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Industry Software
Headquarters San Francisco
Key people
Tyler Jewell (Founder & CEO)
Benjamin Mastrallet (Board)
Byron Sebastian (Board)
Vinny Smith (Board)
Products Codenvy SaaS
Codenvy On-Premises
Plug-in for Eclipse IDE
Eclipse Che OSS

Codenvy provides a container-based development environment whose goal is to remove the need for developers to configure or maintain local or VM-based developer environments for their projects. Primary elements of the developer environment include:

Codenvy's platform is hosted on a microservices architecture that provides isolated workspaces for developing, compiling, and executing applications.[1] Codenvy is available as SaaS or as downloadable software for on-premises installations and is based on the Eclipse Foundation's Che project.[2]

Codenvy offers pre-defined build/run/debug environments for over 30 programming languages including Java, JavaScript, PHP, Android, Python, Ruby, C++ and Go. Alternatively, users can create custom environments using a JSON-based recipe and Dockerfiles (which can also be sourced from Docker Hub).[3]

About the Company[edit]

Codenvy has 50 employees with offices in San Francisco, Redding, Luxembourg, and Cherkasy. It is privately held.


  • January 2013: Codenvy founded by Tyler Jewell (Toba Capital Partner) as a spin-off of the eXo Platform where the product was originally conceived.[4]
  • February 2013: Codenvy raised $9M from investors[5] including TOBA Capital[6] and Auriga Partners.[7]
  • May 2013: Codenvy won both the Judges and Audience awards in the Cloud Services category at the Under the Radar conference.[8]
  • September 2013: Codenvy's architecture was made public.[9][10]
  • September 2013: Codenvy was named an SDTimes Company to Watch for 2014.[11]
  • October 2014: Codenvy announces Eclipse Che project, intellectual property donation, and participation with Pivotal, IBM, and SAP in the Eclipse Foundation's Eclipse Cloud Development project.[12]
  • November 2014: Codenvy announced that Byron Sebastian, former EVP at and CEO of Heroku, joined its Board of Directors.[13]


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