker attack on the group, Jim is bitten but says nothing until Jacqui finds out. Jim suffers the effects of the infection for days before asking to be abandoned on the road to the CDC in order to rejoin his family.
Morales Family Juan Pareja, Vivana Chavez, Maddie Lomax and Noah Lomax 1 4
The Morales family consists of the husband (Juan Pareja), who goes by his last name, his wife Miranda (Viviana Chavez), and their two young children, Eliza (Maddie Lomax) and Louis (Noah Lomax). After the survivors decide to go to the CDC, the Morales' decide to try their luck locating relatives in Birmingham, Alabama. They are never again seen or mentioned after that.
Ed Peletier Adam Minarovich 1, 2 4
Ed Peletier is Carol's husband and Sophia's father. He is lazy, abusive, and sexist. After Ed slaps his wife in front of other survivors, Shane beats Ed badly, threatening to kill him the next time he sees Ed lay his hands on his family or anyone else again. Due to his injuries, Ed remains in his tent and becomes the first victim of a subsequent walker attack, when he unknowingly opens the tent to a walker outside (see "Vatos").
Sophia Peletier Madison Lintz 1, 2 8
Madison Lintz
Sophia Peletier is Carol and Ed Peletier's 12-year-old daughter. Sophia and her mother are shown to be closer to the Grimes family after Ed is killed by a walker, and both Sophia and her mother become more outspoken and happy following Ed's demise. In the first episode of Season 2, walkers chase Sophia into the woods, and she becomes detached from the group. The group searches for her, but in the mid-season finale, it is revealed that Sophia became a walker and was being kept in Hershel's barn. Rick remorsefully shoots her, and she is buried at the farm.

Hershel's farm[edit]

Name Actor/actress Season(s) Episode count
Jimmy James Allen McCune 2 10
Jimmy is Beth's 17-year-old boyfriend, who resides at the Greene farm. He is shown to be eager to have a gun and attempts to get one from Rick without Hershel's permission. He successfully rescues Rick and Carl from the barn when walkers overrun the farm but is killed and devoured slowly when walkers overrun the RV (in "Beside the Dying Fire").
Otis Pruitt Taylor Vince 2 3
Otis is Hershel Greene's ranch hand and Patricia's husband. In the season 2 premiere ("Save the Last One"), he accidentally shoots and wounds Carl while hunting deer, and Otis leads Rick and Shane to Hershel's farm to get help. Guilt-ridden over Carl's wounding, he volunteers to go with Shane to the local high school to get the medical supplies needed to save Carl's life. Both Otis and Shane are injured while fleeing a large herd of walkers. When they run low on ammunition and seem in danger of being overtaken, Shane shoots Otis in the leg, leaving him to be devoured so that Shane can escape.
Patricia Jane McNeill 2 11
Patricia is a middle-aged woman who resides at the Greene farm along with her husband Otis. She has some limited medical skills, suggesting she was Hershel's veterinary technician, as she can administer I.V.'s, stitch superficial wounds, and prepare for surgeries, though not perform them herself. She is a quiet but helpful individual, and is shown to be greatly concerned with Otis' well-being. Patricia is deeply distraught over Otis' death. After his funeral, she befriends Lori and Carol, though she exhibits depressed behavior. She is killed by walkers (in "Beside the Dying Fire") while attempting to escape the farm. Patricia is one of the names Carl suggests for Judith.

Dave and Tony's group[edit]

Name Actor/actress Season(s) Episode count
Randall Culver Michael Zegen 2 4
Michael Zegen
Randall Culver is a young member of Dave and Tony's group. He attended the same high school as Maggie Greene and recently lost his mother (presumably when the apocalypse broke out). When he impales his leg on a fence, Rick, Glenn, and Hershel rescue him, despite his having shot at them. When they realize Randall's group may be dangerous, Rick and Shane disagree about whether to keep him alive or kill him. Shane ultimately brings Randall out into the woods and snaps his neck. Glenn and Daryl later discover Randall as a walker, and Glenn impales him through the head with a machete.
Dave and Tony Michael Raymond-James and Aaron Munoz 2 2
Michael Raymond-James
Dave (Michael Raymond-James) and Tony (Aaron Munoz) are from Pennsylvania and are with a group of 30 armed men. They encounter Rick, Hershel, and Glenn in a bar (in the episode "Nebraska"). During a conversation, Dave mentions that Tony went "to college"[8] for two years. Tony then walks over to a corner and urinates on the floor. After Rick refuses them safe harbor at the farm, Dave reaches for his handgun, giving away an ambush. After Rick kills Dave in self-defense, he spins around and shoots Tony in the right shoulder and stomach, before Tony can fire the shotgun he has raised. As Tony slumps against the wall, Rick kills him by shooting him in the head. Rick then takes Tony's shotgun and some shells from his pocket, while Glenn takes Dave's handgun. Rick, Hershel, and Glenn leave Dave and Tony's corpses in the bar when they flee the town.
Nate Phillip DeVona 2 1
Nate is a member of Dave and Tony's group, who waits outside the bar in his car during the shootout. As walkers approach and Sean is killed, Nate drives off, leaving Randall behind.
Sean Keedar Whittle 2 1
Sean is a survivor from Dave and Tony's group. During the shootout, Hershel shoots him in the chest. He survives, only to be devoured by walkers attracted by the sounds of gunshots.

Prison survivors[edit]

Five inmates in the prison survived the apocalypse, locked up in the canteen for ten months. Until released from the canteen by Rick's group, they were unaware of the walker plague that wiped out a large percentage of the population. Rick tells them they can live in a separate cellblock. Although two of them ultimately join Rick's group, they all eventually die.

Name Actor/actress Season(s) Episode count
Andrew Markice Moore 3 3
Andrew is a character from the comics; he is an inmate-survivor at the prison and Tomas' right-hand man. When Rick kills Tomas, Andrew attacks Rick, after which Andrew flees and ends up in a courtyard, surrounded by walkers, where Rick locks him in. However, Andrew was shown (in "Killer Within") to have survived, and he attempts to sabotage the prison, which leads to the deaths of Lori and T-Dog. Andrew eventually gets into a confrontation with Rick, successfully disarming him. Andrew orders Oscar to shoot Rick, but Oscar instead shoots Andrew dead.
Axel Lew Temple 3 8
Lew Temple
A character from the comics, Axel is an inmate-survivor at the prison, who was jailed for armed robbery. He initially leads others to believe he was in for a narcotics conviction. He appears to be much kinder than his fellow inmates and tends to calm things down. After Tomas' attempt at killing Rick, he and Oscar are accused of collaborating with Tomas and Andrew to kill Rick and his group. After Rick's group dispatches with Tomas and Andrew, Rick's group holds Axel and Oscar at gunpoint. After Axel begs for mercy and pleads that he and Oscar were not in on Tomas' plan, Rick decides to spare him and Oscar and allow them to live in another cellblock. Axel later pleads with Rick to let him and Oscar join Rick's group, but his request is denied. After helping the group clear out walkers that Andrew induced to invade the prison, Axel and Oscar are finally accepted into the group. Axel becomes close friends with Carol; as he amuses her with tales about his previous life, he is unexpectedly shot in the head by The Governor, in the opening volley of The Governor's attack on the prison. Carol uses Axel's body as a shield from the assault. In a later episode, Daryl tells Andrea that everybody liked Axel and he was part of the group. Axel was the last surviving prison inmate.
Big Tiny Theodus Crane 3 2
Big Tiny is a large inmate-survivor in the prison. He is the muscle of the group but appears to be gentler and more reasonable than some other group members (such as Tomas and Andrew). While clearing out the cellblock, he disobeys Rick's admonition to stick together, and a walker scratches his shoulder blade. While trying to convince the others the scratch has no effect on him, Tomas unexpectedly and brutally smashes his head repeatedly with a blunt instrument, killing him, much to the others' horror.
Oscar Vincent Ward 3 7
Vincent Ward
Oscar is an inmate-survivor at the prison, who was jailed for breaking and entering. He refuses to beg for his life after being accused of associating with Tomas and tells Rick he can shoot him and Axel if he wants. Rick spares Oscar and allows him and Axel to move to a separate cellblock. After being denied entry into Rick's group, and before Andrew induces a walker invasion, Oscar decides to leave the prison. He gains Rick's trust after shooting Andrew, who was trying to kill Rick, and then giving Rick the gun. Oscar soon becomes a vital member of the group and demonstrates proficiency in killing walkers, as well as a fondness for bedroom slippers. During the rescue mission to save Glenn and Maggie, Oscar is shot and killed by a Woodbury soldier, while helping Maggie over the blockade wall.
Tomas Nick Gomez 3 2
Tomas is the leader of the five inmate-survivors at the prison and is feared by the others. He is the only prisoner who appears to be violent and hostile towards the new group; he claims the prison belongs to him and orders Rick's group to leave. He and Rick eventually strike an agreement that Rick's group will help them clear another cellblock to live in in exchange for half of the pantry's stores of food. Tomas first proves he is untrustworthy when he later tries, unsuccessfully, to renege on that deal. While clearing out walkers, Tomas violently kills Big Tiny after Tiny is injured by a walker, and Tomas shows no remorse. Tomas then makes two attempts on Rick's life, forcing Rick to kill him.

Woodbury survivors[edit]

Woodbury is a town in Georgia, of which a few streets have been walled off to keep the town operating. It is led by Philip Blake, who has adopted the nickname "The Governor" from the townspeople. Woodbury had a population of close to eighty people at the time of Andrea and Michonne's arrival, but due to various factors (such as the prison group's attack on the town and The Governor's slaughter of nearly his entire army), the population dwindles dramatically throughout Season 3. Robert Kirkman later confirmed that any and all Woodbury characters who were not brought to the prison are deceased. The remaining population of Woodbury at the Prison Community dwindles further throughout Season 4 as a result of the spreading of the flu. As of the Season 4 episode "Inmates," nearly every resident of Woodbury is confirmed to be deceased, as the bus is apparently overwhelmed and everyone on board becomes zombified (and later put down by Maggie Greene, Bob Stookey, and Sasha). It has been confirmed that any other Woodbury resident (except Jeanette) not seen dying either on the bus or at the prison is deceased nonetheless. Thus, as of the episode "Inmates," the entire population of Woodbury is confirmed to be dead.


Name Actor/actress Season(s) Episode count
Crowley Arther Bridgers 3 2
Crowley is one of The Governor's enforcers. In "Hounded", after Michonne leaves Woodbury, Merle leads a team to track her down and kill her, and Michonne decapitates him. Merle then has Gargulio put Crowley down before he turns.
Gargulio Dave Davis 3 1
Gargulio is a new soldier to the Woodbury army, tasked with participating with Merle's posse to track down and kill Michonne after she leaves Woodbury. Merle forces Gargulio to shoot Crowley in the head, to prevent him from reanimating. Merle shoots Gargulio dead for disagreeing with Merle's plan to give up on finding Michonne but to tell The Governor they killed her.
Haley Alexa Nikolas 3 3
Haley is one of The Governor's enforcers tasked with protecting Woodbury's wall. She teaches Andrea how to use a bow and arrows, and tells Andrea she had to kill her father and brother when they turned. She gets angry when Andrea crosses the wall (breaking The Governor's rules) and at Andrea's delight in killing a "biter". Maggie shoots and kills Haley when Maggie and Rick storm Woodbury to save the Dixon brothers.
Karen Melissa Ponzio 3, 4, 5 7
Melissa Ponzio
Karen is one of The Governor's enforcers tasked with protecting Woodbury's wall. She is seen trying to leave Woodbury when conditions worsen, and she becomes angry when Noah is forced to join Woodbury's army. She is among The Governor's soldiers who attack and fail to take over the prison. When the army rebels against returning to the prison, The Governor shoots all of them, except his top henchmen (Martinez and Shumpert), and Karen, who hides under a body and survives. She is found hiding in a truck by Rick, Michonne, and Daryl, and is among the Woodbury citizens who are taken to the prison. By the time Season 4 begins, she has started a relationship with Tyreese. When an influenza outbreak spreads throughout the prison, Karen begins to get sick and is quarantined until she gets better. However, Carol kills Karen and burns her body in an attempt to keep the virus from spreading.
Caesar Martinez Jose Pablo Cantillo 3, 4 13
Jose Pablo Cantillo
Caesar Martinez is one of The Governor's enforcers; he becomes The Governor's most trusted enforcer after Merle defects. Martinez is a sharpshooter who favors a baseball bat; he is also shown wearing a baseball jersey bearing the number 23. He reveals to Daryl that walkers killed his wife and children when the apocalypse began. Merle, who acts as Martinez's sparring partner in Woodbury's gladiator-style tournaments, refers to him both as "Brownie" and as "Bro" in the same conversation because Merle was a Redneck and Junkie, in "Say The Word". Martinez assists in all of The Governor's attacks against the prison, although he is shocked when The Governor massacres his own army (in "Welcome to the Tombs"). Because Martinez and Shumpert didn't disobey him in that episode, The Governor spares them, and together, the three depart. In the Season 4 episode "Live Bait", which shows what occurred to the trio after The Governor slaughtered the Woodbury army, Martinez puts down a walker who approaches The Governor, who seems to have fallen into in an indifferent stupor. The next morning, The Governor awakens to find Martinez and Shumpert have abandoned him to fend for himself. Martinez and The Governor reunite when Martinez finds him in the pit trap. As revealed in "Dead Weight", Martinez has established himself as the leader of his group, with seconds-in-commands Pete and Mitch Dolgen. Martinez is comforted by The Governor's having apparently changed his ways (evidenced by his having started over with a new family). While playing golf with The Governor, Martinez reveals that Shumpert had died and admits to his worries about keeping the group safe. After Martinez proposes sharing leadership with him, The Governor strikes him down and feeds him to a pit of walkers.
Noah Parker Wierling 3 1
Noah is one of The Governor's enforcers; he is an adolescent who has severe asthma. The Governor enrolls Noah in his army despite his youth and infirmity. Karen and Andrea try to stop this from happening but fail. It is not made clear whether or not Noah is among The Governor's army that attacks the prison. In an interview with MTV, Melissa Ponzio (Karen) confirmed that Noah is not Karen's son (as some viewers believed) and that The Governor killed him off-screen.[citation needed]
Paul E. Roger Mitchell 3 3
Paul is one of The Governor's enforcers tasked with protecting the wall. He tries to break out of Woodbury when conditions worsen. He is among The Governor's men who attack the prison and retreat when Rick's group overwhelms them. The Governor shoots and kills Paul when Paul protests against returning to attack the prison.
Shumpert Travis Love 3, 4 11
Shumpert ("The Bowman") (Travis Love) is one of The Governor's enforcers. Like Daryl, his weapon of choice is a crossbow (hence, some fans who don't know his name sometimes refer to Shumpert as "The Bowman" or "Bowman"), although (also like Daryl) he is a marksman. Shumpert participates in The Governor's attacks on the prison. When the second attack ends in failure, and the army decides not to return to the prison, The Governor guns down the Woodbury soldiers, sparing only his allies Shumpert and Martinez, although the two are visibly stunned by the slaughter. The three then drive off together. Shumpert and Martinez make camp with The Governor, then abandon him and form a group of their own. When The Governor joins Martinez's group, Martinez discloses to him that Shumpert had become depressed and reckless following the massacre, and was bitten by a walker, forcing Martinez to put him down.
Tim Lawrence Kao 3 3
Tim is one of The Governor's enforcers. Despite Tim's youth, The Governor had trained him to kill both the undead and the living. He also rakes The Governor's lawn and referees Woodbury's gladiator tournament. In "Hounded", after Michonne leaves Woodbury, Merle leads a team to find her. However, she gets the drop on them and fatally stabs Tim in the chest. Merle later prevents Tim from becoming a walker by stabbing him in the brain.
Jody Tanner Holland 3 1
Jody is one of the Woodbury citizens who participate in the attack on the prison but are defeated. He however is not killed by The Governor in the shootout. Jody gets separated from everyone else and instead finds Carl, Hershel, Beth, and Judith. Carl shoots him dead after Jody tries to hand them his weapon (whom Carl thought was trying to shoot him). In Carl's defense, Jody was asked to drop the weapon, but instead, he continued to approach Hershel and Carl with weapon in hand (albeit in a non-aggressive manner).


Name Actor/actress Season(s) Episode count
Penny Blake Kylie Szymanski 3 2
Penny Blake is The Governor's zombified daughter, whom he has kept locked in a closet in his house. He feeds her fresh meat and tenderly grooms her. Michonne finds her in a cage and lets her out, but is shocked when pulling the bag off Penny's head reveals she is a walker. The Governor pleads with Michonne not to harm Penny, but Michonne kills her anyway, thus sending The Governor into a rage.
Eileen Meaghan Caddy 3 3
Eileen is a Woodbury resident, who is pregnant. She has her baby sometime before the events of "Welcome to the Tombs".
Eryn Eryn Ridings 4 2
Eryn is a young Woodbury refugee brought to the prison after the fall of Woodbury, who is seen attending Carol's storytime session. She was killed on the walker attack in the prison. Rick and Daryl found her body, and Daryl put her down.
Greg Greg Crews 4 2
Greg is a Woodbury refugee who is brought to live at the prison community. In "Infected", an undead Patrick bites him while Greg is sleeping, which gradually causes a full-scale attack from within Cell Block D when Greg himself reanimates. Daryl uses his crossbow to put down Greg.
Mr. Jacobson Randy Ward 3, 4 9
Mr. Jacobson is a Woodbury resident often seen around the town. Following the disbanding of Woodbury, he and the other remaining Woodbury residents are taken by Rick's group on a bus to the prison. About seven months afterward, an influenza outbreak sweeps through the prison community, and Mr. Jacobson becomes infected. He loses his battle with the flu and is put down in private by Glenn after reanimating (so as to not dishearten the other sick community residents in quarantine).
Jeanette Sherry Richards 4 4
Jeanette is a newcomer to the prison community, who was brought there along with the other remaining residents of Woodbury. Carol brings her with the other sick residents of the community to Cell Block A to be quarantined. Jeanette insists that she is not sick and her allergies are only acting up, but Carol does not believe her, and makes her enter anyway. She is probably treated when Daryl's group returns with medicine. Jeanette is among the prison inhabitants who escape the prison on the bus when the Governor attacks the compound. As of the mid-season finale of Season 4, Jeanette is the only named Woodbury character who is confirmed alive. Quite possibly Jeanette died on the bus after the attack walkers.
Milton Mamet Dallas Roberts 3 10
Milton Mamet is a scientist who serves as one of The Governor's right-hand men. He knew Phillip Blake before Phillip became "The Governor", and thus had a long-term relationship with him. Although Milton has allied himself with The Governor, he seems to disagree with The Governor's violent and unethical methods. He studies the decapitated bodies of Michonne's pair of walkers and researches the possibility of appealing to Michael Coleman's humanity, after Coleman dies and reanimates. Milton later helps Andrea escape to go try and make peace with Rick, and accompanies The Governor to the peace meeting with Rick. He expresses misgivings about The Governor's methods when he learns The Governor plans to kill everyone at the prison except for Michonne. He later tells Andrea to escape and, it is implied, he burns the captured walkers The Governor planned to use against the prison group. The Governor realizes that Milton revealed his plan to Andrea, and this causes a rift in Milton and The Governor's relationship. When Milton challenges The Governor to give up the war and forego avenging Michonne's vanquishing of zombified Penny, The Governor restrains and badly beats Milton for his betrayal. He then tasks Milton to kill Andrea, but Milton instead attacks The Governor, who then stabs Milton, mortally wounding him. The Governor locks Milton in the torture chamber with Andrea, deciding to let the reanimated Milton eat her. However, Milton attempts to assist Andrea by planting a pair of pliers within her reach with which to free herself and stab the zombified Milton in the head. Andrea fails to free herself in time, and a zombified Milton bites her before she puts him down. Rick's group later finds his body with a bitten, but alive, Andrea.
Ms. McLeod Lucie O'Ferrall 3 4
Ms. McLeod is an elderly Woodbury resident, who is too arthritic to join The Governor's army. She is seen getting off the bus at the prison and is not seen after "Welcome to the Tombs," leaving her fate unknown. Ms. McLeod is seen running down the stairs in "Infected". She is quarantined in death row and gets killed when the sick people start to reanimate as walkers.
Rowan Lindsay Abernathy 3 2
Rowan is a Woodbury resident who guides newcomers Andrea and Michonne around the town after they've recovered from being on the road, and she defends The Governor's enforcers when Andrea complains about seeing a walker "strung up like a Christmas ornament". Rowan is shown to have a sexual relationship with The Governor. She gets killed when Rick and Maggie attack Woodbury at the arena.
Dr. Stevens Donzaleigh Abernathy 3 2
Donzaleigh Abernathy
Dr. Stevens is Woodbury's physician. She cares for Andrea, Michonne, and Welles after The Governor has brought them in, for the Woodbury victims injured in the battle with Rick's group, and for The Governor after his fight with Michonne.
Thomas Tyler McPherson 4 2
Thomas is a Woodbury refugee brought to the prison community. During the walker attack on Cell Block D, Thomas is killed in his cell upstairs. Rick goes up to Thomas' cell and puts him down before he can reanimate.

Tyreese's group[edit]

Name Actor/actress Season(s) Episode count
Allen Daniel Thomas May 3, 4 7
Allen is Donna's husband and Ben's father. The three travel to the prison with Tyreese's group, where Donna dies from a walker bite. After Rick banishes Tyreese's group from the prison, Allen survives with them for several days in the forest and travels with them to Woodbury, where he and his son Ben join The Governor's army. Gradually, Allen is shown to have dark intentions, first made evident in his initial proposal to take over the prison, next in his grudge against Tyreese for making Donna revere him instead of Allen, and ultimately in his willingness to do anything to stay at Woodbury. Allen is among the Woodbury army that attacks the prison and is defeated by Rick's group. When the Woodbury army retreats and abandons their plans for takeover, Allen stands by The Governor's order to return to the prison, wanting to avenge his son's death. An enraged Governor kills the civilian army members, prompting a shocked Allen to draw his gun on The Governor. Allen does not shoot, however, and The Governor shoots Allen in the head, killing him.
Ben Tyler Chase 3 5
Ben is Allen and Donna's son, and a member of Tyreese's group. He supports his father's plot to take over the prison, which Tyreese thwarts. After Rick banishes Tyreese's group from the prison, Ben survives with them for several days in the forest and travels with them to Woodbury where, with his father, he joins The Governor's army. He dies (in "This Sorrowful Life") when he steps in front of a bullet meant for The Governor, and Merle shoots him in the chest. After Merle is killed, the reanimated Merle eats an arm off Ben's corpse.
Donna Cherie Dvorak 3 1
Donna is Allen's wife and Ben's mother. She travels with them and Tyreese's group and is bitten right before entering the prison. Sasha proposes putting her down outside of the prison, but Allen and Ben beg Tyreese to spare her. Tyreese complies and is forced to carry her when she proves too heavy for Allen, who sits on the ground when being chased by zombies, and gives up. Donna soon dies of her wound, and Tyreese destroys her brain before she reanimates.

Prison newcomers[edit]

After The Governor executes most of the able-bodied Woodbury residents who had been members of his army, only the children and elderly townspeople remain at Woodbury (under the watchful eye of Tyreese and Sasha). After Andrea's suicide due to being bitten, Rick and his group return to the prison with the remaining Woodbury survivors (including Tyreese, Sasha, Karen, Eryn, Jeanette, and Ms. McLeod), swelling the prison's population from the original ten to around 30. Six to seven months afterwards, numerous other survivors have joined the prison community, from various locations and backgrounds. Some of those people are Ryan Samuels, Mika Samuels, Patrick, Zach, Lizzie Samuels, Luke, Owen, Molly, Julio, and Charlie. The compound is initially peaceful and thriving, until a flu epidemic spreads throughout the community and infects numerous residents, killing many of those stricken. However, when the scouting group returns with medicine, the issue is resolved. Shortly afterwards, The Governor returns with a militia and executes the captive Hershel, igniting a firefight between the two groups. This battle leads to the fall of the prison community after The Governor tears down the fences. As a result of the flu and the Governor's assault, the numbers dwindle significantly. The escaping newcomers are found dead on the public transport bus for the prison, while five other newcomers remain alive. Lizzie and Mika are later killed, as well as Bob and lastly Tyreese. Sasha is only prison newcomer still alive.

Name Actor/actress Season(s) Episode count
David Brandon Carroll 4, 5 4
David is a newcomer to the prison community who Karen in episode 2 says is from "the Decatur group". In "30 Days Without an Accident", he is seen alongside Karen, killing walkers behind the prison fence. In "Infected", David falls ill during the flu outbreak at the prison and is quarantined along with others (such as Karen) in Cell Block A. The next morning, Tyreese discovers that at some point David and Karen were killed by an unknown individual and their bodies dragged out to the courtyard and burned. It is later revealed that it was Carol who killed them, in order to prevent the disease from spreading further and to put them out of their misery. Tyreese later buries David and Karen next to one another.
Julio Santiago Cirlio 4 2
Julio is a newcomer to the prison community and a mechanic. He falls ill and is placed in quarantine in Cell Block A. Twice he observes the chaos in Cell Block A as Hershel attempts to deal with it. He attempts to escape the prison on the bus but he is killed right behind Glenn and Maggie, when The Governor's militia attacks the prison.
Luke Luke Donaldson 4 4
Luke is a young resident of the prison community and is seen attending Carol's storytime sessions (which are later revealed to be covert self-defense classes for the children). Daryl saves him from an advancing walker during the breach on Cell Block D. When The Governor attacks the prison, he escapes with the children and Tyreese. Beth and Daryl later discover bodies being eaten. They assume it's Luke and Molly's by seeing Luke's shoe next to the pile, though they could be alive.
Molly Kennedy Brice 4 4
Molly is a young survivor who joins the prison community. She attends Carol's storytime session, which is a covert lesson on self-defense for the children. Karen saves Molly during the walker breach in Cell Block D. When The Governor attacks the prison, Molly escapes with the children and Tyreese. Beth and Daryl later discover two bodies being devoured by a group of walkers, assuming it is Luke and Molly's by seeing Luke's shoe, though they could be alive.
Patrick Vincent Martella 4 3
Vincent Martella
Patrick is a new arrival in the prison community. He is around Carl's age and is one of his close friends. Patrick asks to be excused during Carol's storytime session, on the grounds that he is suddenly not feeling well. He dies abruptly later that night and reanimates. A reanimated Patrick bites a sleeping survivor in his cell, which causes the latter to reanimate and ultimately brings about a full-scale attack on Cell Block D. Daryl puts Patrick down once the attack subsides. Patrick is responsible for the deaths of Greg, Eryn, Owen, Ryan, Mr. Jacobson, Ms. McLeod and many others of whom he got sick.
Lizzie Samuels Brighton Sharbino 4, 5 9
Brighton Sharbino
Lizzie Samuels is Ryan's daughter and Mika's sister. She was first seen with other children naming zombies, and later at storytime. During the outbreak her father is bitten, and before dying he asks Carol to look after his daughters. Lizzie expresses intentions to stab his corpse in the head to prevent renanimation but is emotionally unable to. Carol later tells her she is weak and needs to toughen up. Lizzie later gets the flu and is forced into quarantine. Carol is disturbed by Lizzie's apparently personal connection with walkers. When some infected residents succumb to the virus and reanimate, Lizzie rescues Glenn from a walker by leading it away. After being treated with medicine, she plays with Glenn's blood. When The Governor attacks the prison, she convinces the other children to help in the battle. She and Mika rescue Tyreese from two of The Governor's soldiers, after which she escapes with the children and Tyreese.

Lizzie, Mika, Tyreese, and Judith get separated from Molly and Luke. Lizzie also is very sure Sasha is dead. She also shows a disliking towards Tyreese. After Lizzie kills Mika, Carol and Tyreese realize that she is too psychotic to be kept around & had to be executed in order for Judith to be safe, so Carol leads her out to the fields to look at the flowers, and as Lizzie tried to apologize for having threatened Carol and Tyreese, Carol executed her.

Mika Samuels Kyla Kenedy 4, 5 6
Mika Samuels is Ryan's daughter and Lizzie's sister. She is seen naming the walkers and later at storytime. She loses her father during the outbreak and tries to calm Lizzie when Lizzie panics after being unable to stab her bitten father's corpse in the head to prevent reanimation. She and Lizzie become the adoptive daughters of Carol Peletier, as per their father's last wish. When The Governor attacks the prison, Mika and Lizzie rescue Tyreese from two soldiers. She escapes with the children and Tyreese. It is revealed that Mika, Lizzie, Tyreese, and Judith have been separated from Luke and Molly. Mika appears to be saddened by this. Lizzie, believing she will come back, kills Mika, and planned to kill Judith until Tyreese and Carol intervened.
Ryan Samuels Victor McCay 4 2
Ryan is introduced in Season 4 as a newcomer to the prison community. He is present with his daughters Lizzie and Mika, and is seen in the library when Carol is conducting storytime with the children. During the outbreak in "Infected", a walker bites him. Carol tries to amputate his arm but realizes he is bitten in other, inoperable areas, too. Before he dies, Ryan asks Carol to take care of his daughters. When Lizzie is emotionally unable to carry out her desire to be the one to stab Ryan's corpse in the head to prevent reanimation, Carol puts him down.
Dr. Caleb Subramanian Sunkrish Bala 4 4
Sunkrish Bala
Dr. Caleb Subramanian is a newcomer to the prison community. Not much is known about him, besides the fact that he is a physician, and he and Hershel seem to be friends. After the breach on Cell Block D dies down, Dr. Subramanian assesses what may have caused the outbreak and what steps the group should take to prevent another such disaster. "Dr. S" later comes down with the flu and tells Sasha they have to warn the healthy members of the prison community that the virus is spreading. His condition seriously and quickly deteriorates, although he reveals that he has brought several guns in case of another outbreak. He later succumbs to the sickness after Hershel gives him a checkup. Dr. S later reanimates, and Hershel remorsefully puts him down through Dr. S's locked cell door, after snapping the walker's arm. Hershel later returns to Dr. S's cell and mourns his friend.
Zach Kyle Gallner 4 1
Kyle Gallner
Zach is a member of a surviving group of college students who join the prison community. He then begins a relationship with Beth. Zach accompanies Daryl, Michonne, Glenn, Tyreese, Sasha, and Bob on a supply run, where he is ultimately killed by a pair of walkers. Beth reacts calmly to the news of Zach's death, much to Daryl's surprise. Later, Daryl uses Zach's high-powered car to take himself, Bob, Michonne, and Tyreese on a run to a veterinary college to get medicine that might save the flu-stricken prison group members.

Chambler family[edit]

After wandering on his own for six to seven months alone, following the fall of Woodbury and the defections of Martinez and Shumpert, The Governor encounters the Chambler family holed up in their apartment building. The surviving Chamblers later set off with The Governor (who has said his name is "Brian Hariot") to seek shelter elsewhere following the death of David, but the Governor's actions lead to Lilly and Meghan's deaths and Tara currently remains the sole survivor of the family.

Name Actor/actress Season(s) Episode count
David Chambler Danny Vinson 4 1
David Chambler is Lilly and Tara's father and Meghan's grandfather. He and Meghan frequently play board games with each other so that Meghan can be preoccupied and distracted from the frightening world around her. David has stage-4 lung cancer and is rapidly approaching his moment of death. Knowing this, Lilly sends The Governor ("Brian") to a nearby assisted living facility to obtain oxygen tanks to help keep David alive for as long as possible, even if for just a few more hours. Early the next day, David succumbs to his cancer and dies. After he has lain lifeless in bed for several hours, his family and ("Brian") enter his bedroom to say goodbye to him. David then suddenly reanimates and grabs Tara. He almost bites her, but "Brian" smashes David's head several times with one of his oxygen tanks, until he finally succumbs. The family is disoriented by this incident, but each of them later recovers. Later, "Brian" and Lilly bury David in a small field behind the apartment complex, and the four of them depart in search of other shelter.
Lilly Chambler Audrey Marie Anderson 4 3
Lilly Chambler is David's daughter, Meghan's mother, and Tara's sister. She is initially somewhat hostile towards The Governor ("Brian") and reluctantly allows him to take refuge in her family's building. She slowly comes to trust him, especially after he risks going to a walker-overrun assisted living facility to retrieve oxygen tanks for David, who is suffering from stage-4 lung cancer and will soon die (which she knows will be especially devastating to Meghan). When "Brian" kills the reanimated David, Lilly appears to be upset for a brief while, but soon comes to terms with what happened. After David's burial, the four of them depart in search of other shelter. They spend the night sleeping in a catering truck, and Lilly and "Brian" lay awake talking to each other. Slowly, they then begin to have sex. When the truck fails to start, the group abandons it and wanders on the road, until a swarm of walkers forces them to flee. They arrive at an open field, only to be stopped once again, when "Brian" and Meghan fall into a pitfall trap containing several walkers, all of which "Brian" kills before they can do any harm. Lilly and her family join Martinez's group. She is initially against The Governor's attacking the prison, but he assures her that she and Meghan will be safe. She and her daughter are left near a river; however, Meghan is bitten by a walker and dies. Lilly brings Meghan's corpse to the prison, where she witnesses The Governor decapitate Hershel and shoot Meghan in the head. After the battle ends, a bitter Lilly walks up to the dying Governor and shoots him in the head. Tara later mentions to Glenn that she witnessed Lilly become overwhelmed by walkers following the assault on the prison.
Meghan Chambler Meyrick Murphy 4 3
Meghan Chambler is the young daughter of Lilly, the niece of Tara, and the granddaughter of David. She frequently plays board games with David in order to escape what is happening around her. She and The Governor ("Brian") bond while playing chess, and she asks about his eye patch. (Albeit somewhat vaguely) "Brian" tells Meghan the story of how he had tried to protect Penny but was ultimately unable to save her. The close bond between Meghan and "Brian" is briefly broken after "Brian" kills the undead David, who had died hours before of stage-4 lung cancer. She, Lilly, Tara, and "Brian" leave the apartment after David's burial, and Meghan continues to isolate herself from "Brian". However, her trust in him is regained after he saves her from a swarm of walkers that forces the group to flee. While running with Meghan in his arms, "Brian" falls into a pitfall trap full of walkers. "Brian" successfully kills all of them, while Meghan cowers in a corner, holding her doll, and "Brian" promises Meghan that he will never let anything happen to her. She is bitten by a walker in "Too Far Gone" and dies, after which The Governor shoots her in the head.

Martinez's group[edit]

Name Actor/actress Season(s) Episode count
Alisha Juliana Harkavy 4 2
Alisha is a former Army Reserve member who is recruited by Martinez's group sometime in the six- to seven-month timespan between seasons 3 and 4. She strikes up a friendship with Tara, which quickly becomes a full-on romantic relationship. The two remain inseparable once they begin dating; Alisha even flees with Tara, her family, and The Governor after The Governor's insistence that he and the Chamblers leave the camp. However, after encountering a roadblock consisting of walkers stuck waist-deep in mud, The Governor returns the group to Martinez's camp. Alisha participates in "Brian's" attack on the prison (in "Too Far Gone") but is later shot between the eyes by Lizzie Samuels. Her death, along with Lilly's and Meghan's, sends Tara into a state of depression for a long time.
Mitch Dolgen Kirk Acevedo 4 2
Mitch Dolgen is a member of Martinez's group, who with his brother Pete is second in command after Martinez. Mitch, like his brother, was in the army when the walker outbreak occurred; Mitch was a tank specialist who said he left the army base in his tank. While on a supply run with Pete and The Governor (then known as "Brian"), Mitch wants to raid another camp they encounter, but his brother disagrees. After "Brian" kills Martinez and Pete, he enters Mitch's trailer at gunpoint, advises that he killed Pete and explains why, and convinces Mitch to follow his lead which Mitch, though resentful of "Brian" killing his brother, sees his point and accepts. Mitch participates in "Brian's" attack on the prison (in "Too Far Gone"), operating a tank and destroying much of the prison. Daryl is able to reach the tank and drops a grenade down the barrel of the tank's main gun, forcing Mitch to escape before the grenade blows up the tank. Mitch turns around, exhausted and defeated, and Daryl shoots and kills him with his crossbow.
Pete Dolgen Enver Gjokaj 4 1
Enver Gjokaj
Pete Dolgen is Mitch's brother and a member of Martinez's group. After Martinez's death at the hands of The Governor (now known as "Brian"), Pete steps up as the group's de facto leader (which causes unrest amongst many members of the camp). While on a supply run with Mitch and "Brian", Pete thwarts Mitch's desire to raid a camp they encounter in the woods, as Pete is unwilling to rob the group and prefers to find supplies another way. Unwilling to follow a leader who is unwilling to do whatever's necessary for the group to "survive", "Brian" murders Pete by stabbing him in Pete's trailer. He then dumps the body in the nearby lake. Brian later returns to find Pete's undead body submerged and anchored at the bottom of the lake.

The Claimers[edit]

A group of heavily armed men who raid homes searching for supplies and weapons. The group first appeared in "Claimed."

Name Actor/actress Season(s) Episode count
Billy Eric Mendenhall 4 3
A member of the Claimers, he is killed by Daryl during their fight with Rick's group.
Dan Keith Brooks 4 3
A member of the Claimers whom, during the assault on Rick's group, grabs Carl with the intention of raping him. He is the last-surviving Claimer, and following the killing of the rest of the Claimers, he is stabbed to death by Rick in retribution for his attempted rape of Carl.
Harley JD Evermore 4 3
A member of the Claimers who is shot dead by Michonne after the deaths of Joe and Tony.
Joe Jeff Kober 4 4
Joe is the leader of the Claimers, first seen by Rick on the porch of the house that they were raiding in "Claimed." He later appears in "Alone," when his group finds Daryl exhausted on the road after he is separated from Beth. Despite a close encounter with Daryl punching Joe and almost shooting him, Joe is impressed by Daryl's use of a crossbow and decides to recruit him. Joe's group eventually catches Rick, Michonne and Carl, with the intent to avenge Lou's death. During the ensuing fight, Rick kills Joe by ripping his jugular out with his teeth.
Len Marcus Hester 4 3
Len first appears when the Claimers raids a large house where Rick is hiding. Rick is forced to hide under the bed he was sleeping on. Another member of the group, Tony, chooses to sleep on the bed, leaving Rick trapped. Len enters the room and wakes up Tony. He demands that he be given the bed, but when Tony refuses and says it's claimed, Len knocks him out of the bed and strangles him into unconsciousness before taking the bed for himself. After framing Daryl for stealing his half of a rabbit, leading the group to question his honesty, Len is severely beaten before being killed by an unspecified member of the group. His bloodied corpse, with an arrow in his forehead, is discovered outside by Daryl as they leave the warehouse they had spent the night in.
Lou Scott Dale 4 1
Lou is a slightly overweight member of the Claimers who is discovered in the bathroom by Rick after he escapes from hiding under the bed. In order to stay hidden and undetected by the other members of the group, Rick quickly fights Lou and begins strangling him. Although Lou attempts to grab a pair of scissors on the nearby counter to stab Rick with, Rick ultimately strangles him to death before escaping out the window. Shortly afterward, Lou's reanimation provides a distraction for Joe and the other members as Rick escapes and regroups with Carl and Michonne, who were just outside the house. Lou's death is the primary reason that Joe and his group are actively pursuing Rick, tracking him along the train tracks to Terminus.
Tony Davi Jay 4 4
Tony is the member of the Claimers that is responsible for Rick becoming trapped, when he takes a nap on the bed that Rick is hiding under. When Len comes into the room and tries to take the bed, Tony says that it's claimed, prompting Len to knock him to the floor. While he is being strangled into unconsciousness, he sees Rick under the bed but is unable to warn Len before he passes out. During the fight between Joe's group and Rick's group, Tony is shot dead by Michonne after being distracted by Rick killing Joe.


Terminus is a sanctuary that is first mentioned in the last half of Season 4 over a radio broadcast heard by Daryl, Bob, Michonne, and Tyreese while driving in Zach's car. After the fall of the prison, the small factions of prison residents who survive the assault find the signs directing survivors towards Terminus, and each group slowly begins to make its way there. The exact location of Terminus is finally revealed in "Us," where it appears to be a relatively vibrant, well-secured settlement, but in actuality hides a dark and brutal secret. After Terminus is destroyed by Carol's siege in "No Sanctuary," only six residents of Terminus survive and escape, becoming known as The Hunters.

Name Actor/actress Season(s) Episode count
Alex Tate Ellington 4, 5 2
Alex is the brother of Gareth and shows Rick's group around Terminus. He is held hostage after Rick becomes suspicious about the clothes the residents are wearing. He tries to reason with Rick and the others to let him go, but is accidentally shot shortly after by Mary as she tried to kill Rick.
Mary Denise Crosby 4, 5 3
Denise Crosby
Mary is the mother of Gareth and Alex, who greets Glenn, Maggie, Sasha, Bob, Tara, Abraham, Eugene and Rosita when they arrive at Terminus. After Carol attacks Terminus to rescue Rick's group, she encounters Mary. Carol holds Mary at gunpoint, demanding to know where the group is holding Rick and the others. Mary explains that Terminus originally was a sanctuary, but it became a place where they would lure people to take their possessions and ultimately, eat them. Carol shoots her in the leg and allows a group of walkers to devour the crippled Mary. In "Coda," Father Stokes discovers Mary's Bible at the Hunters' campsite outside the elementary school, with the inscription "Mary B." on the first page.

The Hunters[edit]

After Carol destroys Terminus, their leader Gareth began to harass the group Rick to find them, in order to take revenge.

Name Actor/actress Season (s) Episode Count
Albert Benjamin Papac 5 2
Albert is one of the Hunters, who is killed in the church when he and Mike are immediately shot through the head.
Martin Chris Coy 5 4
Martin is one of the few survivors of Terminus after it is destroyed by Carol's siege. He is first discovered by Carol and Tyreese while he is alone on a scouting mission, and they overhear him talking on the radio about the hostages that Terminus has just taken. When they realize that he has kidnapped Michonne and Carl, they take him hostage in a small, abandoned cabin. While Carol leaves to attack Terminus, Tyreese stays with Judith to watch over a restrained Martin. During his captivity, Martin continues to lecture Tyreese about how the idea of "good vs. evil" means nothing in this world, and that if people like Tyreese try to be nice, they will not survive. Later, as the cabin is overrun by walkers and Tyreese is keeping watch, Martin breaks free and grabs Judith, ordering Tyreese outside. However, Tyreese overpowers the walkers, breaks back inside, and knocks Martin unconscious, refusing to kill him. Martin then reappears with Gareth and 4 other Terminus survivors after they kidnap Bob, and then sneak into the church to kill the members of Rick's group. When Rick and the others ambush them, Martin is the last to drop his weapon after Gareth orders him to surrender. Martin is then stabbed to death by Sasha when Gareth and the others are slaughtered by Rick's group. Later, when Tyreese is dying of a walker bite, Martin is the first person to appear to Tyreese as a hallucination, where he mockingly tells Tyreese that he will die because he still tried to be a "good guy," and that many of the recent failures were because of his refusal to kill Martin.
Mike Chris Burns 5 2
Mike is one of the Hunters, who is killed in the church when he and Albert are immediately shot through the head.
Theresa April Billingsley 5 3
Theresa is one of the Hunters, who is killed in their attempted siege on the church when Michonne bashes her skull in with the butt of her rifle.
Greg Travis Young 5 2
Greg is one of the Hunters, who is killed in the church when Abraham bludgeons him to death with the butt of his rifle.

Grady Memorial Hospital[edit]

Grady Memorial Hospital first appears in "Slabtown," and is revealed to be the home of a sheltered group of survivors who believe that military assistance will eventually come to them after a certain period of time. The hospital is run under a strict authoritarian regime by a group of corrupt police officers.

Name Actor/actress Season(s) Episode count
Dr. Steven Edwards Erik Jensen 5 3
Dr. Steven Edwards is the hospital's sole doctor, who has a polite but nervous demeanor to him. He noticeably disapproves of the harsh methods by which Officers Lerner and Gorman run the hospital, but despite his objections, his position is valued by the officers as the only medical professional on hand. He initially cares for Beth as she recovers and does his best to protect her from the officers, saying that he refuses to leave because, as ruthless as the officers are, it is still better inside the hospital than out in the real world. However, Beth grows suspicious of him when he tells her to give the drug Clozapine to Gavin Trevitt, a patient who is also a doctor, as the drug ends up killing him. Although Dr. Edwards insists that he actually said Clonazepam, Beth is certain that he told her the name of the wrong drug on purpose. She accuses him of having the other doctor poisoned in order to retain his valued status as the only doctor, which he denies. He later helps Beth save Carol's life by telling her which medication she will need to give Carol. After the deaths of Beth and Lerner, Edwards offers to let Rick's group stay at the hospital, but Rick refuses.
Officer Gorman Cullen Moss 5 1
Officer Gorman (his first name is never revealed) is Officer Lerner's second-in-command, and one of the officers who saved Beth. Although he appears to have a more polite demeanor during his initial introduction, Beth quickly discovers that his idea of being repaid for his services is sexual relations with the female patients, as he has already apparently raped Joan. He makes similar advances towards Beth, finally catching her alone in Lerner's office where, unbeknownst to him, Joan has committed suicide and is about to turn. There, he finally begins to force himself on Beth, attempting to blackmail her with her attempt to steal a key from Lerner's office, and just as he moves in, Beth hits him in the back of the head with a glass bottle. When he falls to the floor, the reanimated Joan instantly crawls onto him and kills him by biting his neck while Beth escapes.
Joan Keisha Castle-Hughes 5 1
Keisha Castle-Hughes
Joan is female patient who attempts to escape the hospital, only to be bitten in the arm by a walker. When she is brought back inside by Officer Lerner, Lerner demands that Dr. Edwards save her by amputating her arm with a metal wire. Joan refuses to be rescued and demands that they let her die, but Lerner, with Beth's reluctant help, manages to restrain her long enough for Dr. Edwards to amputate the arm. Later, while Beth is cleaning Joan's room, Joan tells her more about the dark secrets behind the leadership of the hospital, including Officer Gorman's treatment of female patients. Later, as Beth breaks into Lerner's office to find the key to the elevator shaft, she discovers that Joan has also already broken in and committed suicide by reopening the amputation wound. Beth uses Joan's death to her advantage by allowing the reanimated Joan to kill Officer Gorman.
Sergeant Bob Lamson Maximiliano Hernandez 5 2
Maximiliano Hernández
Sergeant Lamson is one of the two officers who is captured by Noah's trap, along with Officer Shepherd. He comes forward and tries to convince Rick and the group that he is the best one to talk to Officer Lerner when they make the hostage exchange, saying he has known her for eight years. Later, as they prepare to leave for the exchange, he reveals that his name is Bob, noticeably startling Sasha, who was left to watch him. While alone with her, he explains how he is alive because another officer was sent out to respond to a call that he should have taken, and that officer is now a walker in the parking lot. Sasha offers to put the walker down for him in order to alleviate his guilt, but just as she prepares to take the shot, Lamson knocks her unconscious and flees the building. However, he doesn't get far before Rick runs him down in a police car and shoots him in the head.
Officer Dawn Lerner Christine Woods 5 3
Officer Dawn Lerner is the strict leader of the hospital, enforcing the rules with her group of fellow officers (who are the only occupants of the hospital to possess weapons). She believes that everyone must contribute to "the greater good" and keep the hospital operation running long enough for the military to come save them, and often uses this mentality as a form of guilt in order to persuade those that they capture into doing work for the hospital once they recover. Though she is aware of Gorman's treatment of female patients, she does little to stop it. Lerner also treats the patients cruelly herself, repeatedly taking out her anger on Beth by striking her for the slightest mistakes or misunderstandings. Despite Beth's attempts to convince her that help will never come, Lerner refuses to believe it and insists that things will get better eventually, and it is far better to live under her rule than in the wilderness outside. Though she is furious at Beth for (as Lerner believes) killing Gorman and Joan as well as aiding Noah in his escape, she still refuses to kill or exile Beth, as she needs the extra help around the hospital. Though she tries to develop a bond with Beth, Beth is ultimately convinced that Lerner will never change, and her vision of a better future clouds her reasonable judgment. In the prisoner exchange at the end of "Coda," when Beth stabs Lerner in the shoulder with a pair of scissors, Lerner reacts impulsively in a moment of shock and her gun discharges, firing a single bullet directly through Beth's head and killing her instantly. Although Lerner pleads for mercy, Daryl shoots her directly in the forehead immediately afterward.
Officer Licari Christopher Matthew Cook 5 2
Licari is one of the police officers working at the hospital under Officer Lerner. When Officers Lamson and Shepherd are tricked by Rick's group, Licari arrives in his car and saves them, providing cover when Rick's group opens fire. They drive away and seemingly escape, but the car gets stuck on several walker corpses in the street, and the three officers flee. Licari reemerges when Daryl inspects a nearby trailer, and after a brief fist fight, Rick appears and holds him at gunpoint, taking him hostage as well. Licari and Shepherd are eventually returned to the hospital, and continue to live there after Lerner's death.
Noah Tyler James Williams 5 10
Tyler James Williams
Noah is a young male patient at the hospital who often works as a janitor. He tells Beth that both he and his father were discovered by the group while the two of them were being surround by walkers, and their rescuers said that they could only save one of them. For this reason alone, Noah displays strong distaste for the officers almost immediately, saying that with their weapons and manpower, they likely could have saved his father as well. When Beth accidentally kills Dr. Gavin Trevitt by giving him the wrong medication, Noah takes the blame by saying that while he was cleaning, he knocked over a ventilation system and caused Trevitt to flatline. For this, Officers Dawn Lerner and Gorman take him out into the hall and beat him. Beth later apologizes, only for Noah to insist that he's fine and has been through worse. Nevertheless, Beth decides to form a plan for her and Noah to escape. They use the elevator shaft, which has served as a body disposal chute, and with a long chord of sheets tied together, they both make it down, although Noah loses his grip and falls, spraining one ankle. They both manage to make it outside, where Beth fends off several walkers with a handgun. Although Beth is stopped and restrained by the officers, Noah manages to make it to the outer gate and slips through, running off after he and Beth exchange a final glance. Noah later encounters Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier and learns of their connection to Beth but Carol is caught and Daryl takes Noah back to the church to take the rest of the group back to Atlanta to get Beth and Carol back. However Beth is killed by Dawn and Rick allows Noah to stay with the group. Noah is killed by walkers in the Season 5 episode "Spend" during a botched mission to scavenge parts to repair Alexandria's solar power system.
Officer O'Donnell Ricky Wayne 5 4
Officer O'Donnell is an officer working at the hospital under Officer Lerner. He is the one whom Carol and Daryl follow in "Consumed," though they eventually lose his trail when their car runs out of gas. Nevertheless, their tailing him eventually results in them discovering the group of survivors at the hospital, as well as the fact that they have Beth. In "Coda," he stands up to Lerner and accuses her of cracking under the pressure of leadership, claiming that she is no longer fit to run the hospital. Although she pulls her gun on him, he manages to disarm her, and they fight in the hallway before Beth pushes him into the elevator shaft to his death.
Percy Marc Gowan 5 2
Percy is an elderly patient at the hospital. When Beth needs to secretly steal the proper medications to give to Carol, she bribes Percy with a handful of strawberries, and he distracts the nearest officers by faking a breathing problem. Once Beth acquires the medicine and leaves, he suddenly says that he feels fine. In the next episode, he is seen being berated by Officer O'Donnell for apparently failing to properly fix a hole in the officer's shirt, and O'Donnell shoves him to the ground in anger.
Officer Amanda Shepherd Teri Wyble 5 3
Officer Amanda Shepherd is one of the two officers who is captured by Noah's trap, along with Sergeant Lamson. After being taken hostage, she tries to convince Rick and the group that Officer Lerner can't be negotiated with, and the hostage swap that they are planning will result in all of their deaths. She explains by saying that there has been a feeling of unrest among the other officers at the hospital, and that they desire to overthrow Lerner, and Lerner is aware of these sentiments. Shepherd and Licari are eventually returned to the hospital, and continue to live there after Lerner's death.

Alexandria Safe Zone[edit]

Name Actor/actress Season (s) Episode count
Pete Anderson Corey Brill 5 5
Pete is briefly seen smoking on his porch outside in the night when Rick passes by. He mentions to him that his wife (Jessie) cut his hair and welcomes him to Alexandria. He is also the father of Ron and Sam. At the town meeting concerning Rick's fate after he threatened them with a gun, a drunken Pete shows up to confront Rick while wielding a katana stolen from Michonne, accidentally slashing Reg's throat when he attempts to push him away to avoid another conflict. A mourning Deanna gives Rick the go-ahead to execute Pete, whom he shoots while Abraham has him pinned to the ground.
Ron Anderson Austin Abrams 5, 6 8
He introduces Carl to Mikey and Enid, who are playing video games and explains that he can play with them. He is the brother to Sam and son of Jessie and Pete. He is also Enid's boyfriend. Ron develops a bitter relationship with Rick and Carl, due to Rick executing his father under Deanna's orders and Carl's budding relationship with Enid.
Sam Anderson Major Dodson 5, 6 9
Sam is very briefly seen playing with his mother (Jessie) and brother (Ron) in a distance, whilst Rick is worrying about Carl and Judith. Sam catches Carol stealing weapons from the pantry and she threatens him to keep it a secret. Despite the threat and Carol's continuing harsh words to keep him at arms length Sam forms an attachment to Carol, doing favors for her but also asks for a gun leading Carol to learn of his father's abusive relationship with his mother. When Rick and Pete fight in the streets Sam runs to Carol for protection rather than Jessie, and subsequently Jessie is heartbroken when she learns that Sam wanted a gun to protect her.
Enid Katelyn Nacon 5, 6 6
Enid is seen playing video games with Ron and Mikey when Carl is introduced to them. She often leaves the safe-zone and witnesses the group enter Alexandria for the first time. Carl follows her out one time, however she sneaks back in away from him. Ron explains to Carl that it took her a while to speak to the other kids and that she arrived alone. Carl continues to follow her outside, which she quickly realizes, and despite admitting to be uneasy with him stalking her she lets him accompany him as she keeps herself prepared to face the walkers. Carl also seems to have developed a crush on Enid but appears too timid to pursue it, given his resistance to even hold her hand for more than one second.
Eric Jordan Woods-Robinson 5, 6 7
Eric is Aaron's boyfriend and a recruiter for Alexandria. He works as his back-up.
Mikey Elijah Marcano 5 2
Mikey is seen playing video games with Ron and Enid and offers Carl to join. He is the son of Nicholas.
Aiden Monroe Daniel Bonjour 5 2
Aiden is the egotistical younger son of Deanna and Reg. He takes Glenn, Tara and Noah out the safe-zone with Nicholas. Aiden almost gets Tara killed on the run and Glenn punches him afterwards. Deanna thanks Glenn for knocking Aiden "on his ass." He is later killed after being eaten by walkers following an accident which left him impaled in a warehouse.
Reg Monroe Steve Coulter 5 4
Deanna's husband and the architect who designed the walls that keep the community safe from walkers. At the town meeting concerning Rick's fate after he threatened them with a gun, a drunken Pete shows up to confront Rick while wielding Michonne's katana, accidentally slashing Reg's throat when he attempts to push him away to avoid another conflict. Deanna gets her revenge for Reg's death by giving Rick the go-ahead to execute Pete, who he shoots without any hesitation.
Nicholas Michael Traynor 5, 6 7
Nicholas greets the group as they enter and asks them to hand over their weapons. He joins Aiden when he takes Glenn, Tara and Noah out to attack some zombies. He goes with Rick's group to lure a herd of walkers away from Alexandria, which results in his death. He is also the father of Mikey.
Olivia Ann Mahoney 5, 6 6
Olivia takes the group's weapons in a tray to keep watch over them. She often works in the pantry and armory of Alexandria.
Tobin Jason Douglas 5, 6 7
Tobin works on the construction site alongside Abraham, Francine, and a few other Alexandrians.
Erin Tiffany Morgan 5, 6 3
Erin is a resident of Alexandria who was killed in the Wolves attack.
Shelly Neudermeyer Susie Spear Purcell 5, 6 2
Shelly Neudermeyer is a resident of Alexandria who was killed in the Wolves attack.
Francine Dahlia Legault 5, 6 4
Francine works on the construction site alongside Abraham, Tobin, and a few other Alexandrians.
Heath Corey Hawkins 6 2
Heath is a supply runner for Alexandria, and the leader of his supply group.
Scott Kenric Green 6 4
Scott is a supply runner who is part of Heath's team.
Annie Beth Keener 6 2
Annie is a supply runner who is part of Heath's team.
Holly Laura Beamer 6 1
David Jay Huguley 6 2
Carter Ethan Embry 6 1
Ethan Embry
Dr. Denise Cloyd Merritt Wever 6 4
Merritt Wever
Denise is a psychiatrist—she lost her nerve to be a surgeon in Medical School. But now that Pete—the group's previous surgeon—is dead, she is forced to become the group's doctor and surgeon, at the urging of Eugene who tells her - "You don't want to be a coward. I know." She finally agrees to operate on a dying Holly, but cannot save her. When Scott is put into Denise's care, she tells Tara he will most likely die but Tara tells her not to be afraid. After Tara leaves, Denise manages to stabilize Scott's infection. Shortly there after, she finds Tara and, much to Tara's surprise, kisses her. During the walker herd overrunning Alexandria, she is taken hostage at gunpoint by the Alpha Wolf and used so that he can escape his prison cell while Carol and Morgan are both unconscious, leaving Tara, Rosita and Eugene to watch on helplessly.

The Wolves[edit]

The Wolves are a group of deranged people who destroy camps and shelters, killing everyone. They are marked with a "W" with blood on their foreheads - the sign of a Wolf. They steal the belongings of their victims, often dismembering their bodies, and cutting the "W" sign onto these victims' foreheads with knives. They usually leave their victims to become walkers.

Name Actor/actress Season(s) Episode count
Alpha Wolf Benedict Samuel 5, 6 4
The alpha wolf shows a psychotic and greedy personality. For example, he wanted "every last drop" of Morgan's drink and all of his supplies. The alpha also appears to be a remorseless, cold blooded murderer, slitting a man's throat with no hesitation or emotion. The alpha wolf hides in a home and attacks Morgan in an attempt to kill him when he enters, only to be knocked unconscious and held as a prisoner in Alexandria unbeknownst to the other Alexandrias as Morgan wants to change him for the better the way Eastman did for him. The alpha wolf threatens that if he doesn't die from the deep gash on his side, he will kill Morgan and everyone there. During the walkers overrunning Alexandria, Carol and Morgan feud over what to do with the alpha wolf and get into a physical altercation with the alpha wolf knocking Morgan unconscious shortly after Morgan knocks Carl out with a slam to the ground. The alpha wolf takes Denise as a hostage to escape at gunpoint as Rosita, Tara and Eugene watch on helplessly.
Blond Wolf Jesse C. Boyd 5, 6 2
He first appears when the leader of his gang gives him a signal to kill Morgan Jones from behind using his blade. He misses Morgan and gets knocked out after the two brawl. He is later put inside of a car. This man and his group attack Alexandria. During the attack, he recognizes Morgan and he and four of his companions surround him and attempt to kill him. Morgan manages to fend them off with his quarterstaff and tells them that there are guns in the safe zone and that they will all be killed if they stay. Morgan also tells them if they choose to continue living this life, they will die. He then tell the Wolves to leave and never come back. This wolf says that he and his group didn't choose this life and he and his companions flee the safe zone. Before leaving, he steals a gun from a slain survivor. He is later killed along with the remaining four Wolves by Rick Grimes when they ambush him while he is parked roadside in an RV.
Aphid Duke Jackson 6 1
Aphid is among the Wolves who invade the Alexandria Safe-Zone. He is killed by Carol Peletier, who steals his clothing and writes a "W" on her head in blood to use as a disguise.

Miscellaneous survivors[edit]

Name Actor/actress Season(s) Episode count
Ana Brina Palencia 4 1
Brina Palencia
Ana is a survivor encountered by Rick and Carol while on a supply run. Ana, who has a limp, is holed up in a house with her boyfriend, Sam. She and Sam were separated from the refugee group they were with and left on their own for days. Rick gets to know them and decides they are worthy of joining the prison community. After Carol tends to Sam's wounds, Sam and Ana volunteer to help forage for supplies. Carol agrees, but Rick is reluctant, noting they seem ill-equipped to protect themselves. However, Rick reluctantly complies with the group consensus, gives them guns, and tells them to meet back at the house in two hours. Rick and Carol later discover Ana's tattooed leg amputated, and then - some distance away - her deceased body being devoured by walkers, with Sam nowhere to be found.
Leon Basset Linds Edwards 1, 2 2
Leon Basset is a deputy sheriff at the King County Police Department, who along with his partner Lambert Kendell, works with Rick and Shane. During the car chase in season one/episode one, Leon, along with Rick, Shane, and Lambert, prepare for gunfire. It is shown that Leon is new to firearms, as Rick instructs him how to use one in the field, and that post-apocalypse, Leon becomes a walker and is put down by Rick outside the station house before Rick leaves for Atlanta.
Sherry Christine Evangelista 6 1
Tina Liz E. Morgan 6 1
Eastman John Carroll Lynch 6 1
Eastman is encountered when Morgan Jones leaves Kings county. He is a psychologist who used to analyze prisoners. He eventually rehabilitates Morgan teaching him how a life is precious thus cementing Morgan's return to sanity.
Felipe Noel Gugliemi 1 1
Felipe is a tough guy associate of Guillermo's and the grandson of "Abuela" (played by Gina Morelli). He is actually a nurse practitioner at the retirement home, who decides to stay behind with the rest of the "Vatos" and help the elderly.
Judith Grimes Adelaide and Eliza Cornwell (Season 3), Tinsley and Anniston Price (Season 4) 3, 4, 5, 6 27
Judith Grimes is Lori's baby and Carl's sister, conceived with either Shane or Rick sometime in Season 1 and born in Season 3, episode 4 ("Killer Within"). Maggie delivers her via a crude Caesarian section, using Carl's knife, and Lori dies during childbirth. Daryl nicknames the baby "Li'l Asskicker", and Rick allows Carl to name her after his third grade teacher. Judith's fate is seemingly unknown following The Governor's final assault on the prison. Rick and Carl find Judith's empty car seat, stained heavily with blood, and presume her to be dead. However, it is revealed that Tyreese had rescued Judith before escaping from the prison with Lizzie and Mika; the three are walking through a forest, with Tyreese holding Judith in his arms, before they reunite with Carol.
Guillermo Neil Brown, Jr. 1 1
Guillermo, his associate Felipe, and others protect a nursing home full of the elderly after it gets mostly abandoned. They come into conflict with Rick Grimes and his group when they fight over the weapons Rick dropped in downtown Atlanta. A deleted scene from the season 2 pilot reveals that most, if not all, of the nursing home survivors were killed execution style (hinting at the handiwork of humans) and not by walkers.[9]
Dr. Edwin Jenner Noah Emmerich 1 2
Noah Emmerich
Dr. Edwin Jenner is the last surviving staff pathologist at the Atlanta CDC. Working with surviving samples of infected tissue, he attempts to create a possible cure but repeatedly fails. When the Grimes group arrives at the CDC looking for help or survivors, he hesitates to assist and only allows them in once the walkers have them surrounded. He reveals that his wife succumbed to the disease and provided his few tissue samples; he later accidentally destroys them due to fatigue. Despairing, he attempts to lock the group in the CDC building, which is programmed to self-destruct when its fuel runs out. However, he relents and allows them to flee shortly before the building is destroyed. He and Jacqui elect to die in the explosion. Before parting ways with Rick for the last time, Jenner whispers to him (as revealed in the Season 2 finale) that everyone carries the infection and will reanimate after expiring, no matter how they die.
Duane Jones Adrian Kali Turner 1 1
Duane Jones is Morgan Jones' son. In the pilot episode, he finds Rick Grimes and knocks him out, mistaking him for a walker. Duane stays with his father when Rick offers to take them to Atlanta. When Rick encounters Morgan again in season 3, Morgan explains that Duane was killed by his undead mother. "Duane Jones" also happens to be the name of the late actor who starred as the heroic protagonist "Ben" in the original zombie movie Night of the Living Dead (1968). Whether or not Duane was put down by Morgan upon reanimating is unknown; it remains ambiguous whether Morgan put him down or allowed him to "survive" as a walker, like his mother.
Lambert Kendal Jim R. Coleman 1, 2 2
Lambert Kendell is a deputy sheriff working at the King County Sheriff's Department, along with his partner Leon Basset and co-workers Rick and Shane. He is at the car chase scene with Rick, Shane, and Leon. Post-apocalypse, his fate is unknown.
Sam Robin Lord Taylor 4, 5 2
Robin Lord Taylor
Sam is a survivor encountered by Rick and Carol on a supply run, holed up in the bathroom of an abandoned house with his girlfriend, Ana. They had come from a refugee center, became separated from their group, and were left out on their own for days. After Carol tends to Sam's dislocated arm and other wounds, Sam and Ana volunteer to help forage for supplies. Carol agrees, but Rick is reluctant, noting the pair seems ill-equipped to protect themselves. However, Rick reluctantly complies with the group consensus; he gives them guns and gives Sam his watch so Sam can know when two hours have passed so they can meet back at the house. Rick and Carol later discover Ana's deceased body being devoured by walkers, with Sam nowhere to be found. It is later revealed that Sam had been captured at Terminus, where he gets hit in the head with a baseball bat and then gets his throat slit.
Lieutenant Welles Julio Cesar Cedillo 3 2
Lieutenant Welles is a National Guard pilot. After his helicopter crashes, he is the only survivor. The Governor finds Lieutenant Welles and brings him to Woodbury, where he has Dr. Stevens care for him. After discovering the whereabouts of Welles' men, The Governor takes his own enforcers and kills the soldiers, appropriating their food, supplies, and equipment. He later puts Lt. Welles' decapitated head in an aquarium, alongside other heads in his collection. It is unclear whether or not Welles' head was among those damaged in The Governor's struggle with Michonne.

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The Walking Dead comic book and the television series based on it are regarded as separate continuities. Therefore, regardless of any possible similarities between the two mediums, characters and events appearing in one have no effect on the continuity of the other.


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