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The State of Colorado was represented in the United States House of Representatives by one U.S. Representative at-large from 1876 until 1893 and from 1903 until 1913, and by two U.S. Representatives at-large from 1913 until 1915. Since the U.S. election of 1914, all U.S. Representatives from the State of Colorado have been elected from congressional districts.


Colorado was represented by only one United States Representative, elected at-large by the entire state, from its admission as a state until 1893.

Representative Party Years Electoral history
District created October 3, 1876
James B. Belford (Colorado Congressman).jpg James B. Belford Republican October 3, 1876 –
December 13, 1877
Elected in 1876

Lost contested election to Patterson
Thomas MacDonald patterson.jpg Thomas M. Patterson Democratic December 13, 1877 –
March 3, 1879
Won contested election

James B. Belford (Colorado Congressman).jpg James B. Belford Republican March 4, 1879 –
March 3, 1885
First elected in 1878

Lost renomination
George G. Symes (Colorado Congressman).jpg George G. Symes Republican March 4, 1885 –
March 3, 1889
First elected in 1884

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Hosea Townsend (Colorado Congressman).jpg Hosea Townsend Republican March 4, 1889 –
March 3, 1893
First elected in 1888

Lost renomination
Seat replaced by districted seats March 4, 1893

Colorado was granted a second seat in the U.S. House of Representatives beginning with the U.S. election of 1892. Colorado created two congressional districts: Colorado's 1st congressional district and Colorado's 2nd congressional district.


Colorado was apportioned a third seat in the U.S. House of Representatives beginning with the U.S. election of 1902. Colorado's third U.S. Representative was elected at-large. Colorado was apportioned a fourth seat in beginning with the U.S. election of 1912.

Years Seat A Seat B
Representative Party Electoral history Representative Party Electoral history
March 4, 1903 –
March 3, 1907
Franklin E. Brooks (Colorado Congressman).jpg Franklin Eli Brooks Republican First elected in 1902

March 4, 1907 –
March 3, 1909
George Washington Cook (Colorado Congressman).jpg George W. Cook Republican Elected in 1906

March 4, 1909 –
March 3, 1913
EdwardTTaylor.jpg Edward Thomas Taylor Democratic First elected in 1908

Redistricted to the 4th district
March 4, 1913 –
March 3, 1915
Edward Keating.jpg Edward Keating Democratic First elected in 1912

Redistricted to the 3rd district

Colorado used four congressional districts beginning with the U.S. election of 1914.

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