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Italian commercially-produced croxetti
Type Pasta
Place of origin Italy
Region or state Liguria
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Croxetti [kroˌksɛtti] is a type of pasta consisting of flat medallion or coin-shaped pasta disks stamped by hand or machine with intricate patterns.

Origin and history[edit]

Croxetti originated in Liguria, in Northern Italy along the border with France, during the middle ages.[1] In the past they were made by local peasants and used by aristocratic families as a display of wealth and status.[2][3]

They are similar to another Ligurian pasta called Corzetti.


Croxetti are still produced in small batches near Genoa. They are stamped and cut into circles approximately 4 centimetres (1 12 inches) in diameter from flat pasta sheets with a mold to create the distinctive patterns. The combination mold/cutter may be made of hand-carved wood[1] or a bronze die.[4] The stamping may be done by hand or by machine, with the hand-stamped versions being more elaborate.[1] The detail forms ridges that allow sauce to cling and add flavor.[1]

The pasta typically has patterns on both sides, with an intricate design on one side and a simpler pattern on the other. Whereas they once featured a family coat of arms, the fancier side now features a regional coat of arms or the maker's trademark. Typical symbols on the other side are a cross (from which the name croxetti derives), fruit, family initials,[1] mortar and pestle, sunsets, sailboats, or palm trees.[2] In Italy they may be used as wedding favors[1] or for other events, in which case an artisan craftsman is commissioned to make the die for people to prepare the pasta at home.[4]

Croxetti are usually served with a simple meat or mushroom sauce, pesto,[2] pine nut[4] or walnut sauce, fish sauce, or light cream sauce.[5] They may also be served with a simple butter or oil, possibly with herbs, or plain.


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