Big, Blonde and Beautiful

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"Big, Blonde and Beautiful"
Songwriter(s)Composer: Marc Shaiman
Lyricists: Marc Shaiman & Scott Wittman

"Big, Blonde and Beautiful" is a song in the musical Hairspray. It is sung by "Motormouth" Maybelle.


In the 2007 movie, a reprise of the song was written, to be sung by Velma von Tussle as she tries to seduces Wilbur Turnblad, and Edna as she freshens up before meeting her husband Wilbur. explains: "According to Film Journal International, the song "Big, Blonde and Beautiful (Reprise)" was added in as at the suggestion of Michelle Pfeiffer to replace a scripted scene, giving her the chance to sing."[1]


Maybelle sings about how being big, blonde, and black isn't a bad thing - that she fully embraces those qualities and thinks she is beautiful.

Critical reception[edit]

CONNcerts says the song "sums up the body-image element of the story".[2] Sydney Arts Guide said it was a showstopper.[3] Talkin' Broadway says "Motormouth Maybelle...waxes comic in a fantastic paean to people of size called "Big, Blonde, and Beautiful,"".[4]


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