Baba and Bhit Islands

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Baba and Bhit Islands (Urdu: جزیرہ بابا بھٹ ‎) are two small and densely populated islands located in the Karachi Harbor, in Karachi, Pakistan.[1] The approximate area of the islands is 4 km² and the population is about 25,000.[citation needed] The islands are claimed to be 300 years old.

The area is severely neglected by the local and the central government because of its separation from the mainland.[citation needed]

There are ethnic groups in Baba & Bhit Island including 90% Kutchi and 10% Sindhi Over 100% of the population is Muslim.

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Coordinates: 24°49′16″N 66°57′43″E / 24.821°N 66.962°E / 24.821; 66.962