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Type of businessSubsidiary
HeadquartersNew York, NY,
Area servedWorldwide
Founder(s)Shakil Khan
EditorMarc Hochstein
IndustryDigital currency
ParentDigital Currency Group
LaunchedMay 2013; 9 years ago (2013-05)

CoinDesk is a news site specializing in bitcoin and digital currencies. CoinDesk also provides guides to bitcoin for those new to digital currencies.[1] Founded by Shakil Khan, the site was subsequently acquired by Digital Currency Group.


CoinDesk was founded by serial entrepreneur Shakil Khan and began publishing in May 2013.[2] Khan is also an investor in BitPay,[3] a bitcoin payment processor. In September 2013, Jon Matonis, former executive director of the Bitcoin Foundation, joined CoinDesk as a contributing editor.[4]

In January 2016, CoinDesk was acquired by Digital Currency Group for an estimated amount of US$500K-600K.[5]

In January 2017, the company acquired Lawnmower, a blockchain data and research platform.[6] In December 2017, Coindesk established CoinDesk Korea in collaboration with the 22nd Century Media Co., subsidiary of Hankyoreh Co., Ltd. to provide blockchain news service in South Korea. [7]

In January 2021, the company acquired TradeBlock, a cryptocurrency data analytics firm.[8]

Bitcoin Price Index[edit]

The CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (CoinDesk BPI) was launched in September 2013.[9] The Bitcoin Price Index is an average of bitcoin prices across bitcoin exchanges, and began by using price data from Bitstamp, BTC-e and CampBX. Although Mt. Gox data was not used initially, due to withdrawal concerns for US customers,[10] in November 2013, Mt. Gox was added to the BPI due to "a reduction in the risk premium and the option of additional deposit/withdrawal methods".[11] The Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange was eventually removed from the index in February 2014 after its "persistent failure to meet the index's standards for inclusion".[12]

The index was restored to an average of three exchanges in March 2014 with the inclusion of Bitfinex price data, according to CoinDesk: "Since the decline of Mt. Gox, we have observed that Bitfinex has been able to sustain a dramatic increase in its share of the total volume of U.S. dollar-denominated bitcoins traded".[13][needs update]

Publications which have referenced the Bitcoin Price Index data or price include the BBC,[14] The Wall Street Journal,[15] Reuters,[16] The New York Times,[17] CNBC,[18] and Bloomberg News.[19]

State of Bitcoin report[edit]

In February 2014, CoinDesk released its first 'State of Bitcoin' report. The aim of the report is: to provide an overview of key cryptocurrency trends, challenges, and opportunities, while also highlighting the most important developments over the last year.[20] A follow-up report in Q2 2014 highlighted that venture capital investment in bitcoin companies was up 28 percent compared to the previous quarter,[21] and that VC investment was pouring into European Bitcoin startups.[22]


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