Beylik of Teke

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Tekeoğulları dynasty

Flag of Tekke according to the Catalan Atlas.

Map of the Anatolian beyliks (Turkish)
Capital Antalya
Languages Anatolian Turkish
Religion Sunni Islam
Government Monarchy
 •  1321-? Yunus Bey
 •  ?-1391 & 1402-1423 Osman Çelebi
Historical era Late Medieval
 •  Established 1321
 •  Disestablished 1423
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Sultanate of Rum
Ottoman State
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The Anatolian beylik of Teke (1321-1423), with its capital at Antalya, was one of the frontier principalities established by Oghuz Turkish clans after the decline of the Seljuk Sultanate of Rûm.


The Teke dynasty started with a split of territories between two brothers of the neighboring Beylik of Hamidid dynasty. Yunus Bey became the first ruler of the beylik. The inhabitants spoke Anatolian Turkish[1]


The Turkish province of Antalya was named the sub-province (sanjak) of Teke until the early years of the Republic of Turkey. The peninsula west of Antalya is called Teke Peninsula.

List of rulers[edit]

  1. Yunus Bey (1319-1324)
  2. Mahmud Bey (1324-1328)
  3. Sinânüddin Hızır Bey (1328-1355)
  4. Dadı Bey (1355-1360)
  5. Mübârizüddin Mehmed Bey (1360-1380)
  6. Osman Çelebi (1380-1391)
  • Ottoman rule (1391-1402)
  1. Osman Çelebi (1402-1421)

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