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N. Chandrababu Naidu
Chandrababu Naidu 2017.jpg
Leader of the Opposition
Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly
Assumed office
30 May 2019
Preceded byY. S. Jaganmohan Reddy
In office
14 May 2004 – 2 June 2014
Preceded byY.S. Rajasekhara Reddy
Succeeded byY. S. Jaganmohan Reddy
13th Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh
In office
1 September 1995 – 13 May 2004
GovernorKrishan Kant
Gopala Ramanujam
C. Rangarajan
Surjit Singh Barnala
Preceded byN. T. Rama Rao
Succeeded byY. S. Rajasekhara Reddy
In office
8 June 2014 – 23 May 2019
GovernorE. S. L. Narasimhan
Preceded byPresident rule
Succeeded byY. S. Jaganmohan Reddy
Member of the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly
for Kuppam
Assumed office
Preceded byN. Rangaswamy Naidu
Personal details
Born (1950-04-20) 20 April 1950 (age 69)
Naravaripalle, Madras State, India
(now in Andhra Pradesh, India)
Political partyTelugu Desam Party (1983-present)
Other political
Indian National Congress (1978-1983)
Nara Bhuvaneswari (m. 1981)
ChildrenNara Lokesh (son)
Alma materSri Venkateswara University [1]

Nara Chandrababu Naidu (born 20 April 1950), popularly known as CBN,[citation needed] is an Indian politician and the Leader of Opposition in the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly. He is a former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh serving from 2014 to 2019. He was the first chief minister of the state since it was divided. Previously he has served as Chief Minister of esrtwhile united Andhra Pradesh from 1995 to 2004, before the state was divided, and as the Leader of the opposition in the United Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly from 2004 to 2014. He is the National President of Telugu Desam Party and the longest-serving Chief Minister (14 years in office) of Andhra Pradesh state political history.[2][3][4][5]

Naidu has won a number of awards, including IT Indian of the Millennium from India Today, Business Person of the Year by The Economic Times, South Asian of the Year from Time Asia and membership in the World Economic Forum's Dream Cabinet[6][7] Naidu chaired the National IT Panel under the NDA government and was described as one of the "hidden seven", working wonders around the world, by Profit (Oracle Corporation's monthly magazine).[8][9]

Early life and education[edit]

Naidu was born on 20 April 1950 at Naravaripalle, Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh in an agricultural family.[10][11] His father, Nara Kharjura Naidu, worked in agriculture and his mother Amanamma was a housewife.[12] Since his village had no school, Naidu attended primary school in Seshapuram up to class five and the Chandragiri Government High School up to class nine.[13] He went to Tirupati for his higher education, studying there from class 10 until he received his master's degree and Naidu completed his BA degree in 1972.[14][15][16]

Early political career[edit]

Naidu was drawn to politics at an early age, and joined Youth Congress as a student leader in Chandragiri, near Tirupati in Chittoor district. After the emergency was imposed on the country in 1975, he became a close supporter of Youth Congress president, Sanjay Gandhi and Narala Saikiran Mudiraj.[citation needed]

Legislative Career, 1978–1983[edit]

Naidu became a Congress (I) member of the Andhra Pradesh legislative assembly (MLA) for Chandragiri constituency in 1978. The party's 20% quota for youth to run for the office was beneficial for Naidu on that occasion. Not long afterwards, he was appointed as technical education and cinematography minister in T. Anjaiah's government at the age of 28.[17] He was the youngest minister in the Congress(I) cabinet.[18]

As the cinematography minister, Naidu came in contact with N. T. Rama Rao, popularly known as NTR, a popular film star in Telugu cinema. In 1980, he married Bhuvaneswari, NTR's second daughter.[19]

Telugu Desam Party[edit]

In 1982, NTR formed the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and swept the assembly polls held in 1983. Naidu, who was then still in the INC, was defeated by a TDP candidate in Chandragiri. He joined the TDP soon after.[19]

Rise in the party[edit]

Naidu got the chance to show his political skills in August 1984, when Nadendla Bhaskara Rao staged a coup against NTR. He rallied the TDP MLAs together and paraded them before the President of India. NTR was reinstated as the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh 31 days later. Impressed with his son-in-law's manoeuvres, NTR appointed Naidu as the General Secretary of the party and he began playing an important role in the TDP after Rao's coup attempt. Later when NTR married Lakshmi Parvathi, Naidu took over the TDP legislative party predicting the problems in the party and became Chief Minister Of United Andhra Pradesh

Legislative career, 1989–1994[edit]

In the 1989 assembly election, Chandrababu Naidu contested from Kuppam and won by 5,000 votes.[20] INC however had regained power in the election so Naidu had to sit in the Opposition.[21] He served as coordinator of the Telugu Desam Party, in which capacity he effectively handled the party's role of main opposition in the assembly which won him wide appreciation from both the party and the public. His role during this phase both inside the Legislative Assembly and outside was a critical factor for the subsequent success of the party at the hustings.[20]

Becoming Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh[edit]

On 1 September 1995 Chandrababu Naidu came to power as Chief Minister by revolting against N.T. Rama Rao.[22] In a last interview, with Reuters, Mr. Rama Rao compared himself to Shah Jahan, a 17th-century Mogul emperor who was imprisoned by his son, and predicted that he would gain his revenge against what he called "the backstabbers" in his family, especially his son-in-law and successor as Chief Minister, N. Chandrababu Naidu.[23]

Chief Ministership (1995–2004)[edit]

First term[edit]

Chandrababu naidu with factory workers in textile industry
Chandrababu naidu speaking with factory workers in a textile industry

The debut chief minister Naidu government focus on Rural Development and Poverty Eradication by involving people in the sustainable development process with triggering new innovative reforms in the administration

Janmabhoomi Programme[edit]

By launching the Janmabhoomi(BirthPlace) in February 1996 the Naidu govt main aim is to get people's movement for reconstruction and revitalization of the society by themselves and the Programme works in a micro level planning is to identify people represented problems through Gram Sabhas discussions by regional officers especially in villages and to send categorical Project proposals for govt to work in transparency as responsive Centre for Good Governance while main concentration in core aspect areas are community work, primary school education, drinking water, health & hospitals, family welfare and environmental protection with the initiation plan of watershed and Joint Forest management activities[24] and from 1997 onwards as part of janmabhoomi under the Clean and Green Campaign where the schools about 34231042 students and teachers participated in institutional and household plantation with the government employees jointly involved in plantation of 46 million trees in now Telangana and entire Andhra Pradesh state and about 3906835 people participated in sanitation work also with 1438850 persons engaged to remove garbage and 40921447 people participated in health awareness rallies as Naidu's idea was to make every habitation and municipal ward clean and green which is the Largest and successful events organized

His govt started the self help groups (SHG) type of Water user associations, Vanasamrakshana Samities, Rythu Mithra Groups, CMEY Groups, School Education Committees and promoted the Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas (DWCRA) where each group had 15-20 women members and choose a leader who conduct group meetings and accounts and the main purpose is microfinance provided by govt through bank-linkage lend to these DWCRA groups helped rural women start income generating activities and this groups make woman know about their rights and importance of education where Naidu government distribute two Lakh bicycles to the girls who joined in the government high schools as part of the women empowerment and launched Deepam scheme in 1999 to reduce the dependence on forest firewood and improve the health status to which provide gas connections to poor rural woman members comes under the Dwcra groups and below poverty line families[25]

Dial your Chief minister[edit]

Prajalato Mukhyamantri(Chief Minister with People) Phone - in programme is to open the communication channel between chief minister and the common people of Andhra Pradesh state with live broadcast on every Monday on both Doordarshan and AIR and as CM Naidu directly interacted with callers to know the major issues and from Government officials side had a chance to understand and redress the problems of public mentioned. As part of live show divided as two sessions the first session with onstage meet with Vice-chancellors, academicians and writers and second session for people interaction. In this regard Naidu was described as, 'a Leader, who mingled with the masses after shedding his official status and time as chief minister. This is praised as dubbed innovative program itself in the channels of the country's information and broadcasting systems[26]

Rythu Bazaar(Farmers Market)[edit]

Rythu bazaars are Launched by Chandrababu Naidu formally on 26 January 1999 for the purpose of sky rocketing prices of vegetables and fruits badly hurt the purchasing capacity of the public and agriculturists(farmers) are made to sell their produce direct to the consumers with minimum profit, the point to eliminate middleman buyers who are getting huge benefits and at introduction of first phase this method of dealing became a huge success in all towns and 70- 75 % prices are reduced bringing a relief to urban buyers and still today was running in both states Telangana and Andhra Pradesh[27].

Surprise Inspections[edit]

As chief minister the Naidu has conducted several inspections with surprise checks in all departments of the state with no further indication to the govt offices when sudden visits especially in the government hospitals and schools checks enabled the Chief Minister to get a first hand knowledge of the functioning of various departments and have direct interaction with the members of the public about the in-house facilities and availability of govt staff, doctors, teachers and if any anomaly noticed the related authority had to file an Action Taken Report that were noticed during the visit. The element of surprise motivated the departments concerned to constantly strive for excellence.

Vision 2020[edit]

In year 1999 Naidu produced a vision statement naming "Andhra Pradesh Vision 2020" by setting out Goals and Efforts with identifying ‘Growth Engines’ that to be achieved by year 2020, prepared along with US consultants McKinsey & Company which proposed:[28]

  • Poverty must be eradicated. Support the elderly and children, those who really need help.
  • The people should be given the opportunity to live a healthy life along with practice and income.
  • Small families should be encouraged for a healthy, prosperous society.
  • Provide a happy life for little girls. They should be given the opportunity to use their energy 100 percent.
  • Safeguard its environment and make its cities and villages clean, green and safe to live in
  • Enable to small entrepreneurs, and young professionals to make startups and build thriving industries and services business
  • Women and girls need to be empowered and supported to compete equally with men in society and in the economy.
  • People should be provided with resources such as investments and infrastructure. These can transform their future.
  • New techniques in agriculture, upmarket services and innovations for quality produce should be promoted.
  • We need to make the government transparent, accountable and responsive.
  • The people's voice should be heard loud and clear during the rule.

After coming back as chief minister of Andhra Pradesh in 2014 the Naidu Updated the document as Version 2.0 title with " Sunrise AP Vision 2029"[29][30]

1999 election victory[edit]

The Telugu Desam Party, led by Naidu, won a majority in the state legislature: 185 of 294 seats in the Assembly and 29 of 42 at the parliament in the 1999 general election, making it the second-largest party in the BJP-led NDA coalition government.[31]

Dark-haired man giving gifts to grey-haired man
Naidu greets Bill Clinton in 2000

Second term[edit]

As the second time winning chief minister in year 1999 instead of putting efforts in social welfare and agriculture the Naidu government mainly show interests on the revenue generation that possible with shifting to Industrialization with Public–private sector partnership, Foreign investments policy in state and providing all Govt services available online & Digitalization of government files and documents, facilitate Computers and Internet Availability to Panchayat offices in villages branded his government SMART and employment generation with Pharmaceutical and Information technology related development.[32]

Swarnandhrapradesh State[edit]

In 1995-1996 the Singareni Collieries coal mining company under the control of State and Federal government have seen devastation loss that comes to closure and Naidu put great efforts in restoring the company from low level and introduce technological security measures in caves to miners safety with IT enabled and fixed ability management team with IAS A.P.V.N. Sharma as C&MD making promising benefits with the share of 10% in profits and also bonus plus medical healthcare & insurance policy to the coal mining employees and their families and after years of work in 2001 the coal company was in right track with its high profits performance.[33]


In the concept of bringing E-governance to citizens the Naidu has launched e-Seva centres in 2001 for paperless and speed delivery of results back to applicants as a one-stop source providing all government information and services online completely computerization as type of utility and bills, banking services, issuing birth and death certificates, written test for drivers license, Govt orders (GO's), APSRTC tours and travel operators booking[34].And this is the time when naidu govt to balance heavy budget on some sectors has introduce the outsourcing employee system where govt related services are done under contract agreement and after certain time of completion there will declared as permanent govt employee with passing Govt orders and this issue has given a chance for opposition parties to used politically as controversial method in election campaign.

Gully Sunken Pits[edit]

In year 2000 the Naidu govt under Neeru-Meeru(Water and You) programme started Gully sunken pits (or) Inki Guntalu has become a successful innovative experiment conducted in andhra pradesh state for harvesting rain water resources in farm fields has been built with low cost of Rs 500 to Rs 800 and the water conversion mission has undertaken the treatment of gullies through construction of sunken pits and tree plantation in slopes which in turn allow deeper percolation of water in having the twin purpose of checking erosion control in Gullys and of increasing the ground water recharge[35]

World Bank Loan[edit]

As chief minister the Naidu impresses World Bank looking his long-term strategic policies has allotted Loan of Rs 2,200 Cr under Economic Restructuring Programme(APERP) and Andhra Pradesh is the first state in the world to get a Loan from the world bank at the state level without country interference and world bank condition is to put efforts in transformation through Reforms and Performance in education, Decentralization of power, facilitating civil society to improve as good governance, instead of distributing welfare schemes to public while this reforms bring sustainable development of high growth in which problems facing with Poverty and Unemployment can be solved and quality of life improved.Getting loans from a WB alleged as for Pro rich purpose in the name of reforms by the opposition Congress party members as it leads to huge debt on the state[36]

Investment Policy[edit]

In an outstanding way of investments and attractive incentives in tourism promotion in 2002 the Naidu government gets the honour of best tourism performing state with about 24% in all national tourist arrivals with record of international aircraft movement and occupancy raised by 100% in the same year and all leads to employment generation direct and indirect for 37.7 Lakhs persons raised by 12% in Hotel and hospitality industry, food and beverage Services, recreation and entertainment, cabs and transportation, travel trade and booking services and bagged the six tourism awards for excellence out of 14 categories at the national level.[37]

In 1992-94 the erstwhile APSEB has seen operating deficit and seen decline financial position because of adverse change in Hydro-thermal mix and higher growth in consumption of electricity by agriculture and domestic consumers compared to industries and Naidu govt promoted the private finances in the power sector to bring efficient conditions in terms of cost and quality to support the economic development of the state and to reach world class levels in 3 to 5 years This privatization of power sector increased the power tariff rate in state and the opposition parties made several heated protests with political demonstrations and Naidu has managed to ride out this storm, and remain in control of the party and state while remaining committed to the reform program[38]

For attracting the global investments a world class airport is required for hyderabad city and Naidu call for global tender under public–private partnership for Shamshabad greenfield international airport with already land acquired of 5000 acres is in govt possession and the Naidu govt assigned bid to consortium Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao(GMR Group) and Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad in December 2002 and the next ruling Government of Andhra Pradesh after completion of project name it as GMR Group - Rajiv Gandhi Hyderabad International Airport[39]

In 2000 both Bill Clinton (President of the United States at the time) and Tony Blair (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at the time) visited Hyderabad and met with Naidu whilst he was chief minister[40]and Aparisim Ghosh of the American news magazine, Time commented, "In just five years, he has turned an impoverished, rural backwater place into India's new information-technology hub"[41],and the magazine named him South Asian of the Year[42]

Hyderabad's development[edit]

Cyber Towers - A Landmark Building in IT Hyderabad
Cyber Towers at HITEC City - The Naidu's Jewel Crown a Landmark building in IT Hyderabad Constructed under his regime in 1998
Middle-aged man listening to two younger men
Naidu in discussion with students as chief minister of Andhra Pradesh

Naidu played a crucial role in reshaping hyderabad as the world class happening city with global name recognition. on November 1998 the late Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Chandrababu Naidu inaugurated the HITEC City by opening the iconic Cyber towers a Landmark Building in IT Hyderabad[43] and his anticipation in the growth of technology in future where his government mainly concentrated on providing the complete planned trunk Infrastructure from scratch type of buildings, roads, safety & resilience, transportation, Telecommunications, IT parks and new Hotels for the Delegates Meetings and Accommodation, Hitex International Convention and Exhibition Center[44] with showing a new platform like plug and play model attracting the global international enterprises to welcome open for Business while given a pathway for jobs creation with an assumption of more than two Lakhs contribution in all related major industries[45] as other naming it as Cyberabad as he coined the slogan "Bye-bye Bangalore, hello Hyderabad" to further this aim and simultaneously Naidu government allotted lands and laid the foundations for the major IT parks like L&T Infocity Ascendas Park, Cyber Gateway, Raheja Mindspace Madhapur IT Park, CyberPearl IT Park[46] to fasten the catch up of IT industry boom and Naidu at a Press Conference discussed his plan to develop the state of Andhra Pradesh by making the major cities showpieces for foreign investment especially in "key sectors such as information technology, biotechnology, healthcare, and various outsourcing services"[47] and has given a brief powerpoint presentation to Bill Gates[48][49] that convinced him for the establishment of Microsoft Corporation Research and Development(R&D) a software development center in Hyderabad which leads to a significant milestone a turning point for Hyderabad as the city of destiny for Information Technology Hub. As part of this Naidu also established Pharma city for the lead of Multinational pharmaceutical companies like Novartis Pharma India, Shanta Biotechnics, Biocon, Biological E. Limited ,Jupiter Biosciences and also requested other global IT companies (IBM, Dell, Deloitte Technology Fast 500, Mahindra Satyam, CA Technologies, HSBC, Tata Consultancy Services(TCS), Wipro and Oracle Corporation) to move to Hyderabad, making presentations to global CEOs convincing them to invest and Setup offices in Hyderabad.[6][50]

In his tenure by end of the financial year 2003–04 software exports from Hyderabad reached $1 billion.[51]and the state rises up from deficit revenue state to surplus revenue state in annual budget and it becomes the fourth largest exporting city in the country. By 2013–14 exports had grown by more than 10 times,[52] employing about 320,000 people directly working in this IT & ITES fields in Hyderabad alone.

Assassination attempts[edit]

On 1 October 2003 Naidu survived a Land mine blast done by PW Maoist activists with activating a nine powerful Claymore Mines and buried them in the ghat road as killing point just a few minutes after the convoy crossing the Alipiri Tollgate Downhill and CM Naidu narrowly escaped from death with a fractured left collarbone and hairline fractures of two right ribs. The blast occurred about 16:00 IST when Naidu was travelling in a convoy to the Lord Venkateswara temple in the Tirumala hills for the annual Brahmotsavam festival.[53] State Information Minister B. Gopalakrishna Reddy, Telugu Desam legislator Ch. Krishnamurthy and driver Srinivasa Raju were also injured. while Naidu is the Z Category Security Protectee and this is the second attempt done by maoists to Assassinate naidu and before, the first attempt was done in 1998 in Karimnagar Dist for reason he reimposed the ban on the Militant outfit and by placing Claymore mines in Bullock cart beside the road, but they have been detected infront by intelligence department and at once the Naxals have fired the mines with remote control and at the spot police constables have badly injured. As third time the Naxals in Oct 2016 has released a letter of Death Warning to Chief Minister Naidu as a revenge attack for encounter of their Maoists in Malkangiri district of Odisha a joint operation between state and greyhound police and also stating that Naidu government become a threat for them in continuing Red Sanders Smuggling with showing an example of mass encounter of Smugglers in the Seshachalam Forest, Chittoor dist.[54]

2004 election defeat[edit]

The Telugu Desam Party (led by Naidu) failed to retain power after two successive wins, losing power to the Indian National Congress led by Dr. Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy after winning only 47 of 294 seats in the state assembly and five of 42 in the Lok Sabha. While many of his ministers lost, Naidu won decisively in Kuppam and the critics reason for losing is about government given less importance to agriculture and for farmers in annual budget rather compare to high priority of Industrialization and IT services based improvement.[55]

2009 election defeat[edit]

The Telugu Desam Party (led by Naidu) formed maha kootami with support of KCR who pitched for a separate state of Telangana but he could not get into power, again losing to the Indian National Congress led by Dr. Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy. His party won only 92 of 294 seats in the state assembly and 6 of 42 in the Lok Sabha.

Uttarakhand flood victims[edit]

Chandrababu Naidu with 2013 flood victims
Chandrababu Naidu with 2013 Uttarakhand flood victims in airport bus coming back from Dehradun

At the time of 2013 Uttarakhand floods, many pilgrims from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh on a visit to the Kedarnath temple Char Dham yatra became stranded in the valleys and the state ruling congress government has not taken certain measures and coordination with various agencies leaving them in lurch as other states govt have helped their own state pilgrims with rescue and relief operations. At the time Naidu as opposition leader of Andhra Pradesh was in San Francisco, United States for 10 days trip has travel back in brisk has visited the flood victims camp in Dehradun, capital of Uttarakhand state and involved in relief and rehabilitation of flood victims to woman and children first make shifting them for shelter to National capital, Delhi and also open a helpline assisting with information of victims and missing persons to their family members in state and arranged three special aircraft in Delhi airport for moving all the victims back to the state with providing food and water from the state owned guest house Andhra Bhavan Canteen located at Ashoka road while his party members has arranged doctors from NTR Trust Bhavan send to Delhi and provided the medical treatment to injured flood victims when after arrival in Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam airports with a separate buses has also arranged for flood victims until safe reach to their respective destination.[56][57]

2014 election victory[edit]

The Telugu Desam Party (led by Naidu) alliance with Bharatiya Janata Party and Jana Sena Party founded by Telugu film actor Pawan Kalyan returned to power, in the state of Andhra Pradesh winning 102 seats out of 175 seats.[58] Naidu led TDP to an outright majority in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Chandrababu Naidu took oath as the first Chief Minister of the residuary state of Andhra Pradesh at Mangalgiri in the grounds of Acharya Nagarjuna University near Guntur.[59]

Third term[edit]

Chandrababu Naidu during the launch of EruvakaEruvaka Punnami is a special festival
Chandrababu Naidu during the launch of Eruvaka Punnami farmer festival at Chittavaram village

During this tenure as third time Chief Minister, the government of Andhra Pradesh has given Priority for both Welfare and Development which bags a total of 635 awards at national level[60][61] while the main targets in completion of minor and major irrigation projects and building Amaravati as new capital city and making Visakhapatnam City as Fintech capital, Rayalaseema four districts as the manufacturing hub and with providing 24 Hours Power Supply to industrial purposes and residential homes, Ease of doing Business first in state, youth skills development and implementing agriculture best policies like Zero Budget Natural Farming.[62]

Welfare schemes[edit]

List of popular Social Welfare schemes launched by Govt of Andhra Pradesh

  • Rythu Runa Mafi as in the manifesto agenda his first day on the chief minister oath signed the file for waive off agriculture based farmer loans in five phases[63]
  • As campaign declaration under the NTR Bharosa scheme the old-age pensions raised from Rs 200 - Rs 1000 per month in year 2014 and again increased from Rs 1000 to Rs 2000 in year 2019 while the divyangs(Physical disability) and transgenders pension raises from Rs 1500 to Rs 3000 and kidney disease victims pension raised to Rs 3500[64][65]
  • Annadata sukhibhava a small and marginal farmers welfare program provided investment support of Rs 13,500 for their agriculture farming[66]
  • The Chandranna Bima a insurance policy that provide financial assistance covers up to 5 Lakhs for accidental death and total disability allotted to their family members[67]
  • The Anna canteens is the meal subsidy program with breakfast Tiffin, Lunch and Dinner provided for Rs 5 to the poor manual labour workers and needed people[68]
  • An NTR housing scheme project is to provide affordable housing to financial backward families(below poverty line) constructed over 9 lakhs budget homes[69]
  • The Essential Commodities package are the Public Distribution gifts on Festival Occasions with Chandranna Ramzan Taufa for Muslim community, Chandranna Sankranthi Kanuka for Hindu community and Chandranna Christmas Kanuka for Christian community[70]
  • BC, ST, SC, Minority, Kapu, Brahmin, kshatriya, Vaishya Corporations subsidy Loans for business setup and improvement(small and micro enterprises) to economically backward class[71][72][73]
  • An Economic support under Chandranna Pelli Kanuka Scheme is extended to the brides from Sc, St, Backward class with the financial assistance of Rs.75,000 is rendered before the marriage[74].

Development projects[edit]

Andhra Pradesh CM N.ChandraBabu Naidu during trial run at Pattiseema
AP CM N.ChandraBabu Naidu during trial run at Pattiseema Lift Irrigation Project, West Godavari dist

List of Irrigation Projects undertaken by Government of Andhra Pradesh

  • Under Naidu authority the government of AP successfully Completed the First Godavari-Krishna Rivers Inter-Linking Project in India on 15 September 2015[75]and Andhra pradesh is the first state to achieve this and name it as the Pavitra Sangam Ghat or The Pure Confluence which is the holy spot at Ibrahimpatnam, Krishna district where the Godavari river water is sent to Krishna river with total distance of 174 km between them became a reality as water reaching the Ferry and move towards Prakasam barrage[76]
  • Pattiseema Lift Irrigation Scheme is the pet project of Andhra Pradesh CM Naidu because of his stubborn in building it while the opposition parties and some intellectuals make several allegations on Pattiseema project as a waste of public money[77] and after completion where it pumps and lifts the 100 TMC water at godavari river and divert the water towards the krishna river to target the krishna delta agriculture lands with serving the 13 Lakh acres and the construction has been completed in one year of time which registered at Limca Book of Records[78]
  • As chief minister the Chandrababu Naidu has taken other prestigious and major project is the Godavari-Krishna-Penna three Rivers Inter-Linking and laid foundation on 26 November 2018[79] which will help provide water resources for all the areas of the four districts in Rayalaseema region with an estimated cost of Rs 83,796 crore and at once in interview Naidu mentioned if this biggest interlinking completed the water can be send from Penna river to Chennai City, Tamil Nadu also which can be served for drinking water purposes[80]
  • The Polavaram National Project a heavy budget and long time under construction mega project at West Godavari district at once Chandrababu Naidu says Polavaram project is a LifeLine of Andhra Pradesh state and My Life's Mission is to Complete it[81] while Naidu inaugurated the pylon on 11 June 2018 for the completion of diaphragm wall and the first crest gate was erected between 40 and 41 pillars[82] on Polavaram Dam at 24 December 2018 and 70% of the irrigation works was completed as on May 2019[83]
  • At kurnool (Muchumarri) the Naidu inaugurated the Muchumarri Lift irrigation scheme on 2 January 2017[84] which serves 6.25 Lakh farming acres and drinking water to 33 Lakh people covering the areas of Anantapur, Kadapa, Chittoor, Kurnool disctricts and released 474 cumecs from the Handri Neeva project to KC Canal and the scheme was proposed to pump water from 798 ft in the Srisailam reservoir[85]
  • In 13 November 1988 then CM N. T. Rama Rao has laid foundation for Pulichinthala(KL Rao Sagar) Project but it has delayed 30 years time to fully completed in Sep 2018 with full storage capacity reservoir until naidu govt because of the concern reasons from environmental and Forest related Permissons and Naidu declared the other projects importance of Kandula Obulreddy Gundlakamma reservoir, Madakasira branch canal and Adavipalli reservoir as a multipurpose projects serving irrigation needs, hydro power generation and flood control with new irrigation facility to 1.72 Lakh acres for farmers of four coastal districts of West Godavari, Krishna, Guntur and Prakasam, Anathapuram (Madakasira), Chittoor(Adavipalli) and all this irrigation facilities combined will provide the water for 13 Lakh acres land to be stabilized.[86][87]
  • The Purushothapatnam Lift Irrigation First Phase Naidu has Inaugurated on 15 August 2017 with estimated budget of Rs.1638 Cr (1 & 2 phases) for lifting the godavari river water and will be used for the adjacent areas nearly 2.15 Lac acres land mainly covering Rajanagaram, Pithapuram, Peddapuram, Jaggampeta and Prattipadu for both farming and drinking water purposes and the second phase is launched on 5 January 2019[88] to designed for the purpose of serving the areas of East Godavari, Visakhapatnam and North Andhra districts[89][90] and another major foundation laid by Naidu the Chintalapudi Lift Irrigation scheme on 6 September 2017 is under construction project at 27.20 km upstream of Sir Aurthur Cotton Barrage at Dowlaiswaram to fetch 194.52 cu of water from river Godavari which can be served as both drinking water to 25.94 lacks population in human habitation areas and assured irrigation facilities to 480000 acres in upland area of West Godavari and Krishna districts[91]
  • The Thotapalli Reservoir Irrigation Barrage was laid foundation on 6 November 2003 on river Nagavalli by Naidu as Combined Andhra Pradesh State chief minister at Vizianagaram Dist but the next ruling Congress govt has stopped the Construction and again after 12 years the Naidu government completed the project and inaugurated on 10 September 2015 while dedicated it to the nation and the left canal of the project covers the area for 1.32 Lakh acres of Fertile farmland in Srikakulam District[92]

Sunrise State[edit]

Chandrababu Naidu welcomed the TU-142M Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft of the Indian Navy which landed at INS Dega
Chandrababu Naidu welcomed the TU-142M Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft of the Indian Navy which landed at INS Dega, Visakhapatnam

After the division of Telangana from Andhra Pradesh, the state was forced to have a new capital and decentralization its development unlike Hyderabad.[93][94] With Amaravati decided as the new capital finding as center location for the Andhra Pradesh state, and Visakhapatnam was declared as an Financial-technology (FinTech) Capital[95] by naming it as Fintech Valley Vizag[96] while initiated the Sunrise startup village an incubation centre for the encourage of Information Technology startups and building an iconic Millennium IT Towers, AP Medtech Zone Limited and Naidu laid the foundation for new Bhogapuram Greenfield international airport to be the primary gateway to the east of india in Visakhapatnam[97][98] and having its ITSEZ – Special Economic Zone. As part of the developments he started a program called AP Cloud Initiative and also launched Digital Summit[99][100] while other regions selected like Kurnool for Mega solar park and Orvakal Airport[101] and Anantapur with KIA Motors[102] and Nellore with Isuzu Motors India[103]as districts for automobiles Manufacture hub[104][105] and the Chittoor(Tirupati) as Electronics Manufacturing clusters(EMC1 & EMC2) with Sri Venkateswara Mobile and Electronic Manufacturing Hub[106]

Foundation of Amaravati[edit]

The foundation for the city was laid at Uddandarayunipalem on 22 October 2015. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi; the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Nara Chandrababu Naidu; the Vice President of India and the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha Muppavarapu Venkaiah Naidu; then Governor E. S. L. Narasimhan; the Japanese minister for economy trade and industry, Yōsuke Takagi; and the Singaporean Minister for Trade and Industry, S. Iswaran; laid the foundation for the city.[107] and Moreover Naidu's government has bought over 34,000 acres of fertile land from farmers in return of developed plots as Win-Win agreement to build the new capital of Amaravati.

Amaravati development[edit]

In his Chief-Ministership tenure for the Newborn Capital city Amaravati starting from Ground Zero and instead of 16,000 crores revenue deficit ahead and with uncooperative federalism from the central govt[108], while his government managed in constructing several Offices & Services for the purpose of Administration and at first Naidu government notified the Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority (APCRDA) as the Urban Planning agency

Chandrababu Naidu during a meeting at Secretariat, Amaravati
Chandrababu Naidu during a meeting at Secretariat, Amaravati

The Inauguration List of newly build government Institutions, Services and Events :

  • Secretariat of Andhra Pradesh state in Amaravati[109]
  • AP Director General of Police (DGP) Office in Mangalagiri[110]
  • Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (APIIC) Tower of 11 Floors inaugurated in mangalagiri[111]
  • Real Time Governance State (RGTS) Center at Secretariat[112]
  • AP High Court Judicial Complex Building[113]
  • Legislature Assembly Building of Andhra Pradesh state[114]
  • AP (Genco) and (Transco) Andhra Pradesh Vidyut Soudha[115]
  • Kondaveeti Vagu Lift Pumping Scheme a unique project in itself that will protect capital Amaravati[116]
  • Krishna River's Eastern Delta Regulator as water source to city[117]
  • Andhra Pradesh Cyber Security Operations Center (APCSOC) in Amaravati[118]
  • Amaravati American Institute of Medical Sciences (AAIMS) for Medical Healthcare[119]
  • Naidu, Sadhguru inaugurated the Happy Cities Summit at amaravati city[120]
  • F1 Powerboat Racing World Championship at Amaravati 2018 for the promotion of tourism[121]

2019 election defeat[edit]

The Telugu Desam Party (led by Naidu) Lost the 2019 General Election to the YSR Congress Party led by the late chief minister of Andhra Pradesh Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy's son Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy. It was the party's biggest defeat since its inception in 1982 only winning 23 assembly seats out of 175 and 3 lok sabha seats out of 25.

Arrest in 2019[edit]

In a surprise development, Naidu was taken into preventive custody by the police citing law and order issues as he planned to organise the Chalo Atmakur rally a reason for political violence and massacre of his telugudesam party activists by the ruling party. Following the arrest Naidu is on hunger strike protesting against his house arrest.[122]

Heritage Foods[edit]

The Heritage Group was founded in 1992 by Chandra Babu Naidu. In the year 1994, HFL went to Public Issue to raise resources, which was oversubscribed 54 times and its shares are listed under B1 Category on BSE .Stock Code: 519552) and NSE (Stock Code: HERITGFOOD). Currently, the organisation is being led by Nara Brahmini, his daughter-in-law. Heritage has hundreds of outlets all across Andhra Pradesh and comprises a solid portion of Chandrababu Naidu's current assets.

Literary Works[edit]

  • India's Glocal Leader by Tejaswini Pagadala[123]
  • Manasulo Maata, An Autobiography of Chandrababu Naidu

Awards and Recognition[edit]

  • At the age of 28, the state's youngest assembly member and minister[17]
  • Longest serving Chief Minister for the combined state of Andhra Pradesh (1995–2004)
  • First Chief Minister of the newly formed state of Andhra Pradesh from 8 June 2014.
  • Longest-serving leader of opposition in the Andhra Pradesh assembly[124]
  • The governor of Illinois created a Naidu day in his honor[125]
  • Voted IT Indian of the Millennium in a poll by India Today and 20:20 Media[126]
  • He was named "SOUTH ASIAN OF THE YEAR" by TIME Magazine, USA[127]
  • He was described as one of the Hidden "Seven working wonders around the world", by Profit, a monthly magazine published by Oracle Corporation, US.
  • Business Person of the Year by Economic Times
  • Golden Peacock Award for Leadership in Public Service & Economic Transformation - 2017[128]
  • He was called as "CEO of Andhra Pradesh"
  • Global Agriculture Policy Leadership Award by Indian Council of Food and Agriculture (ICFA)[129]
  • The Pune-based organisation, Bharatiya Chatra Sansad, in partnership with MIT School of Governance, has honoured him with "Aadarsh Mukhyamantri Puraskar" (Model CM Award) in its 6th annual session on 30 January 2016.[130]
  • Transformative Chief Minister Award’ in May 2017 by US-India Business Council (USIBC) at west Coast Summit in the Silicon Valley[131]


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