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Bhai Kuram was a Devotee Sikh and a contemporary of Guru Arjan Dev and Guru Har Rai.

He lived in Village Lambian, Ajitgarh and was Labana trader and Orchard owner. He is well known for his service bestowed to Guru Har Rai in Ajitgarh.[1][2] He came in touch with Sikhism during time of Guru Arjun Dev and use to visit him at Amritsar. He preached Sikh philosophy in various areas of Punjab.

Traditional Tale[edit]

According to traditional Chronicle, Once Kuram went to Amritsar to Guru Arjun Dev, where congregation from Kabul also visited. The congregation brought mangoes with them as a afftection of Love for Guru Arjun Dev. Kuram also had orchards of Mangoes and he felt ashamed of not bringing mangoes. Guru Arjun distributed Mangoes among congregration and the next day Kuram kept same mango on feet of Guru. Guru Said that he will come sometime to his orchards and will take mango from him.

Guru Arjun died in 1688. Kuram lived near Lambian and preach Gurmat philosophy. The 7th Nanak, Guru Har Rai while coming from Kurukshetra visited his village. Sat under mangoe tree asked Kuram for mangoes which he said to his predecessor. Kuram said that this is not mangoe season. As per chronicle, Har rai said to see above, when he saw on tree, it was full of mangoes. The same were plucked and served in congregation.[2]

Amb Sahib Gurdwara Commemorates this story and memorial for Guru Har Rai visit, which is situated in Ajitgarh.


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